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Best Canadian Universities for Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences are the upcoming disciplines apart from conventional sciences and medical streams. The subjects that include in Humanities are performing arts, music studies, literature, etc. Social Sciences focuses on anthropology, archaeology, and politics. The study of these, subjects enhances many soft skills of a person. The skills that you can develop through humanities education are Communication skills, Critical thinking, Organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and many more soft skills that are also considered highly employable. 

 Humanities and Social Sciences can be a great asset for your career if you do the correct courses the right way. 

 Many course curriculums are flexible and interdisciplinary that can allow you to choose multiple subjects at the same time. 

In this article, we will be exploring the top 7 Universities in Canada for humanities and social sciences. The article will discuss in detail the academics, admissions, and other details. All of these universities will be conducting their sessions online for the upcoming semester. Explore their websites to know more. 

University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto also known as U&T emerges in the top list for every course. The University is recognized not only in Canada but worldwide and a degree from U&T can have a very high value.

The University if known for its diversity as it witnesses students from more than 150 countries. There are several departments for humanities and social sciences. 

The departments are subject departments at U&T, Some of the famous subject departments for Social sciences and humanities are:- 

  • Department of English 
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Historical and Cultural studies

Explore the list of programs and departments here.

McGill University 

Humanities and Social Sciences are the souls of  McGill University. The University is famous across Canda for these programs. the reason for its recognition in humanities and social sciences is the humanities and social sciences library at the university, the library is one of the biggest in the country. There is sheer diversity among students and there are students from more than 140 countries at McGill. You can take a virtual tour of the university here

Some of the humanities courses offered at McGill University are:- 

  • African studies
  • Anthropology and archaeology
  • Bible Studies
  • Classics
  • Communication and media studies

Explore the detailed list of programs here. 

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia also known as UBC is one of the most famous destinations for international students. The department of the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Some of the skills that the programs focus on are project management, research, technical skills, problem-solving, etc. Bachelor’s, Masters, and doctorate programs in the disciplines of humanities and social sciences.

The subject taught in the discipline of humanities at UBC are:- 

Economics, geography, History, International Relations, Media Studies. Explore the detailed list of programs here

Simon Fraser University 

Simon Fraser University also famously known as SFU has a department of humanities for the disciplines. The humanities programs mostly focus on programs related to history and literature. Some of the humanities programs offered at SFU are Classical Mythology, Greek literature, etc. Check the detailed list of programs here

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the SFU. The department focuses on a research-based approach. Most of the programs offered are inter-disciplinary. The programs offered by this faculty are International studies, Social Data Analytics, World Languages & Structure. Check the detailed list of programs here. 

Ryerson University 

At Ryerson University, Social Sciences and humanities are offered for foundation programs as well as for the Academic full-time degree programs. The department of humanities offers various interdisciplinary in both disciplines. The social and humanities department offers programs in subjects of criminology, economics, sociology, history, political science, and much more. 

Explore the details about the skills and subjects you will learn at Ryerson University here

University of Western Ontario 

University of Western Ontario is also known as UWO. It has two departments, one of the departments in the Faculty of Social Science and the other one is the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The Faculty of Social Science ranks in the list of Top 100 departments worldwide. 

The Western Social Science Faculty has departments of social science subjects. The programs offered by the Faculty of Social science are Geography, History, Sociology, etc. Explore the detailed list of programs here

Check the list of Faculty of Arts& Humanities’s here.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is home to many research centres and more than 18 Faculties for different disciplines. The University is one of the Top 5 Universities in Canada. It has a faculty of Arts& Humanities that offers interdisciplinary programs. Explore the details of the programs here.  The program is mainly designed for those who are looking forward to building a career in social service. 

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