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8 little things which can impact 12th studies

10th and 12th are considered to be the most important part of a student’s life. They are the turns which decide the paths you will continue to walk on for your career life. As these stages carry immense value, they are also supplemented with various obstacles and problems. Some of these affect the studies of the students. And they might look difficult but actually they are very easy to solve. We at CareerGuide.com have constructed this article to help 12th standard students in dealing with their problems and know things which can impact 12th studies.

things can impact 12th studies

The ‘5’ rule

This is the most important and most crucial advice anyone can give. Understand this –‘ IF IT IS NOT GOING TO MATTER IN NEXT 5 YEARS, IT IS NOT WORTH INVESTING YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW!. It has been seen in multiple students that they usually devote their precious time in 12th standard to things that are very trivial. Most of the things are the problem that will disappear with your teenage. But the 12th standard marks and result will stick to you like a tattoo. Hence make a sure and triple check if whether you are devoting your time to the right thing or not.

Stick to your goal

A countless number of devices will be thrown in your way when you are in 11th and 12 standards. They will come from all sort of people – the educated and not so educated! Students are often misled by these advices. They are confused and some even begin to 2nd question their actions. This is a very important factor that decreases the pace of studies. Avoiding this fallback is very easy to understand but difficult to practice. The key to avoiding this deterioration in studies is to ‘Be adamant to your goal’. Tell yourself repeatedly that you have chosen this and this is what will render you maximum joy and know the thing which can impact your 12th studies.

12th studies

Health is always first

‘Hurry, worry and curry’ is the phrase used to describe the pathology of ulcers. This is the perfect analogue for the ill effects students have while they stress themselves. They neglect the amount of food and the quality of the food they eat. This is hazardous not only for now but it will also have a deep effect on their health in adult life. If learning is a process, the body is the institution where the process happens. So take utmost care of it. Have healthy meals. Avoid junk food. Think of treating your body as the first step of treating your future.

Stretch yourself a little

Day by day Under the pressure to be amongst the creamy layer, students set unrealistic expectations about their daily performance. To all the students in 11th and 12th standard reading this, remember small daily steps cover a long journey. If you try to jump yourself in the process of improving yourself, that will not help certainly in the long run. Rather, keep small, daily achievable tasks according to your capability. Complete them. Slowly you will see your growth. You will gain that confidence step by step. To maintain this rule and know the thing which can impact 12th studies

Talk about all to one

We all need someone to vent out our problems too. And it helps. Psychiatric studies have shown that having a shoulder to lean on gives you more strength to overcome difficult situations. But in college life, it at times becomes difficult to find that person. Often we let out our secrets to the wrong person and that can backfire at us. It might create new problems. And such problems are never welcomed, especially in the time when grades matter the most. So be selectively in the person you choose to call ‘your person’.

impact 12th studies

Find the relaxing spot

After having a very exhausting day, it is vital for us to take the much-deserved break from our hectic schedule. This could be different for different people. Some like listening to their favourite music or some like taking a walk. Some might prefer an activity like playing or writing or dancing. The point to take home is that this is the reward you should give to yourself when you have been through an overly exhausting day. Take care of yourself. It is simple. But very few people practice it.

Remind yourself where you have to go

There might be an occasion where you see others struggling less or more than you. This may be people from different streams or even the same stream. This often leads to self-doubt or emergence of questions like,’ am I doing enough?’, ‘am I meant for this?’,’ should I study more because that person is doing so?’ and many more. The simple answer to this is to know your path. Know what you want to do and where you want to go. This will answer if not all then most of your question. Every time you are in doubt, your inner self will let some path shine to clear things for you.

things can impact 12th studies

Appreciate your journey

Look at your journey. Analyze and admire the distance you have crossed and let that be your motivation. Motivation is best when you are the one who is sourcing in out to yourself. Remember this always, not only for 12th standard but for life. And share this advice.

We at CareerGuide.com have constructed this article to help 12th standard students in dealing with their problems and know things which can impact 12th studies.

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