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8 Common yet big mistakes students make while preparing for exams

You might think you have mastered the art of studying and writing exams. However, there are plenty of mistakes you do not even realize you are making. During your exam preparation and while writing your exam you must have heard innumerable methods from your teachers, parents, and seniors on how to properly study and how to gain good marks Here is article for Class 10th

 But it is quite rare for people to point out the mistakes that students make. During the preparation, it is always how to do, never what are you doing wrong? Therefore, in this article, we will mention some of the most common mistakes that students make while preparing for their examinations. If you are a student, make sure you try to avoid these mistakes during the exam preparation listed below.


That studying will be quick

When students start studying, they are full of hope, energy, and motivation. However, as the days pass, they lose this motivation and tend to slack off. We are all guilty of making timetables too unachievable by allotting too little time for some subjects or having too many subjects to study in one day. This common mistake arises due to the fact that we think we can complete one chapter in about an hour but unfortunately in many cases, this is not true and we need more than an hour and plenty of breaks in the middle to successfully finish a chapter. Therefore, students must stop allotting rigid timings to study because in many cases they will not be able to follow it. Instead, they should focus on trying to finish the chapter as soon as possible with the least number of breaks, but also still concentrating on it and gaining knowledge. This tip shows you can make mistakes during exams.

Relying too much on teachers

A teacher is a guiding light for all their students. However, during the preparation of exams, students are in disbelief that teachers can help them all the time. Yes, it is true that teachers will help students to the best of their abilities. But at the same time, it is wrong to rely on teachers completely and think that whatever they taught you in class 10th is enough for your examinations. Because it is not. You have to put in individual efforts by reading the textbook yourself and preparing extra notes to make sure that you score well.

Practicing from guides

Practicing from guides is a great way to learn extra knowledge and have the potential to solve different kinds of questions. But students must only do this when they are completely perfect with the kind of questions and problems that are provided in their syllabus and textbooks. Many students make the mistake of jumping to professional guides and numerical questions thinking it will benefit them, but since they don’t know the very basic concepts and problems, it will be extremely difficult for them and it will do more harm than good. This tip shows you can make mistakes during exams.

Learning instead of practicing

Reading and listening is a passive form of learning. While writing is an active form of learning. It retains information in your brain much faster and stronger. Therefore, if you think you are good to go for an exam after just learning the lessons, then you might be in trouble because there are high chances you will forget everything while writing the exam due to the nerves. A fool-proof plan for not forgetting during exams is to write and practice what you learn.

Thinking you do not need revision

Always allow sufficient time for revision. That is the biggest advice anyone can give you for exams. You started studying for a subject 10 days ago and you have successfully completed everything there is to study. However, without proper revision before the exam, you will most likely not remember what you studied for the first 5 days. And therefore, it is safe to conclude that revision is just as important as the learning process.

Not practicing question papers

You have successfully solved all, or almost all, of the questions in your textbook, and you think you have perfected the topics on the subject matter and you can solve any question given to you. While this may be true, it is always a good idea to solve the previous year’s question papers. This will not only give you an idea of the exam pattern, the questions that are asked repeatedly but will also help you in time management during the exam. This tip shows you can make mistakes during exams.

Studying randomly

Today you feel like studying mathematics and tomorrow you feel like studying science and the next day you still feel like studying science because math is just too boring. Do you think this will not affect your brainpower? You are wrong because it does. Following a proper timetable is a must. And studying randomly at random hours of the day and not having a proper schedule or organization for studying will lead you to downfall.

Pulling all-nighters

This cannot be stressed enough. Before appearing for an exam, the student needs at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep to perform well. You might think that pulling an all-nighter is what you need because you have so much left to revise or study. But trust us, leaving those few topics and getting a good night’s sleep will be much more beneficial for you in the exam. If you pull all-nighters and not get enough sleep then there are more chances that your brain cannot recall anything that it has previously studied because it is just too tired and exhausted. Therefore, make sure you get a good night’s rest during the days leading up to your examination.

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