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Does our Qualifications define our Career Path?

We have heard many stories of people and the absurdity of their career paths; it must have come us how do so many people go for a completely different career path- a route which never was their option and it is also so unrelated to what their qualifications are. It does leave us to contemplate where we would land up, and whether even our career route will take a drastic turn?

If we look at our parents, we would see how their career is so unconnected with their educational achievements. Most of our parents are not even highly educated, and sometimes they don’t even have a bare minimum qualification, but still they have a well-stabled and reputed job. Of course, times have changed since then, and in today’s world the competition is extremely high in almost every field. But we still get to experience these drastic and life-altering turnovers people take when it comes to their Careers.

Given the example of the contemporary society, where the definitions of a successful career are blurred and it is considered very common, and almost nature to have a rotation in our career, we must take a look into how drastically can we meander from our own qualifications?

Redefine the Conventional Classification of Career-

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Our career paths do not work on the basis of popular beliefs and assumptions, they are not defined by the myths rooted to it. If that was the case, then we would not be seeing and encountering these drastic career pivots of different people. If we work according to the popular belief, then our career would come to an end after choosing a wrong course, a bad college, or ending up with a wrong job. Nevertheless, we must not forget that these mistakes are very common and almost made by each one of us; fortunately, these mistakes do not dictate our future endeavors.

Choosing a reliable and fruitful career for ourselves is more of trial and error process, we would stumble upon many uncertain and poor decisions before making the right choice for ourselves. This process is not as well-defined as you and I think; therefore, mainstream assumptions of career success is extremely unrealistic.

Your career is like a journey, and the choices you make for yourself along the way will define what you would end up doing. It has a lot to do with who you are as an individual and your personality, it is depended upon your experiences and unique skills. So, if you’re believing that your educational achievements and qualifications are going to dictate your life-long career route, it probably won’t.

Your Career is defined by your Learnings-

career path and qualifications

All the jobs have a process of interviewing their candidates before finally hiring them, this happens because honestly, they don’t pay much attention to your achievements, and try to take a close look if you have a good personality and communication skills. Mostly, your interview dictates the entire process of selection, your employers pay more close attention to who you are as a person and not so much to your individual skill. All the companies need someone who is a team player, who is approachable and confident; therefore, these qualities of yours can not be defined by your credentials.

Also, you learn more about your job position after you’ve received the job, first few weeks goes by just to figure out what exactly your job is. The companies know that no matter what your qualifications are, you are going to take time with your individual roles assigned by them; thus, it becomes essential for us to work on ourselves and build a good personality. The things each job teaches us also helps us understand the working environment better, and it can impact our future career decisions. We know how to deal with annoying coworkers professionally, we know how to work under-pressure effectively, and we also know how to deal with different demands of our bosses. So, it is all about what we learn along the way, and how we utilize our knowledge.

Your Career is defined by your Experience and Life Goals-

career path and qualifications

Our career goals and journey are unique to us, and we should not follow the conventional road to go about it. Our career path is a reproduction of what we prioritize and choose for ourselves. It is heavily impacted by what we are focusing on at a particular time, these priorities need not to be very much stagnant and it can keep evolving- that’s how it would become more individual and personal.

Your career has a lot to do with who you are as a person; if you think about the first day you entered your job and try to compare yourself to who you are now, you will notice many significant changes in yourself. You gain more professional experience and growth through your job; it teaches you many significant life lessons.

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