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8 career tips of Networking Engineering after 12th

“Google has helped raise the importance of DNS above the networking engineering community, which has been really good.” – David Ulevitch. Network Engineering is a career in which people are known as ‘Network Engineers’ or ‘Network Architects’.  A network engineer is a tech knowledgeable guy, he is basically a technology professional person who is skilled and looks out to maintain a proper network connection for all types of services in terms of Mobile data, video calls, voice calls, any wireless network connecting services.Here is article on 8 career tips of Networking Engineering after class 12th

They are the people who plan and determine the proper implementation of networks and clear execution of network services in a company or an organization. So, this is what Networking Engineering deal with on daily basis.

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What role do Network Engineers play?

They play an important role in everyone’s life, they are the people who make sure that all the functions are functioning smoothly and without any troubles, they have proper security and network longevity. Network engineers are needed in the government sector, the business sector, in the educational sector as in, in schools and colleges. They are the people who find a problem in a network and are needed to troubleshoot and solve the problem immediately. Network engineers are keen on delivering a perfect, flawless connection which is very much appreciated by their customers. So, this is the role the play in our life.

So, there are some career options in Networking Engineering which are explained in-depth like-

Network Specialist

Network Specialist is also known as ‘Computer support specialist’, they are the people to rely on when there’s work related to Local Area Networks(LAN) or Wide Area Network– (WAN) or a problem related to Local Area Network- (LAN) OR Wide Area Network- (WAN). They are the professionals who educate and advise people on which routers, firewalls, switches they should prefer and which works best for the type of work they do, which is cost-effective and really very helpful. Network specialists have an option to work from home or travel to their client’s house to solve the problem. Their average salary is about INR 5 Lakhs as a fresher salary this way too good.

Network Administrator

Network administrator takes care of, more like responsible for making sure all the operation in a network is working without any issues. They are the people you call when you need to install, support, or organize something in your company’s network. They know how to work with network segments, intranets, and other communication networks as well. In short, they provide major tech support to people working in and out of companies. To be a Network Administrator one should have a great ounce of tech knowledge. Network Administrators earn an average of as a fresher- INR 30,000 to INR 40,000.

Network Manager

Network Manager is a person who focuses on the process of network connection. The network manager supports the process of VPN, and works with different wired connectivity types, and focus on broadband and VPN as well as DSL. They maintain the process of installing all the computer networks also provide tech support. They manage more than one network system. A Network Manager earns as a fresher about INR 90,000 to INR 1,50,000.

Network Analyst

Network Analyst is a person who looks into a set of integrated techniques that work with relations of social structures. They maintain location-allocation researches, time-dependent, and even vehicle routing problems as well as many other services areas. They create software and hardware process to improve their network system. They are responsible so that they can effectively communicate as well as efficiently, they are also responsible for coming up with better solutions in a particular organization or company. A Network Analyst earns an average salary of INR 5 Lakhs to INR 8 Lakhs.

Network Engineer

Networking Engineering are the root of all the other network-related work sectors. They are also responsible for the day to day operations with all the connecting networks and many organizations as well as companies rely on the network engineers to provide such a smooth and systematic process. They work with network types like- Intranet, Extranet, LAN as well as WAN. A job as a very innovative, creating and brainstorming new ideas to make it function so effectively. For freshers, they earn up to INR 3 Lakhs to at least INR 5 Lakhs, and the salary increases as you gain more practice and experience.Networking Engineering

Network Technician

Network Technicians carry technological information with them and then engage in multiple business negotiators and help troubleshoot all the computer networks. Network Technicians and network specialists deal with most of the same type of work and responsibility. Network Technicians earn approx. INR 15,000 to INR 30,000 a month.

Network Solutions Architecture

Is a person who’s in a senior position in a working organization or company, they are responsible for designing innovative computer networks. They earn about INR 15 Lakhs per year. So, being a Network Solutions Architecture is quite impressive.

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