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9 tips on communication skills for 11th students

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.”- Nat Turner. Communication Skills are needed for students, effective communication helps students a lot and in all aspects of life. Communication allows students to gain more information of any kind and also gives students an opportunity to connect with more people. You need to have communication skills for all your activities from day to day basis, for your studies, for your future career you name it and there again is a situation where communication is needed. These 9 tips by which you can enhance your communication skills for 11th students.

communication skills

Ask more questions

By asking more and more questions you gradually gain more knowledge and are able to interpret as well as answer. This to and from communication makes things easier for all the individuals and students. You can make small talks by asking the other person all the simple WH questions- (Where, which, What, When, Who, Whom, Why, How, etc.). You can even ask open and closed questions, some conversation starts to know the other person. Clearing even the smallest quires can help you and the other person clarify if there are any misunderstandings.

Double-check to make sure you understand

Double-checking usually helps if communication isn’t clear. As said before it reduces misunderstandings. When you understand what the other persons speaking then only you will be able to reciprocate more accurately and concisely. This also shows or reflects your attention span which is needed to be worked on if you think you need it.

communication skills for students

Maintain proper eye contact

Maintaining proper eye contact has a different meaning in different cultures which students need to be aware of if they want to communicate, eye contact also shows that your statements hold something important which the other person should listen to. This makes the conversation strong and somewhat credible as well as believable. This also shows that the other person is actually interested in what the other person is saying and cares enough to listen so intently, this is appreciated by everyone. It also builds a certain type of connection and trust which makes things a lot easier in terms of simple interaction. This tip helps to improve communication skills in 11th students.

Be a better listener

To be a better listener you need to be an active listener, by being alert and aware you show the other person that you can not only hold down a conversation as well as pay attention to the other person. This gives a good impression of you when you listen carefully. This also helps you in recalling some message which the other person had told you about before and you were able to recall it since you had paid attention to prior.

communication skills for 11th

Speak clearly

Speech clearance is something that gives out clear and concise responses, which helps the other person understand what you are trying to say, if you know the language they prefer to speak in, and if you know the language then try to speak in their language to make them feel comfortable. This also allows the other person the feel more engaged in the conversation and makes them want to listen and talk more. This helps the other person to recognize your message more properly and easily. You achieve this by practicing speaking it out loud, speak a little slowly in the beginning, and then gradually start speaking fluently.

Think before you speak or respond

This is a very important point, you need to think before you speak or respond because you don’t know how the other person is going to take in your response if you don’t think before you speak you may end up hurting the other person sentiments, or they may misunderstand what you were trying to convey.

Body Language

Your body language is also quite important, this is a communication based on non-verbal communication. People sometimes judge you on the basis of your body language. Your body language sends out some signals or vibes and this makes a huge difference so, you need to maintain proper body language.

Presence of mind

This is important as well because if you are unaware of what’s going on around you then you may find it hard to communicate with ease. So, presence of mind means a lot when or if you want to have a healthy and proper conversation. Distractions are going to interfere a lot but you can’t give in to them or you may lose the base of your conversation. So, try to be alert at all times to have a concise convo.

communication skills for students

Try giving feedback

This helps you as well as the other person to improve on your communication skills, even though you may not like the result you can still work on it and gain better result. Try reading books out loud daily, speak in a mirror if you are comfortable, watch more movies in that particular language to sharpen your skills.

So here this article improves your communication skills in daily life. These 9 tips by which you can enhance your communication skills for 11th students.

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