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9 effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child

Childhood is one of the most important, as well as one of the most sensitive phases in a human being’s life. Many grown-ups remember how being a child was comfortable, how they used to have fun and, many other memorable events. Childhood affects a person’s life in many aspects and, some times, due to various reasons, the atmosphere the child gets at their home is not healthy. Moreover, many times, the parents may be overpowering or ignorant. All of these may affect a child’s mental health at a very young age. A parents’ work not only includes paying their child’s bill or to fulfill their needs but to nurture their child and to take care of them. Here is some adverse effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child’s mental health.

effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child such as suffocation


The child, due to constant arguments and fights, may not express their feelings. For this reason, they may fill suffocated. There is always a fear of getting misunderstood, which results in a shy behavior. As a result, of staying quiet for years, such a child, in the future, face it difficult to trust people. And also hesitate to share their thoughts with others. Moreover, it also affects the child’s confidence.

Improper practices

Due to the stressful atmosphere, as a way out the child, may get into improper habits, like drugs, smoking, alcohol, or even porn. Due to stressful events, they find it difficult to cope with and may cultivate improper habits to escape all the pain and hurt. 


effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child such as depression

Due to the overpowering nature of parents, the child is always in the constant stress of making their parents happy. There is a continuous tension of dispute or arguments, which may lead to hypertension in the child.

Suicidal thoughts

The child may get suicidal thoughts when some fights or arguments take place. As the child may take the blame on themselves, which may lead to self-guilt or self-hatred. As a result of constant arguments, they find such thoughts as a way out. This is one of the most adverse effect due to unhealthy atmosphere at home on a child’s mental health.


Family problems is one of the principal cause of mental depression, according to research. When a person is unhappy, the hormones released affects the human body and may cause some permanent disease. Due to the constant feeling of loneliness and sadness, the child might end up getting depressed. As a result, the child may end up alone in the long term as they get into the habit of staying alone. The involvement of others can be misinterpreted as interference, as the child is not used to love and affection. 

Wrong peer group

effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child such as low concertration

The child may get into the wrong peer group. For love and understanding, the child may trust wrong people, who can exploit the child and misuse them for wrongdoings. As a result, such a group can ruin a child’s future. The child might get into the habit of theft or more significant crimes, which may destroy their future. 

Social Media addiction

As it is rightly said- On social media, everyone is happy. In search of people who will listen, the child might trust unknowns on social media. There are no complications and demands in the world on social media. Everything seems genuine in this virtual world, and this may lead to addiction to social media. As a result, studies and health of the child are affected. The information shared with strangers can be misused against the child, which may cause permanent damage in their life. 

Low concentration

Due to the unhealthy atmosphere, the child may get a problem of low concentration levels. It is because of the constant thoughts about family problems and how they can escape or solve them. Due to the stress, the child may have sleeping problems. All in all, this affects the efficiency of the child.

effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child such as sadness


Due to all the wrong scoldings and pressure, the child may feel burdened. As a result, the child may quiet up and get into extreme sadness. The child may feel alone and helpless. It is an early stage of suicidal thoughts and depression. The sorrow also affects the efficiency and opinions of the child, which may cause problems in the future. The health of the child is also affected because of sadness. 

These were some effects of an unhealthy home atmosphere on a child’s mental health. Due to the overpowering nature of parents, the child is grown with constant fear and inability to raise their opinions. As a result, it causes permanent damage to the behavior and nature of the child. Such children face trouble while making friends due to their unhealthy behavior.

It is always advised to the parents not to show their child their problems as a child’s brain is very sensitive, and this may cause some permanent damage to the child. Also, the rude behavior of parents causes unwanted aggression in children.  

Note from the editor- We hope this article will help all those in need. As mental health is a very concerning topic in today’s world, always seek help when in need. There is nothing to be ashamed of while asking for help. Before taking any rash action, think for the consequences it will cause. And always remember, solutions come before the problems. It is to find it as nothing in life is a dead-end. 

LIFE ALWAYS GOES ON, and so do we…

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