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8 tips to master in tough subjects in 9th

Through this article, you will get to know about the tips to master in tough subjects. 8 TIPS TO MASTER IN TOUGH SUBJECTS FOR CLASS 9th. There is a sudden change in the syllabus pattern as well as the amount of studying topics as soon as you reach class 9th. A lot of students are there who find it very difficult to cover a particular subject. Usually, the two most common reasons are the cause here. One is the lack of focus and the other one is fear. The two most common factors are the reason why you find some subjects tough. Another reason is the inappropriate daily schedule and lifestyle which acts as an obstacle in your studies and dividing your thinking for the subjects into easy and tough. It is totally based on your interest in a particular subject on how you see it. So, below we will discuss some of the easy tips so that you can master the tough subjects, that usually begin in class 9th.  

master in tough subjects


Focus is the first and the foremost thing which can help you to pull out of the tough subjects pool. Increasing your focus in a particular subject helps you to clear the topics which earlier seemed tough to you. This problem of tough subjects usually occurs when you have a lack of focus or lack of interest. This lack of interest is also a part of the problem of lack of focus. So what you can do is to start focusing more on the subjects which seem tough to you. If you think that you are unable to focus on the particular subject, give yourself a break, and try to meditate during that time so that you will be able to clear up your mind from all the distractions that will maintain your level of concentration.

Baby Steps

Daniel Coyle once said that “Baby Steps are the royal road to skill.” You usually think that the subject which you are thinking of as tough cannot be your strength later. Or you may think that you find this so you will not take this subject after class 10th as your majors. This is the view of the majority of the students.  So, what you need to do is to divide your main goal into small steps goals. If you keep the everyday goal in your mind, you will be able to clear your difficulty easily. Class 9th is a step that is totally different from class 8th pattern and thus requires a change and an increase in the efforts for covering hard topics in class 9th.

Master the ground

Mastering the ground is the next step after you settle your mind to do the baby step procedure. You can master the ground in the tough subjects if you make yourself determined. Everyone likes to take up challenges, especially those of class 9th and 10th under various fields, whether it is sports or entertainment. You can also take up the tough subjects as another challenge and get determined to clear the tough levels through the baby steps strategy. In this way, you can master the ground. Cover one topic at a time, so that you can put your efforts into one topic at a time.

master in subjects

Understand and learn

    Understanding to learn tough topics or subjects is required. If you think you can master the tough parts without understanding the basics of the topic, you are getting the wrong concepts in your mind. You need to clearly understand the topics. It is understandable that class 9th has a different pattern and thus the topics are a little bit advanced, so you need to put more effort than before. You need to understand the parts of the subjects so that it does not seem tough to you later.

    Proper structure

      Yes, a proper structure is required for you to cover up the tough subjects easily. If you think that you can start reading chapter 10 first and chapter 8 later, this will leave you confused, and thus the subject will become tough for you to understand and cover. A proper structure is required to master the tough subjects in class 9th. You need to go through the topics based on the proper structure provided either in your book or by your teacher.

      Look at the pattern

      A proper pattern is required to master tough subjects. There is a pattern to everything. The subjects in class 9th also have a pattern. If you miss the pattern, the subject will become tough for you but if you follow the pattern rightly, you will be able to cover the topics as well as the whole subject easily.

      master in tough subjects

      Revise and Review

      The famous line that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is very important for you if you want to master tough subjects in class 9th. The best key to master in tough subjects is to practice it again and again. Revising the part again and again and reviewing it for a better grip can help you understand and master the tough subjects of your class.

      Positivity is the key

      Positivity can help you to reach new heights. If you keep yourself positive every day, it will help your mind to work more productively. Having an optimistic attitude helps you to develop a belief in yourself that you can do it. Positivity helps you to develop confidence in yourself which creates a key component in your part to master the tough subjects in class 9th.  

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