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8 career tips on Web Designing after 12th

“If you think math is hard; try web designing.”- Trish Parr. Web Developers are also known as Programmers and they are the people who develop and specialize in the development of certain websites, in creating various websites like- (WWW)- World Wide Web application. Here are 8 career tips on web designing after 12th.

Web design is the process of creating and designing the visual appearance, layout, and functionality of websites. It involves a combination of skills, such as graphic design, user interface design, coding, and project management, to create websites that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and effective in achieving their goals. The process of web designing involves several stages, starting with gathering information from the client about their needs and requirements, conducting research on the target audience, and developing a strategy and plan for the website.

Who Is a Web developer?

A Web developer is basically a person who is inclined towards developing website contents and maintaining those websites or those web applications. The Web developer takes the design which they have created and build a fully functional website that is then used by the users (us). Web developers know many other programming languages which they need if they are building a Web page. If you want to be a web designer, you need to develop a wide range of skills, and keep working on your skills, try learning more and more to be proficient in programming languages.

Having proper knowledge of coding is necessary alongside designing. Web designing is a bit difficult if you are not a regular site builder or lack practice. Web designing is a stressful job if you, yourself make it out to be stressful. If you are passionate about coding, building design, or simply developing web sites than you would find it pretty easy cause you are interested and if you do it without any interest then you might find it stress full and not so interesting so do it cause you like not to cause you to have to.


As said before Web developers work with designing, modifying, and coding websites. Web developers have a lot of exposure and a lot more technological understanding. They have greater knowledge about cross-browsing compatibility, understanding how web functions and experience a lot in the terms of planning, organizing, and delivering certain software platforms. The play an important or vital role in Web application with the help of programming language like- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, jQuery, etc.  Their role is to have a hands-on web designing experience to put it out there in the world to understands how it all works.


Web development is one of the most popular IT fields and holds a lot of hope for a great career as this field is in demand a lot. This job is for people who want freelance or work in a company or organization. The work is quite portable, basically, you can work from anywhere you want there is an option of work from home or in your workplace cubical. You are able to improvise more on your work as you do it regularly, it enhances your creative level, you have more fun, and find it more interesting, you gain certain skills which allow you to learn more. This tip helps you to know how web designing can make your career after 12th.


Bachelor’s in Web Designing or Bachelors of Science in Multi-Media and Web Designing or Development is an undergraduate degree, and the duration of this course is 3 years long. Students also have an opportunity to pursue a diploma course in Web designing which a 2-year long course. There are many more Diploma courses available for this course as well as certificate courses available regarding this course. There are even many more Advanced diploma courses available for this course as well. There is an entrance exam to be given for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.


To opt for this degree students, need to fulfill certain criteria, to be eligible for this course. Students have to be 12th passed with a minimum of 50% to 60% from any recognized board or university. The entrance exam which needs to give which is either NATA or UCEED so, they need to pass this as well. Students have to compulsory finish their undergraduate degree they want to further study a post-graduate degree. Students applying for this course need to have a background in science and computers. Students can also apply for many other courses related to the entrance exam and admission is solely based on the result of the entrance exam.


There many college or universities which offer all these degrees, diplomas and certificate courses across India. Some very known universities in India for this course are-

And many more other universities, students have great opportunities in this abroad as well as there more advanced technology in other countries. From this tip, you can make the choice you take to choose the best college in the web designing field after 12th. 

Career Scope

There are some career options like- Working as a Web Application Developer, Front end web developer, Back end web developer, Web marketing Analyst, Design and layout Analyst. These are some great working areas if students want to go for any of this, they have a promising career ahead.


Students as a fresher can earn a minimum wage of INR 10,000 to INR 25,000 a month. The earning increases gradually as the person starts working more and become more experienced and qualified.


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