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8 tips to be a travel agent after 12th

8 Tips to be a travel agent after 12th. “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.”- Paul Coelho. Travel Agent is someone who provides tourism services to the general public and someone who assists with accommodation and all the travel inquires. People who are passionate about traveling can pursue a career later in the future. In this article, you will find how to e a travel agent after class 12th. Here is article on 8 tips to be a travel agent after Class 12th

What are the benefits?

Traveling is something that everyone needs and should need, it’s all about exploring new places. And it’s also something which enhances your overall health and gives you peace of mind. Traveling honestly helps people to tolerate today’s reality. It shows you how different cultures are and how different people come from different backgrounds.

Traveling to a new city or country can help you with your communication skills it urges you to be proficient in new languages so that you can communicate easily with foreign people. You can connect with new people and make amazing lifetime memories. You find yourself while traveling, you discover new tastes, new habits, new likes, or dislikes after you participate in things you never did before.

Traveling kicks in the spontaneous side of you, it pushes you towards adventure and doing things which you can’t do back home. While traveling you are carefree, free of stress in short and it helps boost your confidence as well.

Why are travel agents important?

Travel agents are the people who know the in and out of a particular city or country and they know all the best and affordable places. They suggest the perfect place of your liking, they keep your budget and liking in mind and show you your options. They help you save time by doing all the research and everything else for you.

Being up to date with new hotels, restaurants any new adventure sports, etc. Is their job. They are very resourceful and can manage to help to gain some new offers which can be their free tours to someplace or free dining at someplace etc.

A travel agent knows when’s the best time to travel to certain places and where can you find a perfect shopping place or museums or any other places you would like to visit.


There are literally more than 15 courses you can do in the field of travel and tourism. You can do a certificate course, a bachelor’s degree, the diploma you can major in a travel and tourism degree, and then further even a Ph.D. in travel and tourism, etc.

You can even pursue MBA in travel and tourism a post-graduate degree. Even a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism management, in tourism administration, in tourism studies, etc. There are still a few more options in the field of tourism in which you can establish yourself. But to apply for any of these above-mentioned courses you have to be 12th pass and should have an art background preferably.


To apply for these courses for example- If you want to apply for Bachelor’s in Travels and Tourism then your only eligible if you are 12th passed with a minimum of 50-60% from any recognized colleges.

For a Master’s Degree, the student who is 12th pass with a minimum of 45-60% from a recognized college and good in any particular foreign language is eligible. For a diploma course, the eligibility criteria are the same as the bachelor’s degree.

Students can also gain their degree’s through an online class, which is preferred by many students nowadays. There is even more great courses opportunity in foreign universities which do provide financial aid.


Some of the great Travel and Tourism colleges in India-

Job Opportunities-

  1. Travel Agent
  2. Travel Management
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Travel writer or Blogger
  5. Travel Executive
  6. Hotel Manager
  7. Event Organizer

Many job opportunities are offered in the Travels and Tourism field. To get a job you should have certain features like-great communication skills, be responsible, leadership skills, have patience, should have many connections and resources.


At the beginning of your career, it’s obvious that you won’t earn much. But gradually as you experience you will earn more. Your salary depends on your experience and your qualifications. The average salary a tour agent makes is 25,000 to 40,000 INR.


In short, working as a travel agent is a colorful and diversifying job. This Job keeps you on your toes at all times. In this field, you learn a lot about a variety of cultures as per the demographic and you enjoy different ways of communication.

Safe to say, this job is one of the most dreamt jobs by many people who love traveling a lot. So, here you found the best tips to be a travel agent after 12th and make your best career in the future.

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