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How to attain a better reach among the generation Z

Generation Z is all about uniqueness and variance. And with the abundance of products available all around them, it becomes very hard to find out what actually interests them. It is very important to understand that their choices actually influence the global market today. It is their viewpoints and satisfies their wants. This age group after the era of millennials has rock-solid motives and aims to achieve their goals. They are the ones who cannot stay without their gadgets or devices and often refer to as ‘addicts’ to their devices. However, it is due to this extreme use of technology that they are more informed than ever about their surroundings. This way they immediately know about any product or service that might interest them. It is also due to this use they also get to judge a product too easily and quickly. This is why sometimes even a good product or service can fail a market among the youth. According to the latest 2020 data, today the consumer market makes for about 40% of the youth population. This group of young adults/Gen Z knows what might help them in the future


What is important to know about this generation?

We all know how much this generation is deviant on the use of mobile phones. Today online advertisements and websites act like magic on these young adults. They like surging through the net and doing their research. This generation is more like to be known for their use of the 5 screens, which means they are informed than ever. To this generation, it is more about doing multitasking and having opinions. Their environment revolves around information and observation-based. Today, they share reviews with each other both on a personal and professional level. Thus, they left no close scope of scrutinization. They use various online platforms, to keep updated with the latest trends and topics around them. They like the concept of social media and make adverse and good usage of it. Their concept of hashtags has been more prominent than ever. Today, even one trending hashtag can make or break a company. Also, another aspect is their idea is of thrift shopping. This idea of thrift shopping has recently sprung among today’s young adults and thus, the sudden rise of thrift shopping sites. Generation Z has an idea of what kind of mode of service or product they like and always have a ready way to get it. Today they even make use of applications like WhatsApp to increase their personal contacts towards the seller and hence, build a more personal contact. 


How should sellers approach towards this generation?

To gain market among young adults, it is important to know how they liked to be approached. It’s definite that today’s generation doesn’t like to personally visit shops to go and buy a product. So what can the sellers do to get the attention of their potential buyers? 

Keeping a track of their usual habits. Gen Z is very particular about their wants. When they even Google search for a product, they already know what they are looking for. Their habits would mainly constitute the facts that they like to surf the internet and where they like to surf. Suppose if most of the youngsters spend their time watching OTT platforms, a seller can actually make use of these OTT platforms to displays their advertisements. This way they are more likely to get young adult attention. Also many can even use hashtags and trends in platforms like Instagram to catch their audience’s eyes.


As much as this generation loves the idea of online shopping and services from the comfort of their homes, they also hate the idea of giving out their personal information from time to time. This generation Z likes a certain sought of privacy when it comes to sellers bothering them unnecessarily. 

However, it is important for the seller to understand the distinction between personalization and privacy. With the abundance of data available on the internet, the catch the Gen Z eye, it is important to make the product more personalized. The audience should have a feeling that the product was designed just for them and end up buying or using it. The idea of corporate social responsibility has been more evident than ever among the current generation. This responsibility is all about creating an evident image and awareness among society. Thus, if they notice if a brand has an affiliation to do something, they always tend to have a nicer approach towards its products or services. 

Gen Z has an open-minded outlook. They like to see and try out new things and ideas. Hence, the sellers should follow a similar trend to create an impact on these young adults.

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