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Category: College Life

Sep 01
10 positive effects of social media

Some positive effects of social media on students is to maintain relationships with friends and family, work together on projects, access educational materials, get job advice, connect with mentors, create their own personal brand, keep up with current events, improve their digital literacy skills, learn about other cultures, and have fun. When utilised appropriately, social […]

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Aug 16
7 Tips on BSc Nursing after 12th

how to do bsc nursing after 12th BSc Nursing as in Bachelors of Science in Nursing is a known academic degree. This degree is for students who are interested in becoming a nurse, they need to be educated and trained to be able to take care of their patient. So, this degree will help them […]

Aug 12

India has over 50 central universities or colleges, other public institutions, and many autonomous universities that come under the government. While there are many study options available for your higher studies, there are certain advantages of choosing a public university over other private institutions. Though the competition to gain admission to one of these prestigious institutions […]

Jul 22
9 Negative impacts of hostel life on a student

Every student at one point or another in their lives dreams of going to the best college in their respective fields, but many times they need to leave their home to fulfill it. There are many factors, which make the students go the hostel like rules in university, different locations, ease of transportation, or even […]

Jul 06
Negative effects of social media on students

In this growing era of social media in teenagers and students, it is necessary to know whether social media does more positive or negative to mental health. According to a report on students almost 95% of teens have smartphones, and about 75% of teens are on various social networking sites and, about 85% are on YouTube. Here […]

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Jul 04
Integrated Courses At University of Hyderabad

The University of Hyderabad is an autonomous public university, established as a central university at Gachibowli, Hyderabad in 1972. UoH has been recently recognized as the Institution of Eminence for its excellence in academics. 5 year integrated courses after 12th in hcu It is a culturally vibrant university spread across 2400 acres with its rich […]

May 10
Top 5 Hotel Management Colleges Worldwide

Top 5 Hotel Management Colleges Worldwide of courses that cover various aspects of hotel operations. Students may learn about front office management, housekeeping operations, food production and service, marketing and sales, financial management, and human resource management. These programs often include a combination of classroom lectures, practical training, and internships to provide students with hands-on […]

Apr 22
8 Tips on Hostel Life for students after 12th Standard

12th standard is full of tense moments. As it is the turning step in our life which determines where our career life will head to. So when the results come out, the counseling of the colleges and the entire allotment process begins. So finally when 12th standard passed students are allotted their colleges, their happiness crosses […]

Apr 10

Do you complain about forgetting facts easily or feel that you have the poorest memory in the world? Or do you feel that it is hard for your brain to grasp and learn things quickly? Do you think that your brain performs real slow? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the brain that you are born with. […]

Apr 10
How to find an Internship without any experience

Once we find the college of our choice, we know that sooner or later we would have to join an internship of our choice. It is essential to find an internship soon because it helps us in so many ways. Internships boosts our CVs; it provides us with experience and it also makes the process […]

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Apr 08
Top Private Universities in India

postgraduate courses such as B.tech, M.tech, MBA and PHD. JIIT Campus is spread over 6,50,000 sq. feet area covering Academic Block, Business School cum Research Block, and Hostels. The campus has 6 JIIT hostels, 3 for boys and 3 for girls. JIIT is recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC). JIIT Noida is an integral part of Jaypee Group pf Companies that currently provides education across all spectrum of the learning curve through 34 schools, five ITI’s, 1 Polytechnic, Advanced Skill Development Centre, PG college, B.Ed college, respectively and four universities catering…

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Apr 06
7 tips to crack Delhi University Entrance Test after 12th

One of the most prestigious university in India, Delhi University has its own reputation. Indeed, this is often described as the dream University of many students. Getting an admission in this university is considered to be a privilege. This might lead students in a often state of confusion. Hence, at CareerGuide.com we have simplified these […]

Mar 30
College Societies And Its Benefits

Students have so many assumptions about college societies. How to join college societies? How to crack an interview for college societies? How to choose this according to your interest? What is the effect of college societies? Did college society’s affect our Academics? etc. This Article clears all your doubts related to college society and its […]

Mar 20

Each one of us aspires to be the best. We all are blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. It is really important to keep learning more about the things we are passionate about or discover something new and to keep growing. Without being a good observer or learner, one cannot excel in […]

Feb 23
Disadvantages of hostel life

Hostel life can have its advantages and disadvantages, and some of the disadvantages of hostel life include: Introduction Fewer facilities Home Food Is History Prologue To Bad Habits Meddlesome Roomies Limitations Boggle The Brain Absence Of Space other Disadvantages FAQS about Disadvantages of hostel life Introduction Hostel life with its endless preferences has a few disadvantages […]

Jan 20
3 Universities for Mineral and mining engineering in the UK

Here are some universities in the UK that offer mineral and mining engineering programs: University Of Exeter University Of Southampton Cardiff University The United Kingdom is home to several universities that offer programs in mineral mining and related fields. These programs prepare students for careers in the mining industry and provide them with the knowledge […]

Oct 12
Why do college students need help with essay writing

No matter if you are a freshman or a more used to college life student. You may need urgent help with your assignments at any time. Lack of ideas, poor English, or complex projects may become a real reason to ask for help. In the article below, we will discuss typical problems that force students […]

Aug 10
Skills With College Students Can Learn While Studying

Earning/Learning while studying is very beneficial for any student in terms of financial help and overall development as well. But here the question raises what skills students can earn before degree completion. Although there are so many benefits of earning while studying, the most important benefit is experience. The experience you will get while earning […]

Aug 03
How to Choose College

College life is something that we all need in our life. For better career opportunities, exposure as well. Every single student who is in 12th standard is eagerly waiting for a college journey. There are 2 types of students, some know from where they want to study but on the other hand, there are so […]

Jul 16
Why a student should go to College

Every student Dream to study in college after the completion of school. Every time students study in school, parents and your elder siblings tell you that college life is something which everyone should experience. Now the question is raised: why should students go to college? What is the reason behind it? This Article clears your Doubts […]

Dec 23
OP Jindal Review- Is this University in India Worthy Enough?

OP Jindal Global University, as recent as last year, was honoured with the distinct title of ‘Institution of Eminence’, hence, it is now known as OP Jindal Global Institution of Eminence Deemed to beUniversity in India. But before you get intimidated by the jargon in its name, allow yourself to properly know more about the […]

Dec 19
Most frequently asked questions about MBA

If you are an anxious and eager professional who is pondering on the question of whether pursuing a degree in MBA is the move that will help refine you, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about MBA. Is MBA Worth It? Short answer, it depends. Pursuing MBA will help you land […]

Dec 12
Why You Should Study Abroad in Amsterdam?

Acclaimed for its scaffolds bound over pleasant waterways, A-list galleries, Cultural diversity, reformist perspectives, and waterfront structures tucked comfortably together, Amsterdam is an ideal place for studying abroad. In case Amsterdam is the place for you, here’s a preview of the plentiful social marvels and life-long advantages and experiences, both academic and personal, that you’ll […]

Nov 03
13 Effects of college stress among students

Introduction The present students might be more focused than at any time in recent memory. The weights of getting top evaluations, offsetting extracurricular exercises with contemplating, and investing energy with family all add up. Furthermore, understudies deal with another personality in the advanced world. Web-based media stages are one more thing to stay aware of […]

Oct 20
All holidays are being curtailed for Freshers

In the wake of the Pandemic, freshers won’t be given any summer and winter breaks in college life. How effective this fast-paced teaching method would be? Under the new calendar, all the classes for the Freshers are likely to run for six days in a week. As we all know, new academic year for the […]

Oct 20
Why Gap Years must be Normalized?

Society puts a lot of pressure on students; each one of us expects a lot from you- they want us to perform brilliantly in our examinations, high paying job and a reputed job. These expectations being very flattering are also immensely anxiety-inducing. We are not perfect; we all have our flaws and every day we […]

Oct 20
How to Pick the Right College

Today we are going to look at different aspects we much consider while choosing a right college for ourselves. Firstly, we need to ask questions to ourselves and know our preferences. We all are aware about the kind of importance people around us give to college life that are extremely reputed, but just because they […]

Oct 17
How Freshers can Prepare for the real world

Dear Freshers, a lot is going to change in your life once you join your college. We start preparing ourselves for our college once we start applying for it, but the thing is we just cannot assume what our college experience and real world experience would be like until and unless we experience it on […]

Oct 16
Insecurities associated with College Placements

We do find ourselves in a state of complete hopelessness when placements come near. Securing a job, especially through college placement-cells is definitely a strenuous process. The incapability of colleges to provide students with adequate experience and knowledge about the corporate-world, is a clear example of why students live in the midst of uncertainty. You […]

Oct 16
Make the Most out of your College Life-

College years could be the best years of our life, it offers us with so many experiences and knowledge. The years of our college life is like our base or foundation for the rest of the coming years of our life. We try to gain as many experiences we can with from our college life, […]