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It is very necessary to accept the fact that our life is not perfect; we know that all of us have some really unrealistic expectations from our life, and to be honest, it has often disappointed us in inexplicable ways. Not to mention, the constant failures we have encountered since our childhood has severely sabotaged our self-confidence. If we try to analyze our journey so far, we will discover instances of extreme happiness and extreme sadness. It is unfortunate, that whenever we think about a happy memory, mostly we imagine us with someone else, and a sad memory mirrors loneliness, sufferings and self-loathing- each of these things were experienced by us, and nobody was actually there to share our suffering. Now, life is like that, cruel and unforgiving in many aspects. But, why shall we allow these bad moments take the most out of us? You must bounce back.

We know that some instances can squeeze all the positivity from us, and that’s why, it becomes to hard and impossible to deal with certain things. Now, you must be wondering that we are being too pessimistic about everything, but that’s not the case, we are just trying to mention the inevitable sufferings associated with life. You must bounce back. But we do not mean to indicate that these suffering should take the best of you and leave you shattered. The best way to deal with many problems that life gives us, is by not being in denial and trying to be realistic. Next, we must all be resilient and try our best to recover these difficulties. We all will have ups and downs in our life, and how we deal with our ‘downs’ impacts our entire life in a huge way.

Practice Selfcare-

bounce back

You don’t have to be hard on yourself because the times are hard, perhaps it is necessary for you to take extra care of yourself during hard times. Difficult times can be very stressful, and we want to remind you that you must follow a proper schedule to ensure that you are not losing touch with reality. One thing you must ensure is that, you are sleeping on time and getting good amount of sleep. It is essential for us to sleep properly; so, if you want to feel fresh and function properly, you must sleep properly and on time. Next, you must also see that you’re eating right, food can impact our mood in a huge way. Therefore, to keep yourself motivated, you must take care of yourself. Rough times can affect us gravely, thus it is important to distract ourselves by doing different activities.

You must ensure that you take a bath, try to meditate and exercise. You can also read a book, or watch a film. Engaging in any form of creative work can be very cathartic, therefore, try to unleash your creativity in different forms- it will help you to cope with your stress and anxiety by distracting your mind in a therapeutic way.

Don’t isolate yourself-

Bounce back

You should not punish yourself in any way, it is very important to be connected with your loved ones as they can help you handle your hardships in a better way. Being around others is a way to heal; friends and families can offer to help you in many possible ways, you feel good to have people around you who are ready to help you. It is always essential to know that you are not going through your problems alone.

Your loved-ones offer you a safe space, in this safe space you feel free to discuss your issues and problems. You must bounce back in life. Discussing your problems with others can help you to deal with your issues effectively, therefore, you can plan how would you deal with the issue at hand and also strategies, how you would recover from it.

Ask for help-

You don’t have to feel guilty about asking for help; we all need help in life and that is completely okay. Seeing a therapist will actually help you resolve your conflicting thoughts, and it will also offer you help to cope with stress and anxiety. Problems are not solved overnight, but if you work on resolving it by being open to help and by being positive, you can surely come out of it. Reaching out for help can have significant impact on your life, therefore, do not shy away from taking help.

Change the definition of Failure and be kind to yourself-

Failure certainly does not mean the end of the world, and the sooner we realize this, the better we deal with it. We all face rejections and failures, but instead of dwelling upon them, we must think of immediate solutions. Please note that your failures and rejections do not define who you are, your resilience and strengths does. Always keep that positive spirit in mind and work.

Please don’t forget to nurture yourself, and remember that individual experiences are different; therefore, do not compare yourself with others and appreciate your growth.

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