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8 career tips for Demographer after 12th

Demography is a sub-field of sociology and deals with the study of the human population such as births, deaths, marriages, migration patterns, and its reasons. It is also known as population statistical study or population sociology. To pursue a career as a demographer, you should have an Arts and Humanities background, and subjects like Civics, History, Geography, Political Science are required to enroll in a bachelor program. Many people are still unaware of the huge role Sociology students play in our society and for the smooth functioning of the country and therefore, might not even know what a demographer is. Here are all about the  8 career tips for demographer after 12th.

Demography is the scientific study of human populations, including their size, structure, and distribution, as well as the factors that affect these characteristics over time. Demographers use statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze and interpret population data and to make projections about future population trends.

Demography is an interdisciplinary field that draws on a range of social, biological, and environmental sciences to understand the complex dynamics of population change.

Have an interest in sociology

Art subjects are often regarded as dull, boring, and easy. One of the reasons this is a popular belief is because Arts and Humanities contain subjects that have incredibly detailed and theoretical information. If you want to pursue a career as a demographer then you must not only be willing to study these subjects but also have an interest in them. At the same time being a humanities student does not mean you can let go of math as demographers need to be well versed with statistics and mathematical concepts since it plays a role in their future career.

Earn a bachelor’s degree

When you are sure that you are interested in sociology and want to pursue a career as a demographer then you must be enrolled in reputed colleges across the country. There are numerous options available for an undergraduate degree such as Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor of Arts in Social Science or Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, etc. The better your undergraduate program college is, the brighter and more successful your future will be.

Have good problem-solving skills

As a demographer, your job will revolve around numbers, statistics, information, and a lot of data, and to deal with all of the above mentioned you need to have good problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Since Demography is related to the study of population, how hard your job depends on the country you work in; if you work in a country like India with a population of more than a billion people and thousands of people living per square meter, you have more data to deal with and if you work in a relatively small country with a smaller population than you have fewer data to work with. Whatever it is, you must possess a sharp mind capable of solving problems. This tip helps you to become a demographer after the 12th.

Exceptional analyzation skills

Demographers need to clean and analyze data to provide governments or private sectors with the kind of information they require so as to help them set up factories, shops, and businesses in places that will earn them the maximum profit and help the public. Not only do demographers analyze and clean the data but also predict the behavior and pattern of the population for the upcoming years. This helps a government or organization to prepare themselves for whatever is in store regarding the population of the country. The best example would be demographers analyzing data to predict the number of births in a particular area, the government organization will then use this data to determine if there are enough maternity clinics or hospitals in the area to tend to pregnant women and infants and if there are not, then knew clinics can be set up for the convenience of the public.

Work on Data acquisition and research skills

Demographers must have excellent research skills as they deal with big numbers. They must be aware of the country’s political, economic, social, environmental situation to effectively research and predict valuable information from this data. To do so, they can work on multiple projects and research papers that will count as a bonus point when applying for a master’s degree or a job in a private or government sector.

Earn a master’s degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree is not enough to make a successful career as everyone these days has an undergraduate qualification of some sort. To work in the government sector you must be highly qualified therefore it’s always advisable to go for a Master’s degree in sociology or political science or any equivalent field that will enhance your skills and knowledge and help you secure a better future. This tip helps you to become a demographer after the 12th.

Go for higher education

As mentioned earlier, a higher qualification will mean you have better chances of securing a high paid salary and the government pension therefore you must always strive to do the best. Earning a master’s degree is highly commendable but might not be sufficient for a government job therefore students can opt to pursue a Ph.D. in a relevant field.

Work for the public or private sector

Once you have completed your education and have gained some experience by working on real-time projects, it is time for you to get a job. Demographers usually work for the public sector by working under the state or central government, but it is also possible to work for private organizations, it is entirely dependent on your choices and interests. This tip helps you to become a demographer after the 12th.


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