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Difference between love and lust

Do you think that you know the difference between love and lust? Well, it may be possible that what you think about love may actually be signs of lust and on the other hand, what you think about love may actually be the signs of love. Though when it comes to someone else, we become the love guru to spot out the differences between love and lust when it comes to us then the love guru in us becomes a zero.

Love is such a pure feeling that can deeply make you feel affection and emotional attachment with someone. And lust is just physical attraction which too can make you feel overwhelmed because of your sexual desires. Though a lot of people are unable to identify if they actually love a person or are just sexually attracted to that person. As a result, they often tend to term them as true love. And to be very honest, in nowadays relationships, people give huge efforts in the beginning, so it’s more difficult to identify whether it’s just lust or actually love. So if you have any such confusion like that then I’m here, happy to help you all. But for that, you need to read this article till the end. So let’s start now.

It’s lust when you mostly talk during night time

When it’s love, you may lose track of your time talking to each other but that does not necessarily have to be the night time. And it’s not like you guys are just stuck to just one single topic. But when it comes to lust, people may easily stay awake whole night to talk all about one topic. Though a lot of people will say that physical attraction is a basic need for a better bonding but let me tell you one thing when you are truly in love with a person, it won’t matter so much, you won’t die without it, you won’t ruin your relationship on the basis of that like you do when it’s just about lust.

All you want is to cuddle them and get a nap

If your relationship is just about lust then you will end up having intimacy because you just won’t be able to control your lust when your partner cuddles with you. But if you are truly in love with your partner then no matter how much you are sexually attracted to your partner, you would never try to miss the chance in which you both would be able to live those peaceful moments of security in each other’s arms while cuddling with each other and getting a nap. So now you see how real it sounds in the second situation? That’s the purity of love. Well, I’m not saying that lust is bad but it may probably turn harmful if you try to fake your lust as love.

You always think about how lucky you are to have them in life

Now this is a tricky sign. A person who is just in lust and a person who is truly in love, both may feel the same way. The one having lust for you may only think that they are good in bed. But when a person is truly in love, they often think about all the memories they have spend together, the toughest of times they have fought together, the flaws of each other that you both tried to improve or accepted for the good of each other. Though it’s not like that a person being in love will not feel sexually attracted towards their partners or will not think about those special moments but it definitely won’t be the main focus of thinking.

It doesn’t happen as quick as you think

Well, I didn’t want to say this but this is the most harsh truth that you need to read or hear. It’s true that there’s nothing like love at first sight, it just doesn’t exist. Maybe a lot of people get confused at this very beginning stage. Remember one thing, love takes time to happen. Its like a tree that needs water everyday to get it’s nourishment in order to grow. So you see, that love doesn’t happen just like that. What you call as love at first sight is basically lust, it maybe about someone’s beautiful or handsome face or it maybe about your sexual desires towards them but it’s definitely not love.

So I guess it’s easier for you to understand the difference between love and lust after reading the last point and I guess I don’t need to proceed further with any other point because I feel that if you are mature enough to fall in love or be in lust then you will definitely understand this. So hope this article helps. Thank you.

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