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earn with CareerGuide

In past, certified career counsellors of CareerGuide have earned anything between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 10,00,000 annually. Learn how can you do so !!

Ways to earn with CareerGuide

An informed workforce is shaped by making informed career decisions. This can happen through career counsellors who are Local Heroes and can Guide individuals with help of better tools & technology

One-One Counselling

You can earn between Rs. 150-Rs. 1000 per counselling on chat, phone & video. Each counselling session is rated.

Project & Assignment

We give paid short term & long term projects with clients & schools which can range from Rs. 3,000 - Rs. 30,000

Live Videos

You can earn between Rs. 250 - Rs. 1000 per video live session. we give you enough live to keep you busy 🙂

Admission Referral

We give referrals for student's admission to best-fit universities. This can range between Rs. 10,000-Rs. 50,000/referral

Testimonials of certified counsellor

Bhavyata from Qatar speaks about association with CareerGuide and all positivity she gets from association
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Sakshi Mittal a popular Study Abroad Consultant from Delhi recovers 10x of her investment with CareerGuide.com

Other Modes of Earning with Careerguide

Community Biz Networking

The community of certified career counsellor of CareerGuide supports, collaborates, and give business to each other. This results in shared revenue, projects & profits.

Being Psychometric Partner

We give assessments to certified counsellors at Rs 500 which they can sell at a price up to Rs. 2000. A certified counsellor can take home Rs. 1500/assessment.
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