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May 02
7 Tips for Business administration after 12th

In short, Business Administration, is involved with business. The administration keeps an eye and supervises as well as determines all the business operations that takes place in a company or an organization. It focuses on many fields all together like- Finance, management, marketing, business law, accounting principles and all the projects. To have a career in Business Administration students need to finish their Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA). The Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA) is all about finance, accounting, statics and management. This course allows you to understand and gain the…

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Mar 24
4 Online Courses to take during Lockdown

4 Online Courses to Take during Lockdown We often find ourselves complaining that we are extremely bored in this lockdown, there are times when we are just out of things to do and it results us to overthink situations, therefore, idleness frequently gives way to jeopardizing our mental peace. Well, it is time for us […]

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Oct 07
4 Ways Your Business Can Adapt To COVID-19

A lot of businesses in the world have suffered losses due to the pandemic, and it will take a lot of time to restore economic prosperity. While you can’t control the virus or find a cure for it, you can make sure that you minimize the losses you suffer due to it. Running a business […]

Jul 19
7 Importance of talented working professionals

You must have heard people say that they would hire 1 horse instead of 100 donkeys. What does this statement mean? This means that a person would hire a talented working professional instead of many untalented working professionals. Talented working professionals are very less so there is a lot of value of them in market. […]

Jul 06
Top (10) B schools that every graduate should try for in INDIA.

Introduction Getting into a good B school is a dream for every graduate. Here are the top 10 B schools of INDIA which are known for their high packages. This guide will help you choose among the best. IIM Ahmedabad  We cannot forget IIMs while talking about top business schools. IIm ahmedabad tops the list […]