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8 points on How surroundings affect students’ studies?

Many find it hard to believe but multiple studies have proved that the environment a student studies in plays a huge role in their productivity and learning ability. Surroundings are not only limited to the external environment and materialistic things, but it can also be extended to the people around a student, their company in school, and of course their company online. A student can be better in school or do worse in school even though they put in the same amount of effort, the only difference can be their environment. In this article, we will mention a few ways in how the surroundings affect your ability to learn in students’ study and how you can maximize it to produce better results.

The surroundings, or the environment in which students study, can have a significant impact on their academic performance and overall learning experience. Here are some ways in which surroundings can affect students’ studies:

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Numerous studies have shown that studying in well-lit rooms increases the productivity of the brain by almost 25%. That is a remarkably high percentage for something so little. If you don’t believe us, just think about why students tend to like computer labs more than their classrooms. It is because, usually, computer labs or labs, in general, have good lighting when compared to regular classrooms. You can feel yourself dozing off in a class that is dull and does not receive much natural or artificial light. The solution to this problem is easy – study in properly lit rooms or properly light where you study. A little goes a long way.



Probably the worst thing about households is that you rarely find the moment for yourself. Constant chatter, bickering, noise, people in and around you can be extremely annoying and hampers your ability to learn and concentrate. In such cases, the best thing to do is to let your family members know that you have important exams coming up and you would like some privacy, quiet in the house. If that is unachievable, feel free to go to a friend’s house or a library and have that uninterrupted time do yourself for studying. This tip helps you to know-how surrounding affect students’ study.



Temperature also plays a key role in your concentration and thereby, your productivity. While you may not exclusively think about the temperature, your body keeps reacting to it much to your dismay. If it’s too hot all you can think about is how it’s too hot and if it’s too cold all you can think about is how it’s too cold. Instead of diverting attention to such pesky matters, set the temperature of the room that you are comfortable with, something that is not too hot nor too cold. Whatever you set the temperature to, make sure it stays constant as long as you study because changes in temperature will obstruct your concentration.

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You’re having a good day and then out of nowhere, you have a bitter argument with your best friend. Your day goes from a good day to a really bad day within a matter of minutes. That’s the effect that people have on us and there’s not much we can do about it. It is important to stay connected to people during exams or when you get busy but at the same time, it is okay to let them know that you are not available for a while as you have other things you need to tend to first. If the people around you are happy, positive, optimistic, it will automatically uplift your mood too. It will involuntarily direct your brain into more encouragement and motivation which will definitely be useful for your studies.


Digital Platforms

Social media seriously harms your mental health. That is a phrase extremely popular among social media users. Social media is nothing short of an addiction. Think about how smokers see the warning labeled on tobacco products and yet choose to consume it. The same goes for social media users. Seeing pretty, perfect pictures all around you can be distressing. It can also have a huge impact on your mood and behavior. Moreover, a lot of pieces of information and news that you come across on social media can be triggering and set you off for the rest of the day. It is therefore important to use social media for only a limited amount of time and instead engage in something more fun unproductive. This tip helps you to know-how surrounding affect students’ study.


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You siblings constantly coming in and going out of the room, constant pings from your WhatsApp chats, loud TV noises in the background, you name it and we will tell you that it is a distraction. It is no one’s but your responsibility to put an end to such distractions as you are the controller of your brain.


Numerous studies have shown that a clean, organized, well-structured home and study area leads to a much more productive and focused learning. Having messy, dirty, unorganized, cluttered spaces leads to a lot of negative thoughts and thereby to anxiety and stress. And we all know anxiety and stress can do no good, especially in your studies. Therefore, every time you begin studying, make sure all things are in the proper place and organized.


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Comfort level

Being comfortable when studying is good but being too comfortable when studying is quite the opposite. It is highly advisable to study using a desk and a chair instead of studying on your bed, this is because you will slowly lapse into a position that will make you want to sleep. Proper posture is therefore just as important while studying.

In this article, we mentioned a few ways in how the surroundings affect your ability to learn in students’ study and how you can maximize it to produce better results.

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