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Category: Career Counselling For Working Professionals

Aug 03
Pros and Cons of Paid Internships

benefits of paid internships are very competitive; almost all students hunt for paid internships because it will enable them to have a good and better career path. Though while choosing an internship for ourselves, we must not forget what we are here for. You don’t want to jump into the bandwagon and look for internships […]

Jul 22
7 best extracurricular activities for working professional

We all know that being a working professional in today’s world is very difficult. There is a lot of pressure on them every day. They need distractions to enjoy their life a little bit and relieve from stress and work pressure. A thing which helps in doing such is having extracurricular activities at work. They […]

May 25
7 Benefits of Having a Website For a Small Business Working Professional

If you are a small business working professional, then you must be thinking day and night about how to expand your business and increase your sales. A simple but effective step that you can take is developing a website for your business. A website has multiple benefits which helps in expanding the business. To help […]

May 02
7 Tips for Business administration after 12th

In short, Business Administration, is involved with business. The administration keeps an eye and supervises as well as determines all the business operations that takes place in a company or an organization. It focuses on many fields all together like- Finance, management, marketing, business law, accounting principles and all the projects. To have a career in Business Administration students need to finish their Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA). The Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA) is all about finance, accounting, statics and management. This course allows you to understand and gain the…

  • Business schools
Apr 12
7 Scopes Bachelor in Journalism and mass communication

journalism and Mass Communication is a degree in which they teach us how to convey or transfer the information about any individual or a company to the whole world. The medium is television, blogs, websites, radio, movies, newspapers, books, and magazines. Nowadays, youths get fascinated with this course as they want to do something different […]

Apr 12
9 career tips to be SEO specialist

In short, SEO Specialist or otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization- is a person who is responsible and known for optimizing websites to get and acknowledge a higher ranking in search engines. An individual who is a SEO Specialist has the basic knowledge of multiple websites, SEO specialist have great knowledge of how it works and how the SEO tools work as well. SEO are people who help people identify products as well as information on multiple search engines like- Google, Yahoo, or Bing and many more. A SEO Specialist are…

Apr 10
How to find an Internship without any experience

Once we find the college of our choice, we know that sooner or later we would have to join an internship of our choice. It is essential to find an internship soon because it helps us in so many ways. Internships boosts our CVs; it provides us with experience and it also makes the process […]

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Apr 04
Tips for IAS Study Plan for Aspirants

While the decision to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Exam may be easy, what follows afterwards is an overwhelming as well as humbling experience. For a beginner the initial months are spent just in understanding what this exam is about and figuring the right path to follow to reach their goal. Here are some tips that will guide you through the labyrinth of UPSC preparation: Read The Syllabus Carefully: One of the main reasons that students wander far and deep while studying for UPSC is that they do not pay…

Mar 24
Role Played by Computer Skills in the Career Development

word processing system , you'll easily edit anywhere during a document, erase text, move text, copy text, change fonts, etc. of these things were impossible or tough to try to to with a typewriter. Also, after learning the fundamentals of a task or program, you'll still learn and evolve until you become an expert and even faster at working. for instance , someone conversant in a program and knows its keyboard shortcuts are often two to 3 times faster than someone with a basic understanding of a program. Make your demand…

Nov 22
All about smart work for working professionals

Hard work is not sufficient to achieve success nowadays. For efficient results however, an amalgamation of smart work and hard work is required. Smart work helps attain the goals efficiently through time management techniques. For smart work, we must plan our work ahead of time. At such present times, where work is more and time less, smart work comes handy. Smart work saves our time, efforts and resources. It also balances our work life and family life, an often valued thing.

Dec 13
How to Make an Honest Impression at Interview

Some of you may be graduating soon and possibly busy applying for your first job. How well does one think you’ll perform at interview? It’s a difficult thing for anyone at any level, and we’ll try our greatest to guide you thru a number of the likely questions and situations you would possibly end up having to house. Clarify your "selling points" and also the reasons you wish the task. Prepare to travel into every interview with three to 5 key selling points in mind, like what causes you to the…

Dec 11
10 Essential Blogging Tools Every Blogger Must Use

focus on implementing SEO tactics such as; Keyword research Link building Competitor analysis Website audits etc All the above things are essential if you want to get more search traffic. Having access to the RIGHT SEO tool helps. SEMrush is my go-to SEO tool for all my SEO related works. It’s also used by more than 5 million people worldwide. I’ve been using SEMrush for more than 4 years now and it’s also the major reason why I still get a lot of search traffic and website sales. So if you’re…

Dec 11
How to write amazing blog posts

Picking a niche for your blog is hard. Extremely hard!If you choose the wrong niche, it can’t be undone! You’ll be wasting both your time and money when you’re in the wrong niche.So how to choose a niche that’s helps you make money in the long run? If you said “content”, you’re absolutely right. Hands down, great content is the key to any successful blog. Check out any authority site in any niche, you’ll notice that all they have is “epic content” which is what sets them apart from their competition.No…

Dec 07
8 Tips for Nurses

stick with that healthy diet and exercise regimen, and obtain many sleep. this may assist you combat germs and viruses you’ll inherit contact with during your shifts. You are your most vital patient Take care of yourself. It’s common for brand spanking new nurses to frequently feel sick during their first year working but, it doesn’t need to be that way. Common self-care pitfalls of latest nurses include, not getting enough sleep,  not eating well, not protecting yourself against germs.  If you're struggling to catch sleep as a replacement nurse on…

Nov 30
How to Boost Self-Confidence

are supportive and uplifting. Body Language Adopt an open posture. Sit or stand upright and place your hands by your sides. Avoid standing along side your hands on your hips, as this may communicate a desire to dominate. And make sure to not slouch!Keep your head upright and level. Don't lean too far forward or backward, as this may cause you to seem aggressive. And if you're presenting, use open hand gestures. Spread your hands apart, along side your palms facing slightly toward your audience. this suggests a willingness to talk…

Nov 10
Tips for Business Analyst

important requirements. Seek to know that everybody is on an equivalent page while working towards the goal of completing the project work that's adding the foremost value to the organization. BAs should be coaching their team members to enhance their communication and converse with one another more frequently.  Enhanced from the normal Project Manager to Business Analyst: In early times, the Business Analyst involved in gathering and managing project requirements and therefore the Project Manager involved in managing time, scope and budget of a project. Besides to those responsibilities, the roles…

Nov 10
6 Tips for chefs to do best in their career

those lessons and recover .  Don't worry about what you get paid. Whatever you think that you ought to make, you're probably wrong. attend places where you would like to figure and await a chance there. Those are the places that are getting to mold you into the chef that you simply will become. I waited outside Wolfgang Puck's Granita a day for 2 weeks until they let me stage there. Then I staged for 6 weeks until they hired me...for peanuts. But that was my cooking school. It's where I…

Nov 01
A Dire Need to Impart Fund Management Knowledge

Money is a very serious issue, it’s significance and importance in everyone’s life is inevitable. Therefore, we must all know how to handle our money and know our manage finances. Everyone must learn about budgeting and saving, that’s why, it is essential to impart fund management knowledge to people since a very young age. It […]

Oct 27
10 Tips for graphic designer

than meets the eye. It’s hearing about an idea and turning it into a story. Something that will get the main idea across and that people will resonate with.From font pairing and scale, to alignment and white space, the facets of the design world are complex. Let these epic design tips help you through the pits and the peaks of the creative process. Have a plan Before even touching a computer, it’s important to think about the objective of the design, what you want the viewer to see and take away.…

Oct 20
How to Bring Gender-Equality in Workplace

In the last ten years imbalances in terms of opportunities are being addressed and women are getting recognition for their good work. But, despite a huge focus on empowering women in the workplaces, progress towards gender equality is relatively slow. Currently, huge focus on women in the workplace has been encouraged to address years of […]

Oct 19
What to do in between Jobs?

We are all aware of the fact how excessively frustrating and time-consuming job hunting is for career. The inevitable rejection that follows with this process adds more to the misery. Of course, we need to be consistent and patient throughout this scary process. It is very much necessary to not lose hope and keep trying […]

Oct 18
The New Normal and the Art of Adaption and Change

Humans are adapting themselves to different situations constantly, we adapt to changing seasons quite naturally. Our bodies are naturally trained to endure change, as if we are prepared for it from the very beginning. Our life is always evolving and we always try to make necessary changes to survive. That’s how we usually be satisfied […]

Oct 18
How to Negotiate your Salary

Looking for a job is a strenuous task, it requires a lot of research, hard-work and patience. We consider many things before taking up a job, and we always make sure that we are not settling for less for salary. We always tend to take up jobs that are going help us grow, that would […]

Oct 18
How to Brainstorm ideas to Write about

If you are a writer, especially an independent writer, then you know that constantly coming up with interesting ideas can be a very daunting task. A person can writer effortlessly if they practice it every day, you cannot lose your touch overwriting just like that. It is essential to be a consistent writer; if you […]

Oct 17
3 Pros and 3 Cons of Remote Working

Considering the present situation, where everyone is social distancing, the entire global market is trying to function online. The global market is trying to create its own online base; seeing the high dependency of online services and products, we can safely derive a conclusion that online market would be gaining a lot of benefits in […]

Oct 17
Age Bias in Workplace

There are many considerable steps being taken to make workplaces more inclusive, but there are still existing discriminations, age bias in workplaces that corrupts the entire work environment. Age-based discriminations widely exists in workplaces. Majority of the workers have experienced or witnessed age discrimination. Furthermore, age-based discrimination not only manipulate your treatment by your colleagues […]

Oct 16
How to Deal with Productivity Anxiety

We have all been trained to strive for the best and work hard and increase productivity. Even we believe that hard work is the key to success; the more you are invested into something, the more you will flourish. Hard work will always remain the key to success, and there is no argument in it. […]

Oct 16
How to Deal with Job Search Rejection

Are you trying to find yourself a job or an internship? Or Have you ever looked for a job or internship for yourself?  Then you would know the constant burden this entire process imposes on you. Finding yourself a job that fits for you is not an easy road, it has many difficulties and challenges. […]

Oct 16
Signs your Company Values you-

We all are aware of the fact how essential someone’s job is for them, the monetary value and the recognition they earn for their job is very valuable in a company. We work very hard in life; we are all aware of the fact that hard-work will allow us to reach every goal we have […]

Oct 14
A Guide to Being a Creative Writer

Creative writing is definitely not a frivolous job, it is a field of artistic self-expression. When you engage in creative writing, you are trying to come up with thought-provoking ideas, you allow yourself to think ‘out-of-the-box’. There must be a constant flow and stimulation of ideas if you want to become a creative writer, therefore, […]