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8 Tips to make yourself focused

Human have only 8 seconds of focus there are lot of things that the human brain can get distracted but there are few things that you need to get to teach yourself for not getting distracted and get yourself focused, so here let me let get no some of the tips and tricks to get focused:

focus yourself

Feed your brain

Before doing the task sit down, breathe, and calm your mind down. Take some breath in and breathe out. Focus on the only thing that you are going to do, don’t get your mind to have lots of thoughts other than the task you are going to do. This way you will be more focused on the only task you are going to do.

Know where to put the focus

The human brain is like a spider web before doing something to know where your focus should be or where you need to focus. Whenever we so something there isn’t a single we only think of that particular job we are doing at present but we will think all sorts of things that have no link with the job you are doing at the moment. Think before you do that particular job because that’s how will train your mind that now this the think you need to focus. You should be aware of what are your goals and what you need to achieve before doing anything it should always be good to have planned.

focus yourself

Shut off social media

Try to logout of all your social media account your Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, these are the thing that might get your attention while you are doing your job or your task so it’s better to cut off the distractions and then focus on your job it might seem awkward at first but later on it will be constructive because you will see that even if in 30 minutes you will be able to do a work of one hour by not just having social media around you. In today’s world, social media is becoming the most distracting that is consume people style people spend hours and hours in it, and it kind of brings a distraction in everybody is life.

Grab Some Coffee

Morning coffee doesn’t weigh you are but it lets you be more attentive and focused after you get bored of your job you can run for a coffee in the afternoon and get refreshed a coffee shop might do the help. French physiologist Astrid Neligh identifies a connection between caffeine and cognition. While caffeine doesn’t improve learning or memory performance, Neligh found it does increase physiological arousal, which makes you less apt to be distracted and better able to pay attention during a demanding task.

Turn on Music

Turn on the music because music is the best distraction anybody can have and make them cells refresh energized and more focused because it is to be said that our brain has a section for music. It is to be said that having lots of noise at your background can be distracting but in this search, it is found that listening will help you get focused on your thought.

focus yourself

Take short breaks

It’s important to take short breaks because after some research it has been found that the human brain can focus only for 45 minutes and you should always take 5 to 10 min break after every 45 minutes session it will not only relax your mind but it will give you a moment to have a refreshing idea and thought which might be helpful for your task. Our research suggests that after doing a long work it’s important to take a brief break. Giving yourself a mental brief break will not only help you stay focus but will also make you stay attentive.

Check your environment

Check your surroundings because it is important to see what is your surrounding where you are doing your task because the environment and the surrounding affect the mental focus. Try to have all the important things that are required in your task because when you try to get up again and again to get your things you somewhere break your own link, so try to gather all the things at the same place where you are doing your task as it will not only save your time but also let you be focused.

focus yourself


When you’re sitting in on a long meeting or conference, improve your focus and your artistic skill by doodling. Doodling will keep the optimal level of the carousel and it will not only help you to be focused but it helps you to be refresh and awake at the time of boredom. It is the best thing to do when you need to stay focused for a long period of time.

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