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Interviews can make or break our chance for getting selected. It is one of the most intimidating process we go through, the entire concept of the interview is to challenge us and see how we manage ourselves under pressure. A good interview can offer us a very big leap over others, but that stress to impress our employers is just immense. Also, knowing the fact that our interviewer is intentionally going to put us in an uncomfortable situation which we need to deal professionally. Sometimes, to be put extra pressure on students, interviews are taken by a bunch of adults-with serious countenance- who bombards us with questions after questions. This overwhelming situation often makes us sweat our pants, especially if we are interviewing for a position we desperately want.

We make different kinds of preparations before appearing for an interview. These preparations not only include knowledge-based arrangements, but also includes our physical appearance. First appearance has a lot of weightage for people who are interviewing us, they judge us on the basis of what we wear- scanning us from top to bottom- they also see how we greet, walk, sit and pay special attention to posture. This constant attention on specific details can be very harassing for many, we need to ensure everything about us is perfect or at least pretend nicely that we are perfect. We completely agree with the fact that we clumsy individuals, our sitting posture is a little slouched, we don’t have the perfect walk and we are afraid of talking to new people. Now, the pressure of leaving a good impression is just too much.

This immensely stressful environment created by interviews calls for proper management, we need to make sure that we deal with our stress effectively. If we are too nervous about our interview, we might not be able to answer the questions confidently. We might even fumble a lot, and take too much time to answer a question. Therefore, we are going to come up with few tips which would help you handle your interviews very nicely.

Face your fears-

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The most advisable and perhaps the best thing to do is to face our fears. Facing our fears is not an easy task, but it will benefit us in the long run. Running away from our fears and staying in a denial is never a good option; if we address our fears individually and work on them, then it allows us to grow and resolve many unresolved issues. We might start with noting down our fears, it a very important process. It’s necessary to be self-aware, therefore, we must think closely about our fears and note them down respectively. After this process, we may want to address these concerns individually. During this time, we will get a clarity of our own selves and these discoveries will allow us to deal with them with precision. Facing and addressing our fears helps us to keep things in perspective and make strenuous tasks very easy for us.

Prepare and do your homework-

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This is a very obvious step; but when we are taking too much stress, we often miss on the most important things. Before beginning, take a note of the things you need to prepare, this chart will guide you throughout and also ensure you don’t miss out on important details. First and foremost, note the names of the people who would interview you and don’t forget to greet them by their names. This will show that you pay special attention to details. Furthermore, prepare a speech on questions like, “Why should we hire you?”- it is a very important and significant question all the companies would ask you, and it is necessary to come up with a unique answer. Do not stick to the cliches, and try answering to this question innovatively. You would want to highlight your specialty, strengths and qualifications to your employers, your years of experience and how those previous companies benefitted from your work. Try being genuine and honest with your answers. Try to practice the answer to some specific questions to make sure you are perfect at it.

Organize your time effectively-

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You’ll always be judged on the basis of how you manage your time, you don’t want to give your employers and attitude of ‘carelessness’ from your end. Therefore, you need to start focusing on ways to manage your time. The first step to do that is to start organizing, you can do that by accounting your every day’s schedule in a journal. This might remind you your goals for the particular day, and you will start managing your time from the beginning of the day. This needs practice and alertness; casualness will never help you to mange your time effectively. When you are appearing for an interview, make sure that you sleep on time the day before and receive proper amount of sleep. Lack of sleep might lead to low concentration level and you won’t be able to perform well. Also, keep in mind to reach for your interview before time- if you’re late on your interview, then your chances of getting selected might get very thin.

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