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How to Choose College

College life is something that we all need in our life. For better career opportunities, exposure as well. Every single student who is in 12th standard is eagerly waiting for a college journey. There are 2 types of students, some know from where they want to study but on the other hand, there are so many students who are so confused while choose a college.

No matter if you are confused or in trouble. This article is for you. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

Points to remind while choose a college is mentioned below.

1. Course

One of the most east points while choosing a college is your course. Do good research in the list of humanities, commerce, and science colleges. Then compared respectively. Make a list of colleges that are providing courses that you want to pursue. Then select accordingly. And yes there are so many students who change their course because they are not getting admission to a particular college. Please don’t do that. All that matters is that your course college is just a building which leaves you after your course completion.

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2. Ranking

The ranking is something that tells you all the aspects of the institution. For any college that gets ranked, there is a long process behind it. So don’t take Rankin otherwise. You can go for the NAAC ranking, NIRF Ranking, and India today ranking. There are so many ranking lists available on google. Just check the ranking list according to your course preference.

3. Fee

Whenever you are choosing Anything your financial condition affects it. For example, you are choosing any Private institution but your parents are not able to pay the fee. Or they are paying a fee but they have to sacrifice a lot. Did you want this type of education? So just keep the fee point in your mind while choose a college.

4 Extra Curricular Activities

There are so many students who are participating in Extracurricular Activities from school. So Extra-Curricular Activities are something that they should check before the Admission procedure begins. Apart from this, there are so many students who don’t participate in school activities but are waiting to fire from college. So for exposure and to learn a lot except your course your Extra-Curricular Activities matters.

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5 Infrastructure

College is something where you spent your 3-4 years. Imagine you are sitting in a class where the fan is not working properly and benches are also not perfect. How will you focus on the study? That’s why infrastructure matters. We should not run for very high-class buildings and campuses. But at Atleast the college has a nice decent infrastructure.

6. Location

You live in Gurugram and you are taking admitted to the university which is located in Noida. Will it be worth it? Well, there are so many students who travel for college. But traveling makes us tired and there are so many students who don’t like traveling. So please check the location according to your traveling interest as well.

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You can also mind the points according to you. These are a few points that are important for any college-going student. College is something which gives you fun. Don’t make your 3 years more boring. Choose a college wisely.

Focus on quality

Despite what its marketing team may want you to believe, no school can offer the best programs in all fields of study. Before choosing a college, you can get a sense of its overall academic quality and reputation by looking at BestColleges’ rankings.


Next, check that the college is regionally or nationally accredited. Regional accreditation is generally considered a more reliable indicator of academic quality. Then, investigate whether individual academic departments are accredited in their field. For example, if you plan on pursuing a business administration degree, you’ll want a program that’s been accredited by a professional association.


You might also try to gauge the career and research achievements of the faculty in your department by seeing whether they’ve won any awards or received recognition for any groundbreaking publications or discoveries.

library icon School Size

The size of college you are chosing it will effect you. Colleges and universities come in all sizes: You’ve got small liberal arts colleges with fewer than 1,000 students, and state universities that annually enroll over 30,000 students.

By: Geetu Katyal

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