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Career options for Arts and Humanities students after 12th

Former First Lady of the United States of America once said that Arts and Humanities have the power to bring people together when no one else can. She believed that they are the people who have the power to do so and she could not be any more right. Here is article on Career options for Arts and Humanities students after Class 12th

It is a hard pill to swallow for many parents when their children decide to pursue a career in the Arts and Humanities stream because it is regarded as unsuccessful and presumably has no future. But anytime you hear someone make such remarks, make sure you prove them wrong by pursuing some of the most successful career options for arts and humanities students after 12th.


As the name suggests, the profession of historians deals with the detailed study and analysis of the past and focuses on teaching these discoveries to the masses. Historians often work in both, the government sector as well as the private sector and can even work in National Museums. A lot of their work concerns with research and to understand the authenticity of historical facts and information.


Teachers are the guiding light for generations to come. They have the immense honor and responsibility of passing knowledge to students for years to come. You can specialize in one subject that you like the most and pursue a B.Ed. Degree in it to start your professional teaching career. The higher your educational qualifications are, the higher grade you can teach. Teachers and professors earn a handsome salary and have a lot of job security. This is the best career option for the arts and humanities.

GIS Specialist

GIS stands for Geographical Information System. GIS Specialists usually work in the public sector and maintain various databases and work on GIS software to do so. A GIS specialist maintains and creates geospatial servers. They are also in charge of designing various digital maps through the coordinate data. GIS specialists also need to possess good communication skills as they need to explain various fields of their job to their clients and/or customers.

Regional planner

Regional planners often work for the central or state government as a lot of their job is concerned with the planning of land, accommodation of people, building communities by allocating various resources such as water, transport, housing, etc. for these communities. If you are passionate about serving the public and building better lives for them then this is a job that can help you do so.


Cartography is so much more than just making globe models and maps. Apart from being extremely well versed in geography, cartographers need to have a keen eye and detailed precision in their work as the smallest of errors can have large consequences. Their job is also concerned with relating socio-economic and political phenomena to geography. Cartography is a profession that is expected to grow in the coming years and can be highly rewarding.


Climate Change has become more than just a concern for environmentalists. It has become a political statement, the waves of which were seen all over the globe with millions protesting for better climate laws and policies to help protect our home planet. Climatologists study the climate in detail and the effect that human activities have on it. In times like these, the demand for climatologists has increased twofold.

Civil Servant

UPSC is a national level exam that sees millions and millions of students appear every single year in hopes of being a civil servant. It can be easily cleared if you pursue a Political Science degree. It is a tough exam but only because the syllabus is vast but relatively easy. It just requires discipline and determination. There are 24 civil services that can be attained by appearing for the UPSC exam such as IAS, IPS, and IFS. This is the best career option for the arts and humanities.


Usually, one becomes a lawyer by pursuing a 5-year LLB degree but there is an alternative way as well. Students interested in Political Science can pursue a 3-year undergraduate degree in Political Science and then continue to pursue a 3-year LLB program and clearing an exam to become a professional practicing lawyer. Lawyers are highly respectable professionals and earn quite well.


Journalism can be pursued through a mass communication degree as well as through a political science degree as political science and journalism go hand in hand. The catch is to be extremely proficient in English and communication skills. When you become a journalist while having a political science degree, you have an upper hand as most journalists reporting on politics are unfamiliar with the topic. This is the best career option for the arts and humanities.

Human Resource Manager

A degree in sociology can lead you to one of the highest paying jobs in the profession. An HR department is required in almost every work environment and it is impossible for a firm to function without one. An HR manager’s job is concerned with the company and its employees such as recruiting new members, laying down, and implementing various policies within the firm to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

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