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Category: Career Counselling for 12th Class

Aug 24
Top Colleges for MA Psychology in India

colleges for ma psychology is a wonderful course to pursue and Clinical Psychology is the most popular branch of Psychology. When you talk about MA/MSc Psychology, I don’t understand why students are so much obsessed with the MSc. I understand it gives you a feeling of being a Science student, but in reality, there is […]

Aug 24
8 tips to do Bachelor of management studies (BMS) after 12th

This is the undergraduate course in Management Studies which has been designed to offer to eligible students specialization in a wide range of managerial skills, and training in management efficiency and productivity. It also builds competence in a particular area of business management in the corporate world. Here is article on 8 tips to do […]

Aug 24
9 Inspiring Bollywood Movies for class 12th students

student movie bollywood, Cinema, Music is what most students turn to for enjoyment and recreation. Believe it or not, films can have a widespread impact beyond just entertaining the masses. There are plenty of Bollywood movies with some of the biggest names in the show business, and everyone’s favorites who have been part of films […]

Aug 23
Who invented electricity?

Power may be a characteristic drive that has continuously existed all through the universe. Be that as it may, individuals were unconscious of the wonder of power for way as well long. It is more of a disclosure than an innovation. Through his tests, William Gilbert found power. William Gilbert, Who invented electricity, an English doctor […]

Aug 23
Unit of Pressure: SI Unit, CGS Unit, Manometric Unit

Unit of pressure is commonly communicated in terms of Pascals. Weight is characterized as the opposite constrain constrain connected per unit zone. Weight may be a scalar amount and is applied by all three states of matter, solids, fluids, and gasses. When weight is measured relative to the encompassing weight, it is called as Gage […]

Aug 21
Top Food Technology Colleges in India

top 10 food technology colleges in india deals with a blend of physical, chemical, or microbiological techniques and processes for transforming raw ingredients into food and also other forms in the food processing industry. Here is article on Top Food Technology Colleges in India Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI) National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship […]

Aug 18
7 best tips on MBBS for class 12th

7 best tips on MBBS for class 12th MBBS (Bachelor’s in Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), is one of the most popular degrees as well as one of the most difficult degrees to crack. Bachelor’s in Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is an undergraduate course, a person to be a certified doctor need their medical science […]

Aug 17
7 importance of the Internet for 10th & 12th class students

In this article, we will discuss some of the points which will tell about the importance of the internet in the lives of class 10th and class 12th students. 7 TIPS ON IMPORTANCE OF INTERNET FOR CLASS 10th AND 12th STUDENTS. With the advent of time, things have changed. From learning under the tree to learning in the classroom and […]

Aug 16
B.Sc. in Instrumentation as a career option after 12th

bsc instrumentation or Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation is an undergraduate Instrumentation Engineering course. Instrumentation is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area. Here is article on B.Sc in Instrumentation as a career option after Class 12th What is BSc Instrumentation? MSc in Instrumentation Scope […]

Aug 16
8 ways to convert your weakness into strength

In Short, There is nothing in life that you will achieve without hard work, not everything is going to be easy to find or something which someone else can do for you. You have to work on it and try to find what you truly like to do. Your efforts and passion for improving yourself are awarded down the years. You may not notice it but someone is noticing the littlest thing you go through or achieve in your life. The soul searching you do is something that you do for…

Aug 16
7 Tips on BSc Nursing after 12th

how to do bsc nursing after 12th BSc Nursing as in Bachelors of Science in Nursing is a known academic degree. This degree is for students who are interested in becoming a nurse, they need to be educated and trained to be able to take care of their patient. So, this degree will help them […]

Aug 14
8 tips for Scope in geography after class 12th

geography courses after 12th .Who knows about the criticism many students from Arts and Humanities stream face for their academics than the students themselves? Although the society is progressing and leaving behind their old set of values, many people still scrunch their faces after learning that their neighbor’s daughter or son decided to pursue Arts. […]

Aug 12

India has over 50 central universities or colleges, other public institutions, and many autonomous universities that come under the government. While there are many study options available for your higher studies, there are certain advantages of choosing a public university over other private institutions. Though the competition to gain admission to one of these prestigious institutions […]

Aug 11
career tips in Bachelor in Prosthetic and Orthotics

bachelor of prosthetics and orthotics scope in india is an in-demand career alternative for students wanting to study subjects like- Pharmacology, Amputation Surgery, and even graphical communication in detail so as to help patients in almost every domain possible. On undertaking this course, students will be enabled to take over a professional approach towards the treatment […]

Jul 29
How to become a fashion model after 12th?

modeling courses after 12th is a very competitive field. You need to be ready ever to get the chance. Otherwise, another one will loot the opportunity which was for you. For being in limelight you need to be physically and mentally fit. Scams are the shadow of every fashion model. Always try to avoid the […]

Jul 20
Importance of classroom learning for class 12th students

In this article, we will discuss the importance of classroom learning for class 12th students. 7 IMPORTANCE OF CLASSROOM LEARNING FOR CLASS 12th STUDENTS. Most of the students in the prevailing situation usually avoid going to school. The main reason is that there are a lot of restrictions in the classroom sessions and the students feel […]

Jul 19
8 tips to do B.A in Economics after 12th

Bachelor of Arts in career in economics after 12ths is a program that focuses on the discipline of economics. It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. The academic program is 3 years long. Students who have passed 10+2 are eligible to pursue this course. An economic degree builds a good foundation of career related to […]

Jul 17
Importance of environmental education for class 12th students

In this article, we will go through some of the points which will highlight the importance of Environmental Studies Education in the life of class 12TH students.  environmental education class 12 Education, also known as Environment Studies in some cases, is a compulsory course in the yearly curriculum in the schooling years as well as […]

Jul 13
8 Importance of discipline for class 12 students

In this article, we will discuss the importance of discipline which is necessary for discipline group in 12th standard To maintain goals in your life, you must have always heard from people that discipline is required. It is no doubt that discipline is the key to success. It is required in anything that you want […]

Jul 13
Top Arts Junior Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and it is home to many best Junior Colleges of Maharastra State. The Junior colleges provide you with a strong foundation for higher education. It is very important you choose the subjects and junior colleges to have a better higher education. Here is an article on Junior colleges […]

Jul 10
Know the different branches of chemistry after 12th

Chemistry is important because everything you do is chemistry! Acquiring a degree in chemistry opens a multitude of doors for graduates for a variety of educational or professional opportunities chemistry courses after 12th. From chemical engineer to the lecturer to pharmacologist to the chemist, career opportunities are vast. here is an article on Know the […]

Jul 08
8 career steps to become an Engineer after class 10th

Engineers have a role to play in every single aspect of life. From the houses we live in, the appliances, machines, and gadgets we use, to the food we consume; without Engineers, not much would be possible. In the present day though, there is undermining and depreciation in the value of Engineers across the country […]

Jul 08
Tips to pursue Orthopedic after 12th

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” – William Osler. Orthopedic Doctors are doctors who work or deal with the disproportion or deformity of muscles and bones orthopedic course after 12th. They try to cure the issues that the patients have problems or discomfort with. The work […]

Jul 05
8 Best Entrance Exams for 12th science students

Entrance exams after 12 science for students are often inevitable in their career path. Preparation for these exams begins shortly after the end of 1oth standard and some times even before that! Due to the diversity of the options that are available in career, there are various entrance exams that a student can give after 12th standard. […]

Jun 26
Tips to start your own business after 12th

What even is entrepreneurship? For many people, it is a foreign idea that is unachievable because they can’t even begin to comprehend what this seemingly large, complex word means business after 12th. However, let us breakdown the word for you and tell you it is an extremely simple term that has a clear and simple […]

Jun 22
Astronomy courses after 12th

Astronomy courses in delhi Astronomy is a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena astronomy courses after 12th. It uses mathematics, physics, and chemistry in order to explain their origin and evolution. Objects of interest include planets, moons, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and comets. Relevant phenomena include supernova explosions, gamma-ray bursts, quasars, blazars, pulsars, and […]

Jun 21
career tips to do a course in Forestry after 12th

Forests form a significant part of the natural resources of a country due to which it becomes vital to conserve and manage them. Forestry is the science of planting, managing, maintaining as well as conserving forests and its related resources. The professional who practices forestry is known as a forester. There are various forestry courses […]

Jun 17
ICSE BOARD: Decide to cancel 10th or 12th board exams

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the globe was shut down from the month of April. Due to lockdown, there were fluctuations in the decision of the government whether to conduct board exams of 10th & 12th students. Latest updates Petition ICSE board decision Earlier decisions Stream Selector™: Here are the latest updates on the supreme court’s […]

Jun 15
How the cancellation of exams will affect on 10th or 12th students?

India has seen a recent spike in the number of Coronavirus cases and is in no means about to recover soon. With a population of almost 40 million students, out of whom many were set to graduate this year, the pandemic, the lockdown, the social distancing all meant for the cancellation of exams for many among the 40 million students. […]

Jun 14
COVID-19 impact on class 10th CBSE exams

As the novel Corona Virus, popularly known as COVID-19 pandemic, is getting a worse shape day by day, it has largely affected the studies of the students. All the students of all the ages who are studying have faced losses due to this unavoidable situation. Here is article for Class 10th Unavoidability is a loss Declaration […]