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8 Tips To Develop An Interest For 12th Class Board Exam

We all are very familiar with the importance of the 12th class board exam. As it is the path through which we get our destination. The class 12th board exam is one of the most popular board exams as they are conducted on the National level. Nowadays competition is getting very tough, it is getting higher day by day, as lakh of students from all across the country will appearing. This exam is very important in each student’s life. Through this the journey of our professional /educational life start after that exam, basically, it is a pathway to all major entrance exams like the JEE, BITSAT, AIIMS, NEET, etc. In this step, our hard work can make our future brighter. So, we have to take it seriously and do hard work on it to develop an interest in your studies. Here are all about the 8 Tips To Develop An Interest For 12th Class Board Exam

The date sheet of class 12th board exam out in 40 days before the exams. It is important to score well in the board exam because it is the most relevant source through which we can do other things according to our goals. Some students get too stressed and because of that they lost their interest or getting depressed about their exams, they cannot concentrate on their studies. So, here we are to help you, that how you can develop your interest in your studies for your 12th board exam. So that you can prepare it finely and score well. Here are 8 tips to follow:


To develop an interest in your 12th class studies firstly you have to concentrate on one thing. You have to focus on your studies, and meditation is the best and an only way through which you can calm yourself and can focus on one thing. It is a technique to train our mind. It does not only increase concentration power but also aid at building physical fitness, through which you can feel relax and fresh and take interest in your studies.

Avoid distractions

The important step to take towards your interest develop in your class 12th studies is to avoid distraction. Avoid those things which distract you to study, which discourage you, which make you busy in other things, which make you lazier. Nowadays, digitalization is becoming the main distraction point in every student life. For instance- cell phone, television or many other things which makes us lose our interest from our studies, because of this we cannot focus on our studies. Social media, entertainment and extracurricular activities becoming a barrier in students studies. So avoid these things.

Group studies

Being a part of a group of people, where all are working on the same things can be a motivator to take interest in your studies. In a group, there is a different kind of students who have some strength and weaknesses, so in the group, each member helps others on difficult topic or problems in which they are perfect. Studying in a group is not only fun, but it also gives everyone in the group a sense of responsibility. You will not get stressed in the group as well as and in fun, you can do every task easily and will enjoy your studies.

Watch motivational videos

At this time, of course, everyone is depressed about their studies or how to regain our interest in our studies. We wish that there should be someone with us who encouraged us or don’t make us stressed. For this, you should watch motivational videos, some inspirational speeches or videos through which you get inspired and get interested in your studies. Which motivate you to encourage you and make you positive and clear your thoughts.

Stay positive

In students, the terror of 12th board exam is, so high that everyone gets negative thoughts in their mind. The negative vibes coming continuously can make us depressed and discourage us to study. Whatever we learn we forget everything because of that stress. So, to overcome this fear you have to be positive, only think positive things. Which make us calm. To feel fresh and positive, our environment should be also calm and peaceful there should be not distractive things and make the distance from negative people.

Develop fun in your studies

We should not disconcert. To take an interest in our exam it is important to make it easy and tricky. Develop fun in your studies. Don’t think it is difficult or you cannot do it, just try to understand the concept of any topic then interest will automatically develop. If you do not understand anything take online YouTube lectures. Take also a break between your study, at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Strong determination

We should develop this quality in ourself. The quality of strong determination, where if we have decided to do something then nothing can come between our studies. When we have a strong determination of doing something then our interest will also get developed. For becoming strong determine student we have to be more punctual and should make a time table of our daily routine. This will encourage us and motivate us to study hard.

Be clear about why you should take interest

This point is basically is about self-awareness. One of the best ways to get motivated to study is to be very clear about your goals. You should ask yourself why you should take an interest? Why you have to do so much hard work? why do you want to get good marks? Make a list of this kind of questions and find out about yourself. Surely it will motivate you to do some more hard work. It’s the very tough time of every student life, where we have to take each step wisely. We have to take an interest in our studies and complete it on time so that we can get good grades and make our future brighter.


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