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Fascinating tips to staying positive for 11th students

Staying positive is one of the most required skills in contemporary society. There is no one who does not want to be happy in their lives and has a positive outlook to anything they are connected to. Staying positive not only adds value to your life but also develops your skills to a new height. There are several impacts on your skills and related activities that are done by students in their day to day life. To explore these impacts, let us discuss some of the most fascinating tips for staying positive for 11th students.


Optimisim – A new vision

One of the most fascinating tips is to build up your positive outlook towards your surroundings. It is evident that to build up an empire, you need to have patience and a lot of hard work while clearing up the hurdles without affecting your aim. To develop the skill of optimism in you, you need to have patience and a calm personality. Controlling the emotional turmoil is the biggest achievement which can overcome 60 Percent of your hurdles. You need to process your thoughts and look at the things with a better and positive perspective.

Cultivation of skills

When you try to relax your mind from all the things, the brain starts to rest and all the things stressing you out gets relaxed. When your mind gets calm and does not get diverted to different things such as social media, print media, etc. , it supports you to have influenced and keep your mind in a positive perspective. When you start looking at things from a positive perspective, you will be able to receive the positivity in return as well.

Slow and steady wins the race

When you think that you can develop a skill or can start looking at the things with a whole new perspective while discarding your yesterday’s outlook, it might be nearly impossible to do this. Developing a new skill takes time and so does changing and re-moulding the existing outlook. If you take things slowly, with a calm mind with a relaxing mode, you will be able to start developing the skill of looking at the things with a positive outlook. However, this habit takes time to develop, so patience and continuous efforts are required.

staying positive in 11th

Prevention is better than cure

This line you have heard a lot. But tip no 4 has a different perspective on this sentence. Certainly, there are several perspectives and way of looking to a thing. However, the most beneficial perspective is a positive perspective. Many people usually create a negative or annoying perspective at a thing and create prejudice about it. The solution required to avoid this situation is to stay positive in your life which may help you to look at the things with solutions in front of you. For instance, if you judge a chapter by its name that it must be difficult and you won’t be able to do it, you will surely face difficulty in solving that. However, if you look at the chapter thinking it to be an interesting part where you will be able to develop your skills by solving this, you will be able to solve it for sure.

Focus on it harder

This is a problem which a lot of students usually face, especially of class 11th and 12th. What you need to do is to keep in mind a fascinating tip that you need to stay positive in every arena, whether it is personal or work in academics. The solution to most of the problems is staying positive which includes the problem of focus it well. If you staying positive in 11th, you will be able to relax your mind and will be able to do the tasks with more concentration and productivity, thus, getting better results.

staying positive

Let the vague thoughts be in vague

Yes, you might not accept this that most of the thoughts you develop and store in your mind are vague. For instance, you might always find yourself in fear that what if I don’t get good marks in this test or in this examination. You might be thinking that this is important to think in order to keep making efforts. But let us tell you that you can achieve your desired location if you keep doing the tasks under the pressure of fear. By staying positive in 11th you will be able to do the tasks with a relaxed mind and will become self-motivated as well as excited to go forward with the next tasks.

Spread it out

The better you give, the best you receive. Yes, tip no 7 is to tell you another fascinating fact about staying positive. You can be staying positive in your class 11th by constantly motivating and helping others in need and you will find that you are self-motivated. The gratitude which you will receive by spreading positivity will help you to boost your positivity as well as motivation and peace. The more you will spread positivity, the better you will be able to keep yourself positive under different circumstances.

staying positive in 11th

Stay fit, stay well

Staying fit is the key to a lot of things, which includes positivity as well. Tip no 8 tells you the relation of staying fit and being positive. Doing regular exercise such as maintaining body weight and doing meditation helps you to keep focused and calm which in turn helps to cultivate the seed of positivity in you. You can do regular exercises such as yoga and other forms of exercise which helps you to stay positive and look at all the things on a positive note.

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