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Education Skills and Methods for Sex Education


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Sex education is designed to help the young people and children of different age to gain information, skills and motivation to make healthy decisions in life about the sex and sexuality throughout their lives.

Research on sex education have proved its effectiveness which helps young people as well as children to change their behaviors related to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Many recent studies have shown that sex education can have positive effects on their behaviors especially with the help of sex education programs that will make the children and young people aware about the insights so that it will help them in future if they ever mislead their paths.


Choose the right time, ask questions, and provide them with answers

  • Give sex education in appropriate education.
  • seize the opportunity by giving examples about the relevant TV programs, so that children starts to ask questions voluntarily.
  • Avoid discussing about sex in presence of other people, if they feel disrespected or embarrassed.

Establish their Confidence and Holistic Development

Emphasize on holistic development. Teach your children correct and enlightened views of sex, so that they are able to accept themselves and affirm their self-worth which will be beneficial for them for rest of the life.

Use Proper Materials, and keep up with Time

Understand their psychological as well as physiological development of your children as they grow up. As they grow up, you should be able to answer their questions specifically.

Understand your children and understand yourself

Establish mutual trust with your children. Participate in your child activities, share their conversation and laughter. This will eventually improve your communication skills and helps your child build in trust on you. Share with the worries about sex and discuss the solutions about it.

Equality and Mutual Respect

Answer your child questions with an understanding attitude. Give them clear and definite replies. Avoid using lecturing and offensive word or command.

Be kind and Patient

Be patient and attentive. Listen to your children carefully. Talk to them with mild and natural tone If your children have biased views of sex or when their opinions are different from yours, dont get angry, you should try to understand and listen to them.

Be Honest and Objective

Reply your children questions about sex correctly. Tell your children honestly , if you dont know any answers asked. Dont make up your own answer.

Do as you preach

You should pay attention about your own behavior and attitude about sex issues in everyday life to avoid double standard. Actions speaks louder than words, your behavior must be consistent with your words.

Make use of Education Materials

Parents can make use of sex education materials such as books or videotapes to facilitate discussion and explanation on sex issues.

Broaden their Social Circle and Seek Support

Encourage your children to take part in extra-curricular activities such as joining the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides or volunteer projects so as to enlarge their social circle. Keep in contact with school and understand the content of the sex education provided so as to cooperate with the school. Participate in activities organized for parents in the subjects of children’s growth and sex education so as to acquire the relevant knowledge and skill.

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