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8 points on How to reduce societal pressure for exams

There exists no adrenaline rush like the adrenaline rush during exams. Trying to cover months of portion in a few days, practicing as much as you can, getting on with your daily tasks, having sleepless nights, and pulling all-nighters. Exam stress can really get to you and one thing that does not make it any easier is that a lot of that stress comes from external sources. Whether it’s your parents hoping and praying for you to get good marks, and expecting unrealistic achievements from you or your teachers who will not shy away from expressing their disappointment if you are unable to score well, many times the pressure and stress that students feel during exams is because of the people closest to them. Here is article on Class 10th

While it may be easier to talk to your parents about it, it’s not always as easy to let everyone know that you are not comfortable with their expectations from you. In such cases, students must try their best to avoid and ignore such situations or reduce the pressure by engaging in other activities. In this article, we mention a few tricks you can have a go at if you feel there is too much on your plate at the moment and you really need to reduce societal pressure for exams.

Take regular breaks

The importance of taking regular breaks while studying for hours cannot be stressed enough. Students tend to have an extremely bad habit of sitting in one place for hours at stretch, trying to complete multiple chapters or one subject in one go. They fail to realize that this is probably the worst way they can study for an exam. This is because the human brain can only focus for an hour maximum, any more than that and you are just fooling yourself. You might think you are gaining information, but within a few hours you will forget a lot of what you studied, and the reason is – your brain just was not concentrating. Taking breaks not only helps your brain retain information better, but it can also help you de-stress.

Do something that you enjoy

We all know that all work and no play is just as harmful as all play and no work. The best way to let your steam off after a hard day would be to engage in an activity that you absolutely enjoy. Painting, writing, sketching, or absolutely anything (except for using your phone) will make you feel better. Hobbies like gardening and painting have additionally also been proven to reduce the stress levels of your mind and body so not only are you enjoying yourself you are relieving all that stress as well. This tip helps you to reduce societal pressure for exams for class 10th.

Don’t cut off communication

During exam season, students tend to indulge so much in their academics that they forget about the rest of the world. It is good to start and end your day with studying and exam preparation, but you must also be in touch with reality. Talking to your friends and family or your loved ones can be a great way to get rid of that pressure, talk to someone who understands you, vent, and just have them listen to you. Sometimes a patient ear does more good than consoling words.

Exercise or meditate

Exercise and yoga are the most proven ways of reducing pressure and stress in one’s life. It gets your heart pumping, increases your blood pressure, gets all sorts of good hormones flowing in your body and just overall makes you feel able and well. While yoga is more on the still side of exercise, it can still be just as useful as exercise is.

It is (sometimes) okay to turn a blind eye

You must get a lot of unnecessary and unwanted attention, advice, tips, tricks from everyone around you during your exams. While people may mean well, it sometimes gets too overwhelming for the student to hear about their exams left and right. Therefore, it is important to know that it is easy to unhear things just the way you hear them. Listen from one ear and let go of another. This does not mean that you pay no heed to the advice given to you, it just means to avoid and ignore the unnecessary and unspoken pressure that comes through various people you know. This tip helps you to reduce societal pressure for exams.

Go outdoors

There is absolutely nothing as feel-good as inhaling a breath of fresh air. You don’t necessarily have to do anything, just go to a park, and sit. Enjoy yourself. Let yourself be and watch others, maybe play with some pets, or walk, or jog, whatever it is that you do, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to outdoors. An even better option is to go to a dog park – a park and dogs? things could not be any better.

Let people know if something is bothering you

While turning a blind eye may help most of the time, sometimes things tend to go overboard, and you need to speak up. There is absolutely no disrespect in letting people know that you are not happy are comfortable about the indirect pressure that has been put upon you because of them. Engage in open, honest communication and be straightforward without being too rude. This tip helps you to reduce societal pressure for exams.

Know that it is impossible to please everyone

At the end of it all, you may please your parents but not please your teachers or might please yourself and not anyone else. There are plenty of exams you will have to go through in your future, so don’t sweat it too much. You are only as happy as you let yourself be.

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