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Category: Career Counselling for B.Com Students

May 02
7 Tips for Business administration after 12th

In short, Business Administration, is involved with business. The administration keeps an eye and supervises as well as determines all the business operations that takes place in a company or an organization. It focuses on many fields all together like- Finance, management, marketing, business law, accounting principles and all the projects. To have a career in Business Administration students need to finish their Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA). The Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA) is all about finance, accounting, statics and management. This course allows you to understand and gain the…

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Apr 15
8 Tips for a career in BCA

In short, Computer Application is learning of software application which is a program or a bunch of programs which is made or designed for the end users. Computer application has many software applications like- Spreadsheets, a word processor, a web browser, an email client, an accounting application, a file viewer, a media player, simulators, a console game, or a photo editor and many more software application. This course is the perfect course for students who have great interest and deep knowledge about computers. Students in the world of technology has much…

Apr 13
7 tips to have a career in BMM

In short, BMM is known as Bachelor’s in Mass Media, this is an undergraduate degree and takes up to 3-years to finish this course. The students have to focus on various forms of communication and learn a lot about different cultures as well as learn who the world depend majorly on communication to determine the public opinion and also show how effectively our media platform works. Students who have a curious and creative mind, work well in this field as well as students who have great communication skills, networking skills, have…

Mar 24
8 Ways Parents Can Help Children Deal with Exam Stress

Exams for 10th class are a challenging time for most children. There’s a lot of pressure to do well, and most kids are very aware that the results of their tests can have a significant impact on their futures. Exam stress is very common, and many youngsters underperform or even make themselves ill because they […]

Aug 16
8 career tips on BSc accounting after 12th

In short, B.Sc. Accounting or Bachelors of Science in Accounting is a subject degree which focuses on processing, measuring and communicating with both financial as well as non-financial information or data which are used or required by the organization, in many businesses and corporation. Accounting is fairly known as the “Languages of Business” and they are responsible for conveying multiple information or data to many creditors or investors. There are many fields in accounting that are needed or are tied together to support certain functions and are needed to understand how…

Aug 12
Reasons to opt Maths after 10th

In short, this blog talks about the career opportunities and college eligibility requirements. As well as all the benefits like- Pursuing math’s is one the most amazing decisions one can make whilst enjoying and learning something so basic at an advance level. It’s true math is not easy but with more practice, and challenging problems one falls quickly for such equations and want more. So, do pursue this degree if you have a positive attitude towards such challenges and problem-solving skills.

Jul 25
Some-best-online-platforms-to learn Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) is a part of computer science which is also called as machine intelligence, is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.(edited from Wikipedia). In this blog I’m going to tell few best online platforms to learn AI/ML. AI/ML is a part of Data Science […]