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Diploma in automobile industry after class 10th

In this article, we will discuss some areas where the diploma in automobile industry gets important. This article will help you to know about the fields in this industry after getting a diploma in it after class 10th. DIPLOMA IN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY AFTER CLASS 10thThere is a wide range for those students who are looking for career opportunities in the Automobile industry after their diploma in automobile industry after class 10th. As the population is increasing day by day, there is a sharp increase in the demand and usage of vehicles all around the world.

It is highly estimated that this industry is going to boom in the near future due to the increasing demand for its working as well as managing and operating. To get into the automobile industry, a student needs to have some qualifications in the automobile industry. So, we are going to discuss some of the career options which are available for students after class 10th, after they complete their diploma in the automobile industry.

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The automotive technicians are provided with the task of the wheels management. In other words, they are the professionals who are responsible for the working of the vehicles in a proper manner to ensure that they work properly. There are several other works which are performed by the automotive technicians such as the maintenance of heavy and light vehicles such as cars and motorbikes and so on. If any issue is created during the working of the procedure, the automotive technicians look into the issue and repair the damaged part. For instance, changing brake pads if they fail due to any issue.

Car Mechanic

The car mechanics are responsible for carrying out tasks related to the working of the cars. They are responsible for the smooth working of the vehicle. If you think, you are a car lover, then you can go for this field as the number of car users are increasing day by day and thus an increase in the number of problems is also increasing day by day for which an adequate amount of mechanics are required to take care of the problems. However, a proper specialization is required in this field to take care of complex tasks and issues. For instance, the replacement of engines is a complex task that requires experience and specialization. Here’s are 7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanic is another specialized field that can only be taken if an adequate amount of knowledge is present. This field is counted as the field of professionals under the automobile industry. A diesel mechanic is expected to carry out the task of repairing and looking after the diesel engines. They are responsible for the services as well as the repairs of the diesel engines to take place. The servicing of such parts may be of passenger vehicles or the heavier vehicles. However, in most of the cases, the main task of repairing is done under the arena of heavy vehicles and not the passenger ones.

Marketing Field

The marketing field is a wide field under the automobile industry. If you think you have the power of manipulation to make people use your services, then this field is best for you. There are different types of marketing based on products and services. One field is related to the door to door marketing. Another field includes internet marketing. The internet marketing field is gaining ground at a rapid pace as it is more convenient and does not require manipulative skills. In this field, you need to take the leads through the procedure of internet marketing and work through the advertisements and websites based on that leads. You can also check out 8 Ways To Prepare For Class 10 Exam.


If you think you are a social person who is very influential and possess the power of convincing, then this field is for you. A successful salesperson is the one which possess both of these qualities. The main focus of the salesperson is to take care of potential clients and make them use your product. The journey of bringing potential clients to make them buy your services and use them efficiently is carried out by the salesperson. If you think that you possess this quality of convincing as well as social interaction, then you can go for this field after class 10th.

Car Dealership

If you are a big fan of cars and want to pursue a career in it then no other field can provide you more exposure than this one. The main role of a car dealer is to manage the car business as well as a working staff which takes care of the potential clients and maintain the dealings of the car workings.

Body and Paint specialist

This field requires a lot of creativity in the field. It is more like that if you want to act big, you need to think big. The main role of a body specialist is to repair and take care of the vehicle body in case it is wrongly built or has suffered an accident. The body and paint specialist in such cases repairs the damages of the vehicles and applies paint on the areas wherever required. You can also read out 10 Recommended Books For Every Class 10 Students.

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