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Amity University Lucknow Campus

Amity University Lucknow Campus is a vibrant hub of academic excellence nestled in the historical city of Lucknow. Boasting a sprawling campus equipped with modern infrastructure, the university offers a diverse array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. With a commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, Amity University Lucknow Campus combines rigorous academics with innovative teaching methodologies. The campus is a melting pot of cultures, fostering diversity and inclusivity. Students here benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a supportive learning environment. Join us on a journey where knowledge meets innovation, and aspirations transform into achievements at Amity University Lucknow Campus.

Programs Offered at Amity University Lucknow Campus

Program LevelNumber of ProgramsSpecializations
Undergraduate30+Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Law, Mass Communication, and more.
Postgraduate20+Management, Computer Applications, Sciences, Design, Law, and more.
Doctoral15+Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Biotechnology, and more.


Amity University Lucknow offers a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. At the undergraduate level, students can choose from over 30 programs, including Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Law, and Mass Communication. The postgraduate offerings encompass over 20 programs, spanning Management, Computer Applications, Sciences, Design, and Law. For those pursuing doctoral studies, Amity Lucknow provides opportunities in fields such as Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Biotechnology, and more. The comprehensive array of programs reflects Amity University Lucknow’s commitment to providing students with a well-rounded and specialized education across multiple domains. Prospective students can explore the official university website for detailed information on specific programs, admission requirements, and other essential details about the academic offerings at Amity Lucknow.

Application Procedure for Amity University Lucknow Campus

Online Application:

Prospective students can initiate the application process by visiting the official website of Amity Lucknow.

Selecting the Desired Program:

Choose the specific undergraduate or postgraduate program of interest from the diverse offerings at Amity Lucknow.

Completion of Application Form:

Fill out the online application form, providing accurate personal and academic details as required by Amity Lucknow.

Uploading Documents:

Upload the necessary documents, including academic transcripts, certificates, and a recent photograph, as specified by Amity University Lucknow.

Application Fee Payment:

Complete the application process by paying the required fee through the online payment portal provided by Amity Lucknow.

Entrance Exam (if applicable):

Some programs at Amity Lucknow may require candidates to take an entrance exam. Ensure you are aware of the specific exam requirements and dates.

Application Confirmation:

After successful submission and payment, candidates receive a confirmation of their application from Amity Lucknow.

Admit Card Download (if applicable):

For programs with entrance exams, download the admit card as per the instructions provided by Amity Lucknow.

Participation in Counseling Sessions (if applicable):

Attend counseling sessions as scheduled by Amity Lucknow, providing an opportunity for interaction and clarifying any queries.

Checking Admission Status:

Regularly check the admission status on the Amity Lucknow portal to stay informed about the progress of your application.

Document Verification:

Upon successful selection, undergo document verification as per the guidelines provided by Amity  Lucknow.

The application procedure at Amity Lucknow is designed to be streamlined and accessible, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for prospective students. It is recommended to regularly check the official university website for updates and specific instructions related to the application process.

International Collaborations at Amity University Lucknow Campus

Global Academic Partnerships: Amity University Lucknow Campus has forged strategic collaborations with renowned international universities and institutions.

Student Exchange Programs: Experience cultural exchange through student exchange programs, allowing Amity students to study abroad and international students to explore academic opportunities at the Lucknow Campus.

Joint Research Initiatives: Engage in collaborative research projects with global partners, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange.

International Conferences and Seminars: Amity University Lucknow Campus hosts international conferences and seminars, providing a platform for scholars and experts from around the world to share insights and perspectives.

Dual-Degree Programs: Benefit from dual-degree programs that leverage the strengths of both Amity University Lucknow Campus and its international partners, enhancing the academic experience.

Explore a globally connected education at Amity University Lucknow Campus, where international collaborations open doors to a diverse and enriching academic landscape.

Eligibility Criteria for Amity University Lucknow Campus

Academic Qualifications:

Candidates applying to Amity University Lucknow must meet the specific academic requirements for their chosen program. This includes a minimum percentage in the qualifying examination.

Entrance Exams:

Depending on the course, Amity Lucknow may require candidates to appear for designated entrance exams. The scores obtained in these exams play a crucial role in the selection process.

Program-specific Requirements:

Different programs at Amity Lucknow may have specific eligibility criteria related to the candidate’s academic background, specialization, or other relevant factors.

English Proficiency:

Proficiency in English is often a prerequisite for admission. Candidates may need to provide proof of proficiency through standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS, especially for international applicants.

Age Limit:

Amity Lucknow may have specific age criteria for certain programs. Candidates should verify and adhere to any age-related requirements.

Documents Verification:

Successful candidates must undergo a document verification process. It is essential to submit authentic and verified copies of academic transcripts, certificates, and other necessary documents.

Application Process:

Candidates need to complete the Amity University Lucknow application process within the stipulated timelines. This involves filling out the application form accurately and paying the requisite application fee.

Counseling Sessions:

Depending on the program, candidates may be required to participate in counseling sessions as part of the admission process at Amity University Lucknow. These sessions may include personal interviews and discussions.

Selection Criteria:

The final selection at Amity University Lucknow is based on a holistic evaluation of academic performance, entrance exam scores, and other relevant factors. The university considers these aspects to ensure a diverse and qualified student body.

Understanding and fulfilling the eligibility criteria is crucial for prospective students aiming to secure admission to Amity University Lucknow. It is recommended that candidates thoroughly review the specific eligibility requirements for their chosen program on the official university website or contact the admissions office for accurate and up-to-date information.

Entrance Exams and Their Significance at Amity Lucknow Campus

Variety of Accepted Exams:

Amity University Lucknow considers a range of entrance exams for different programs, ensuring flexibility for prospective students.

Program-Specific Requirements:

The significance of entrance exams varies based on the program applied for at Amity University Lucknow. Different courses may have specific exam requirements.

Academic Evaluation:

Entrance exams play a crucial role in evaluating the academic aptitude of candidates at Amity University Lucknow. They serve as a standardized measure of knowledge and skills.

Weightage in Admission Process:

The exam scores hold significant weightage in the overall admission process at Amity University Lucknow. They contribute to the selection criteria used by the university.

Fair and Transparent Evaluation:

Amity Lucknow prioritizes fair and transparent evaluation through the use of established entrance exams, ensuring an unbiased assessment of candidates.

Determining Eligibility:

Entrance exams assist in determining the eligibility of candidates for specific programs at Amity University Lucknow. They help in identifying individuals with the right academic background and skills.

Understanding the significance of these entrance exams is essential for prospective students aiming to secure admission at Amity University Lucknow

Selection Criteria at Amity University Lucknow

Academic Performance:

Amity University Lucknow Campus considers the academic performance of applicants as a fundamental criterion for selection. Higher grades demonstrate a strong foundation for success in the chosen program.

Entrance Exam Scores:

The performance in specific entrance exams holds significant weight in the selection process at Amity University Lucknow. Different programs may have distinct entrance exams, and scores play a crucial role in candidate evaluation.

Personal Interviews:

A personal interview is often a part of the selection process at Amity Lucknow. This interactive session allows the university to assess the candidate’s communication skills, motivation, and alignment with the chosen course.

Extracurricular Activities:

Beyond academics, participation in extracurricular activities is valued at Amity Lucknow. Achievements in sports, arts, community service, or leadership roles contribute positively to the selection criteria.

Relevant Work Experience (if applicable):

For certain postgraduate programs, Amity University Lucknow Campus may consider relevant work experience as part of the selection criteria. Professional experience can enhance the candidate’s perspective and contribution to the program.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Essays:

Submission of a well-crafted Statement of Purpose or essays may be required. These documents allow applicants to articulate their goals, aspirations, and reasons for choosing Amity University Lucknow, providing insights into their suitability for the program.

Understanding and meeting these selection criteria is essential for prospective students aiming to secure admission at Amity University Lucknow Campus. It is advised that applicants thoroughly review the specific criteria for their chosen program and prepare accordingly for a holistic evaluation process.

International Admissions at Amity University Lucknow Campus Campus

Application Process:

International students seeking admission to Amity Lucknow can start by submitting an online application through the official university portal. The application form is readily accessible and user-friendly.

Documentation Requirements:

As part of the admission process, international applicants are required to provide essential documents such as academic transcripts, passport copies, and proof of English language proficiency.

English Language Proficiency:

Amity University Lucknow Campus typically accepts standardized English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Demonstrating proficiency ensures that students can fully engage in the academic curriculum.

Visa Assistance and Guidance:

Once admitted, Amity University Lucknow Campus extends support to international students in obtaining the necessary visas. The university provides guidance and assistance throughout the visa application process.

International Student Services:

Amity University Lucknow Campus offers dedicated services tailored to the needs of international students. This includes orientation programs, cultural integration support, and assistance with accommodation.

Admission Counselling:

International applicants have access to admission counseling services that provide clarity on the admission process, eligibility criteria, and any specific requirements unique to their circumstances.

Fee Structure for International Students:

Clear information regarding the fee structure for international students is provided, covering tuition, accommodation, and any additional charges. This transparency allows prospective students to plan their finances effectively.

Navigating international admissions at Amity University Lucknow is a streamlined process designed to welcome students from diverse backgrounds. The university’s commitment to providing comprehensive support ensures a smooth transition for international applicants seeking academic excellence at Amity University Lucknow.

Counseling and Personal Interviews at Amity University

Integral Step in Admission Process:

At Amity University Lucknow, counseling sessions and personal interviews are integral steps in the admission process, allowing the university to assess candidates beyond academic achievements.

Interactive Platform for Candidate Assessment:

The counseling process provides a platform for interactive discussions between prospective students and university representatives. This engagement helps in evaluating not just academic aptitude but also personal attributes.

Opportunity to Clarify Doubts:

Amity Lucknow’s counseling sessions serve as an opportunity for candidates to seek clarification on program details, admission criteria, and any other queries they may have about the university.

Demonstration of Motivation and Aspirations:

Personal interviews play a crucial role in gauging a candidate’s motivation, aspirations, and alignment with the values of Amity University Lucknow. This holistic evaluation aids in selecting candidates who resonate with the university’s ethos.

Guidance for Course Selection:

During counseling, candidates receive guidance on selecting the most suitable courses based on their interests, career goals, and academic strengths. This ensures informed decision-making for a successful academic journey.

Emphasis on Communication Skills:

Personal interviews not only assess a candidate’s knowledge but also place emphasis on effective communication skills. This aligns with Amity University Lucknow’s commitment to producing well-rounded graduates.

Participating actively in counseling sessions and personal interviews is not only a requirement for admission but also a valuable opportunity for candidates to showcase their unique qualities and understand the ethos of Amity University Lucknow.


 Amity Lucknow offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including Business, Engineering, Arts, Sciences, and more. The complete list is available on the official website.

To apply, visit the official Amity  website, navigate to the admissions section, and follow the online application process. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and submit all required documents.

Yes, Amity Lucknow offers various scholarship programs, including merit-based, need-based, and special category scholarships. Eligibility criteria and application details can be found on the official website.

The admission process involves submitting an online application, meeting eligibility criteria, appearing for entrance exams (if applicable), and participating in counseling sessions. Detailed guidelines are available on the official website.

Amity University Lucknow has a dedicated placement cell that works closely with industry partners to facilitate internships and placements. The university has a strong track record of successful placements for its students.

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