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Are study groups a hit or miss for board exams?

Preparing for board examinations can be one of the most daunting and surreal experiences of a student’s life and how they choose to do it depends entirely on them. Some prepare and follow rigid timetables, some do as they will, and some don’t study at all. But it is through observation that you can find out what the best learning technique is for you. Maybe your brain gains and retains more information In the wee hours of the morning or maybe it can concentrate better after having a full glass of milk, maybe regular breaks help you be more productive and energetic, every student has their own unique method of preparing, studying, and learning which suits them best. Here is article for class 10th

In this article, mention a few points as to why study groups can be hit/good for students or miss/bad for board examinations. However, there are many students who claim that they understand the topics their friends teach them just a few minutes before the examination and those are topics that they remember better and for a longer time. While this may just mean that your friend is an amazing teacher or that your brain was able to grasp more information under pressure, there has been at least one time in every student’s life where they planned on group study for examinations. Many people go through with this idea and many don’t. In this article, mention a few points as to why study groups can be hit/good for students or miss/bad for students.

Taking help


When you study among your peers or friends, you have the chance to clarify your doubts and ask for help when you get stuck on a certain topic. Of course, you can also do this in your school with the teachers, but often students do not find the courage and confidence to speak up in class and ask doubts to their teachers. Therefore, the next best thing is to ask their friends for help who may have a better understanding of the topic than you do, and hence they can help you out and explain to you in a way that you understand.

Have a better understanding

Certain times even when a topic is easy, the teacher’s explanation might throw you off and confuse you even more. In such cases, it is always best to turn to the textbook or notes for clarity, however, even if that does not help, ask help from your friends or members of your study group for an explanation. They will explain it to you by breaking down the topic and explaining in relatively simple terms since they are students themselves.

Fight Procrastination

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.We are all guilty of procrastinating every single day in our lives but especially during exam season. We constantly have the urge to stop studying, go to the fridge and have a snack, start using our phones, or start watching the TV and what not! By doing such things we waste a lot of time without even realizing it. So, when students study in groups, they do not have the liberty that they usually have to take breaks since they are studying with other people. Therefore, if members of your study group are not procrastinating, you will not procrastinate either.

Motivation from peers

At times, we get sick of studying and the pressure and stress of board examination get to the best of us. During such times, our friends are our biggest support and they can constantly motivate and encourage us to not lose hope and study to the best of our abilities and perform accordingly. The kind of motivation one receives from their friends is unlike any other motivation and can be really inspiring.


When you study in groups, there are two possibilities of how your time will go by: either you encourage one another and help one another or you cannot stop chitchatting, playing, having fun, talking about anything and everything apart from studies. When you are among your friends you tend to slack off and have fun, thereby, wasting your time.

Slows you down

You may have completed a few certain topics before your study group was planned, but your friends may have not. In such cases, they may or may not ask you to go through this topic once again or might even ask you to explain the topic since you are already done with it. While it is a good quality to help your friends, during examinations, time management is crucial, and revisiting the topic that you have already completed will slow you down just because of others.

Lack of competence

When studying for examinations, apart from time management, efficiency during studying is also extremely important. When you study in groups, you are likely to be less efficient than when you study alone. This is because everyone has different topics and subjects that they find hard are easy. Maybe you need to concentrate more on organic chemistry and not on physical chemistry but studying in groups will indirectly force you to divide the time according to how the majority of the members in the group do, and this will affect you negatively.

Might not be your thing

Earlier in this article, it was mentioned that everyone has their own technique and method of studying. Maybe the simple truth is that study groups are not your thing because you happen to be more productive, efficient, and organized when you study alone. Or maybe the kind of methods that are adapted during study groups are not your methodology of learning. For example, when you are among your peers, everyone chooses to watch video explanations of a certain topic for understanding while you prefer reading textbooks to understand the topic better. Doing something that is not your method and following what others do will not benefit you in your studies at all.

So, here found that study groups are hit/good or miss/bad for board examination to the students.

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