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Google Hiring Exam:Selection,Eligibility,Pattern,Interview,Jobs

Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. It was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were pursuing their Ph.D. degrees at Stanford University. Google’s core services include its search engine, which is widely used to find information online. It has since expanded its offerings to include products such as email (Gmail), online productivity tools (Google Workspace), cloud computing services (Google Cloud), mobile operating system (Android), and more. Google’s mission is to google hiring and organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Hires

Google hiring through a rigorous process comprising resume screening, phone interviews, and onsite interviews. Initial interviews assess problem-solving skills, followed by discussions on coding, system design, and behavioral questions. A Hiring Committee reviews candidate feedback to ensure fair evaluation. Google values technical proficiency, leadership qualities, and cultural fit. Candidates may face multiple interviews to ensure consistency in evaluation. Interviewers assess communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. Google also considers online coding assessments. Diversity and inclusion play a vital role in hiring decisions. Overall, Google’s hiring approach emphasizes skills, alignment with company values, and fostering a diverse workforce to create innovative solutions.

Google Selection Process:

Google hiring process includes technical interviews focused on problem-solving, coding, and system design. These assessments evaluate candidates’ skills, technical proficiency, and suitability for the role. The process emphasizes problem-solving abilities, coding expertise, and alignment with Google’s values. Multiple interviews are conducted, and feedback is reviewed by a Hiring Committee to ensure fairness. This process aims to identify candidates who possess the necessary skills and can contribute to Google’s diverse and innovative work culture.

In case of work enrollment, choice is the method to select potential working people for a company or organization. Google hiring handle incorporates a determination organize when choices are made as to the reasonability of a specific candidate’s work application. It specifically influences the generally efficiency of an organization. A right choice may increment the generally execution of a company & a off-base one may lead to fabric and monetary misfortune. A idealize choice handle can help to choose the foremost qualified candidates among all candidates. The Method of selecting candidates centers on capacities, information, aptitudes, encounter and different other related components.

Stages of selection process to get recruited in Google:

Academic Criteria

  • Minimum 65 percent marks in Xth, XIIth, and Graduation.
  • No backlogs at the time of applying.

Test Pattern

Aptitude Round

Testing Areas No. of questions Time Limit ( in mins)
Logical Reasoning 10 50
General Aptitude 10
Technical 15
General English 5
Total 40

Coding Round

Section No. of questions Time Limit ( in mins)
Coding 3 90

Test Description

  • Logical Reasoning section consists of questions from topics such as seating arrangement problems, finding the missing numbers puzzle tests and theme detection.
  • General Aptitude section covers topics such as percentage, A.P & G.P, Prime Numbers, Problems on speed and averages.
  • Technical section consists of questions from topics such as C, C++, Java, Data Structure, and Computer Networks.
  • General English section consists of questions from English grammar topics like prepositions, antonyms, synonyms, sentence completion and reading comprehensions.
  • Coding section consists of questions from topics Data Structure, C / C++ Language, Algorithms.
  • Overall the level of the paper is moderate to difficult.
  • Only those candidates who clear the written exam will qualify for the next round.

Google Interview Process

  • Client interview –
    The reason of client circular meet is to associated with the unused group part and know more approximately the information and interviewee’s involvement and how interviewee can utilize his/her information in company ventures.

  • Technical interview –
    Questions related to particular specialized areas are inquired in this circular. Questions may be based on particular information around the company’s specialized exercises; understanding of the specialized work required to be completed as portion of the work connected for or may enquire candidates to unravel genuine specialized issues that they would be likely to confront in case utilized.

  • HR Interview –
    Last step to choose a candidate as an employee is Meet because it makes a difference to decide a candidate’s identity. Questions can be of wide run beginning from your presentation, Capability, Involvement, Industry particular involvement, Courses done, your qualities and shortcomings, compensation desires, companions, family etc.

Job Vacancies

Job Category Job location
Technical Specialist Gurugram
Google Ads Campaign Performance Specialist Hyderabad
Product Marketing Manager, Consumer Marketing Gurugram
Software Engineer, Tools & Infrastructure (Security) Bengaluru
Information Technology Residency Program (University Graduate, Fixed-Term Employee) Hyderabad
Campaign Optimization Operations Lead, Global Campaign Operations Hyderabad
Quality Program Manager Hyderabad
Associate Product Marketing Manager Gurugram
Program Manager, Solutions Excellence Hyderabad
Account Manager, Technology, Large Customer Sales Gurugram
Language Manager, Localization (Telugu) Mumbai
Vertical Business Manager Hyderabad
Front-End UX Engineer, G Suite Bengaluru
UX Researcher Bengaluru
Program Manager, Global Support, Vendor Operations Hyderabad
Marathi Language Manager, Localization (English, Marathi) Gurugram
Lead Strategist, Ads Data Insights, Trust and Safety Hyderabad
ASIC/SoC Logical Equivalence and Power Intent Verification Engineer Bengaluru
ASIC/SoC Low Power Engineer Bengaluru
Program Manager, Agency Success Hyderabad
Ad Traffic Quality Senior Strategist, Trust and Safety Hyderabad
Head of Marketing, Google Pay Gurugram
Marathi Language Manager, Localization (English, Marathi) Hyderabad
Platform Account Manager, Google Marketing Platform Gurugram
Language Manager, Localization (Telugu) Hyderabad
Business Development Consultant, Google Marketing Solutions (English) Gurugram
Technical Engineering Program Manager, G Suite Enterprise Platform Bengaluru
Partner Technology Manager Gurugram
Vendor Site Manager Gurugram
Vendor Operations Hyderabad, Bengaluru
Process Specialist, Global Campaign Optimization and Reporting, Professional Services Hyderabad

Careers in Google

Products and services by Google

  • An internet search engine
  • Web email
  • A news aggregator
  • Calendar software
  • A suite of productivity applications, including spreadsheet, word processing, and photo-editing software
  • Cloud storage for consumers
  • Cloud storage for businesses
  • Clod computing for businesses
  • A website for watching internet videos
  • A web browser
  • A Smartphone/tablet operating system
  • A thermostat
  • Unknown life extending technologies
  • Computerized contact lenses
  • Robot Assistants
  • Self driving cars
  • A spoon designed to make life easier for people with disease such as Parkinson’s
  • A home video monitoring system
  • High speed Internet service
  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computers
  • A dongle that puts Internet video on your TV
  • Balloons that broadcasts Internet signal
  • Drones that deliver goods to homes
  • Computers you wear like glasses
  • Airborne wind turbines
  • A digital collection of all the world’s books
  • A map of the world
  • A collection of Photographs of every street in the world
  • A social network
  • Software for creating and maintaining blogs
  • An video rental store
  • An online software store
  • A live updating database of equities and financial news
  • A service that allows you to pay for things with your phone
  • A language translation service
  • A phone number replacement service
  • Video-conferencing software

Why Google ?

Glassdoor’s annual list of the best 50 places as well as Fortune magazine’s annual list of the 100 best companies to work shows Google at the top, for multiple years. It is just because of the facilities provided by Google such as best perks, opportunities for career growth, work that positively impacts the human race and innovative culture etc. Following points shows the opportunities while working with Google.

Benefits Of Joining Google

  • Google has everything that an worker would anticipate from one of the biggest companies within the world in terms of advertise capitalization:
  • Google gives bicycles and electric cars to induce staff to gatherings, gaming centers, natural gardens and eco-friendly furniture.
  • Working with Google will make your life less demanding since it’s always looking for ways to move forward the social, physical and mental well-being whereas boosting resolve of its Googlers.
  • Google offers on-site doctors, medical attendants, restorative administrations and wellbeing care scope to keep its workers cheerful and solid.
  • Google covers its representatives with beneath different protections plans such as wellbeing & travel protections and crisis help on both individual and work-related vacations.
  • Google too gives a few of the most excellent paid parental take off for unused guardians. Google cares so much approximately modern guardians that it offers guardians one-on-one interviews to figure out their planning for childcare alternatives.
  • Google indeed offers passing benefits to expired employees’ families. In the event that a Google worker passes absent, his or her life partner gets a cheque for 50% of the employee’s compensation each year for 10 a long time. In expansion, surviving companions see all of the perished employee’s stock choice promptly. Children of a expired worker get $1,000 per month from Google until they reach the age of 19 – or 23, in case they are full-time understudies.
  • Google too provides a Worldwide Instruction Take off program through which representatives may profit take off for pursuing advance instruction. The full program is secured by Google.
  • Google being one of the foremost well-known innovation companies within the world offers its workers one of the finest work prospects with development inside the company.
  • Whereas working with Google, you’ll contribute to the worldwide populace and can emphatically affect society with the applications and innovation they are working on, which would without a doubt benefit the human race.
  • A career in Google will provide you an opportunity to work with one of the finest and brilliantly masterminds within the field and in this way permitting imaginative work environment, collaboration and troublesome development.
  • Google offers its workers one of the foremost inventive work environment societies.
  • For more data, visit at https://careers.google.com/


  • Self-reflection.
  • Job searching.
  • Your resume.
  • Apply online.
  • Interviews.
  • Decision and offer.
Google slashed its headcount growth by 75% in Q4 and plans to keep the brakes on this year. Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat said in a conference call Thursday the company will slow hiring in 2023 after significantly reducing hiring in the fourth quarter.
How to Get Hired at Google: Earn the Experience. Google values the experiences of its employees. Therefore, you must gain some experience through an internship or a previous job. If you wish to join Google’s marketing team, you may volunteer or take a part-time job with a marketing company.
It is difficult to get a job at Google because of their quality standards and the high number of applications they receive per year. For example, INC reported that Google receives 2 million job applications per year, which means it’s more competitive to get into than Harvard University.

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