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Delhi University: Aptitude test for State board students

Delhi University: An Aptitude test for state board students
An aptitude test is conducted to access the skills, knowledge, ability & personality of the students & candidates. There is an aptitude test conducted on @CareerGuide.com also. Many students ask, is it necessary to take an aptitude test before choosing a stream? An aptitude test is necessary as it measures your strongest & weakest areas, & helps you to overcome your weaknesses. Aptitude tests include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, speed, accuracy & abstract reasoning.

Delhi University is conducting an aptitude test for state board students. Due to the incongruity in the results of different board exams, Delhi University has decided to take an aptitude test for the state board for students of all boards other than CBSE boards.

test for state board students

Here are the tips to tackle the aptitude test:

1) Practice aptitude test online
2) Prepare yourself for the test
3) Research
4) Read questions carefully
5) Manage your time
6) Inductive & deductive reasoning
7) Abstract reasoning
8) Critical thinking
9) Learn from your mistakes

Practice aptitude test online

Aptitude tests are not the way easy. You need practice for the tests. There are many aptitude tests available online. @CareerGuide.com also conducts a psychometric test which is very helpful & gives the best guidance. It helps you to improve your score before you attend the final test. You can improve your weak points. Keep on practicing which will make more perfect & it will easy for you to revise the day before your exams.

Prepare yourself for the test.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. “Before anything else, preparation is key to success”, well said by Alexander Graham bell. Prepare yourself by practicing test papers. It will build your confidence & help you with time management. Buck up with your speed, which is necessary for this aptitude test. Improve your English as your second language. Read newspapers, books, etc to increase your reading speed.

test for state board


Do research on various types of aptitude test, previous years papers, paper pattern etc. this will give you an idea how the aptitude tests are conducted. In this article you are provided with all the information, but also try to do more research as knowledge is as vast as sky.

Read questions carefully

Reading questions carefully is very necessary. Not only reading of questions is important but also understanding the question is also important. Read & re-read the questions so that you go through the questions & will be able to give correct answers.

Time management

Time management is very necessary. You are measured on two things, the number of correct given & time taken. Hence you need to increase your speed, this could be achieved only when you learn time management. Create a time audit, which checks where you have been wasting your time; it keeps the track of your weekly/ monthly schedule as you have set. There won’t be any time loss. Set a time limit for each task, which will keep you in time while solving the test. Change your schedule weekly/monthly just for a change, so that you enjoy studying.

delhi university

Inductive & deductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning is the method of reasoning which provides evidence of truth & helps you reach the truth. There are 3 types of inductive reasoning: Generalization, Analogy & casual inference.

Some tips for inductive reasoning are:

There is an extremely common set of patterns, learn them.
Use the elimination method to solve logical problems.
Deductive reasoning measures the ability to draw logical conclusions from a set of options that are known to be true.

Here are some tips:

Read the questions quickly, understand it & think in a logical way to reach the conclusion. Analyze, interpret & importantly use the given information.

Abstract reasoning

Abstract reasoning is also known as conceptual reasoning & it is non-verbal in nature. Abstract reasoning is usually challenging, time taking & difficulty increases as you move on to further questions.

Here are some tips to tackle them:

Identify & interpret the patterns.
Identify the rules & patterns in the sets of objects.

Critical thinking

Critical reasoning is formed that evaluates the data provided & arguments by applying intellectual skills to reach a conclusion. This test will look into your logical connections & evaluates the argument presented by you.

Here are some tips:

Do the right assumptions.
Do a proper analysis of arguments.
Learn the proper method of deductions of options.
Interpret the information & reach to conclusions. Review all the information twice.

delhi university

Learn from your mistakes

Your last mistake is your best teacher. Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before. While practicing the papers you make mistakes, don’t leave them, try to find out where you mistaken. Improve your mistakes & make sure you won’t repeat them. Mark the question which you couldn’t solve & try to solve them by yourself & take someone’s help.

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