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8 growing careers in Information Technology for 12th students

8 growing careers in Information Technology for 12th Some tend to believe that better technology will pose a threat to their jobs while others think it is the answer to bigger, better lives and whether we like it or not, technology is the future. Here is article on 8 growing careers in Information Technology for Class 12th Students

There is so much more to it than people perceive. Everything from your phone to your television to smart appliances in your home, at the core of everything, lies Technology. But what exactly are the jobs students can do to progress in that field after 12th? And how to excel in it? Here, we breakdown some of the most sought out and demanding career paths in the vast field of information technology that is sure to interest 12th graduates:

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Cyber Security Manager

The essence of an organization lies in its security. No matter how big or small a firm is, it will always have to invest in securing the data it contains (both online and offline), that’s where Cyber Security steps in. Cyber Security Managers and Analysts are professionals in the field of Networking and Security but also must work under high pressure as a lot of rides on them. Cyber-security managers tend to overlook a ton of responsibilities such as encryption and decryption, have system security, protecting the system, firewalls, viruses, data breaches, etc. When working in an organization such as bank security managers have extremely sensitive data to deal with such as CVV, credit card information, account details. Therefore, this job involves high risk.

Data Scientists

One thing that everyone can agree on is – with the excessive usage of the internet, there’s always insurmountable data. And data is an asset to each company as they can study their customers which in turn will prove beneficial to the company itself. However, data in its raw form is of no use to such organizations and it is the job of a Data Scientist/Analyst to scrape the data, categorize or section it, clean it, and derive useful information from it. Data scientists require to be proficient in skills like programming and database systems among many others and also need to possess good analytical and cognitive skills. This tip helps you to make a career in information technology.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is a dream and wonder to many, when one thinks about Artificial Intelligence, flying cars and robotic butlers come to mind. There is more scope to AI than just robots though and many people fail to realize that in present times, artificial intelligence can also be used to accomplish common tasks to make our lives safer, easier, and faster. These engineers need to have good logical and reasoning skills for much of their job as these technologies help in various everyday scenarios like credit card fraud detection and, but not limited to, medical research.

Machine Learning / Deep Learning Engineer

Many people fail to understand the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning. Let us make things clearer for you. Artificial intelligence is more about creating and programming machines in such a way that they have reasoning, thinking abilities similar to that of humans. Machine learning is about not explicitly training the data for every test case to produce outcome i.e. writing simple code and training the machine over a set of data so that it can perform the same operations on other sets of data. Deep learning is basically a complex version of machine learning, which means that the machine trains itself do perform various tasks and produce certain outcomes. For such a job, students need to have good mathematical skills as well as comfortable in several programming languages, especially Python. This tip helps you to make a career in information technology.

Full-Stack Developer

Instead of hiring someone to work on the front end of website development and another to develop the back end, companies can just hire A full-stack developer that takes care of website development from A-Z. Everything from databases to user interface to servers and everything in between is handled by full-stack developers. Usually, JavaScript is the most popular language when it comes to full stand development however developers also need to be well versed with languages such as Java, PHP, Node.js.

Mobile Application Developer

There is an app for everything. Applications on our mobile phones on our personal computers make our life a lot easier since they are easier to use and more interactive than websites. Therefore, in the past few years application development has become a very profitable industry and there are just a few skills to master to be ready for a job.

Cloud Architect

In recent years, everyone must have heard about the cloud but have little to no idea what it actually is. Think of the cloud as a storage device, just not a physical one. That’s all you need to know to understand what cloud storage is but there’s so much more to the cloud than just storage. Cloud architects are one of the highest-paid professionals in the IT sector and handle everything from cloud applications to storage etc. Being a cloud architect can land you jobs in multibillion-dollar companies such as Amazon and Google.

Database Administrator

Database administrators and data scientists are two vastly different job roles. While data scientists deal more with analyzing data, database administrators manage data. Keeping the databases of the company up to date and performing various queries, transactions on this data are part of the day-to-day work of a database administrator.


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