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9 fascinating tips to pursue Art & Craft after 12th

Medicine, law, engineering is what sustains life, but art is what we stay alive for. These words spoken by the legendary actor Robert Williams couldn’t be any more truthful. Unlike professional careers like doctors and lawyers who focus on the domain, art can be anything and everything as long as it is beautiful, as long as it invokes sentiment. Here is article on 9 fascinating tips to pursue Art & Craft after Class 12th

From poetry to paintings, sculptures to music and everything in between is considered art. Whether you are talented in arts and craft or not, many students often find themselves wondering what it would be like if they act on their hobbies, if they can make something meaningful out of their leisure and comfort. If you are a class 12th student wondering the same, here are a few tips that can help kickstart your journey in art & craft after class 12th.

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Whoever made people believe that art was for the dumber section of society could not have been more wrong. Creativity is the highest form of intellect. When you start out in art and craft it is important to know which direction you are more inclined towards, since it is a very vast field. It is okay to not be able to narrow it down, instead of stressing out, use some time in exploring all that there is to explore. There is so much to it more than painting and painting itself has so many different styles and techniques.  Invest your time and effort in trying to find out what you enjoy the most.

Work on your skills

After successfully exploring your options and finding your true passion, it is time to master the skill. Learning and growing can be a slow phase and you must be willing to take things as they come. Do not expect to get better overnight, or a week, or a month or even a year. Everyone has their own pace and in due time you will be proud of how far you have come.

Practice on your own

Not everyone has to go to Art school to be good. Practicing on your own is greatly beneficial too as it does not confine your ideas and creativity. It also gives you the freedom to do and learn as you please and it really takes the stress off you. This tip will help you to pursue art & craft as your career after class 12th.

Learn professionally

Granted, practicing on your own does have its pros but learning art or craft professionally by enrolling in a good school or institution will expose you to other artists and maybe even inspire you in ways you didn’t think possible. It helps you attain a professional outlook on the industry.

Earn experience

If you have acquired a degree or a diploma through a university then you can start to make a living out of your talent. Work independently or work with a team under private or government-funded projects to build your portfolio and your business.

Make connections

If there is ever a time when you would like to start a business and act on your entrepreneurial skills by opening up an art boutique or setting up an exhibition or simply selling your pieces, you need to have the right contacts to do so. Whether it is other artists like you or business tycoons, you need to be able to have a stronghold on people to gain recognition for your work.

Accept criticism

There are always going to be people who loathe your work and people who can’t get enough of it. If life were simpler, we would be surrounded by the second kind of people. But it is not, so we are not. Not all harsh words are meant to be taken to the heart and you must realize it is part of your job. Some strong remarks come from a place of well-wishing. Listen to what others have to say about your work attentively, realize your weak points, and work on them. It is unrealistic to try and achieve perfection in art because there exists no such concept. You always have the chance and ability to be better tomorrow than you are today.

Think realistically

Not everyone is meant to be Picasso or Leonardo DaVinci. That doesn’t mean you are any less talented but hoping for mass public attention and appreciation across the globe is rather unrealistic, especially if it has been only a few years since you started out. That is not to say it is not possible, because of course, it is. But good things take time, meanwhile, you can be content with the satisfaction and pride that your work brings to you because you are your harshest critic.

Have a plan B

This is not meant to demotivate you in the slightest, rather, help you get back on your feet quickly if things do not happen as you had planned. Having a plan B does not show cowardice but highlights your responsibility to yourself and the ones around you.

Hope from this article you find the best tips to pursue art & craft after the class 12th and make your career colorful with this.

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