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8 importance of listening skills for class 12th

In this article, we will go through some of the points which will highlight the importance of listening skills for class 12th students. 7 IMPORTANCE OF LISTENING SKILLS FOR CLASS 12th STUDENTS. Listening is considered to be one of the key aspects of any work to be done. Without listening properly, you will be unable to receive the whole knowledge. Class 12th is a major turning point in every student’s life where he/she needs to be focused and attentive throughout the year to achieve the desired results. Here is article on 8 importance of listening skills for Class 12th

However, to pass with flying colors, they need to have good listening power. This skill is very important for not just class 12th students, but also for other classes as well. So, through this article, we will get to know some of the points which will highlight the importance of listening skills for class 12th students.

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The listening skills increase confidence in you. It may be hard to believe but the facts and reports have shown that the students who have good listening skills are more confident in nature than those who do not have. Listening helps you to understand the concept in a better format and, thus, leads to the retaining of the concept into your mind for a longer period of time. So, this first point is highly interlinked with listening skills. Not only you understand the concept well but also gain confidence as you get all the information and knowledge into your mind about a particular topic for which you believe that you will be able to give information in case it is asked from you.

Effective Communication Skills

There is no doubt about the fact that it leads to effective communication skills. The question comes to how it leads to effective communication skills. To answer this question, let us go through some detailed explanation. When you listen about a particular topic with full concentration, you will be able to understand more than 90 percent of the topic. After this, if you are having a debate on that same topic someday again, you will be able to know about that particular topic so you will express your views through your words. This technique not only improves your knowledge but also your communication skills about that topic.


The more you have the knowledge, the wiser you are. Effective listening skills not only help you to take care of the topics which are easy but also of those which you found difficult. Let us take an instance in this case. During a classroom learning session, if you are talking or getting distracted into some other work, you will not be able to understand the topic later as you did not listen to the explanation earlier at that time. Now, to understand that topic, you take the help of online classes and listen intently to them. This time you are listening with full focus. So, the second time when you have read the concept, you were able to understand it. This is the difference. And once you know about a topic, your tension gets released as you become confident.

Ace in academia

If you look at the toppers of a class, you will notice that they always sit calm and quiet during the classroom learning sessions. The reason for their good marks is this only. They have good listening skills so they are able to retain more amount of information which helps them to understand and learn the topics easily. So, if you want to ace in your academics and get good results in your class 12th examinations, you need to improve your listening skills as well as your concentration towards your studies.

Interactive sessions

When you know about a topic, you are able to discuss them with proper knowledgeable points. This discussion can take place with anybody such as with your friends or parents or teachers or anyone else. The particular conversation becomes interactive only when you have knowledge about a topic. Now, to get knowledge about a topic, you need to have effective listening skills as well so that you can retain the maximum amount of knowledge during the learning sessions.

Less time, more work

Another benefit of listening skills is that you are able to work efficiently in less time. Class 12th is a period where you have to cover a lot of topics in a limited time frame. So, to have a proper frame of time, you need to work smart than hard. Because most of the students who work smartly and effectively, attain good marks in their result. So, you need to have good listening skills to save more time so that you can manage it effectively.


When you know about a particular topic, you are more likely to listen to that in an attentive manner. When you listen to a topic in an effective manner, you feel more confident and excited to make people know through a healthy discussion that you know about that topic. Therefore, you need to have good listening skills in class 12th to have a good amount of attentiveness.

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