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How to identify if someone’s lying to you

If you want to know how to identify if someone’s lying to you, you are in the right place. This generation is itself a healthy place for liars, isn’t it? But there are honest people too, though very rare. So have you never wanted to identify if someone is lying to you or not? If yes, then let me tell you that today I’ll share a few ways to identify if someone is lying to you. But before starting let me tell you that the identification process will be totally based on how punctually you notice changes. So in this article, I’ll basically tell you about the tips and tricks that you need to focus on in order to instantly catch someone lying. So please read it till the end. Let’s get started now.

Head posture

This is the easiest way to identify when someone is lying. Let’s assume that you are not that good in spotting out the differences between truth and lie instantly. So here is a way to understand the same. What you need to do is that if you ever feel suspicious about a person, just ask them a direct question and observe their head movements or postures. Mostly if a person is lying then they will probably tilt or bow down their head of ever slightly retract it backwards before answering to the direct question, most specifically this action is seen when they are reacting to the question before responding.

Their Breathe

See, I’m just telling you the easiest ways to catch someone but it still depends on your observation. So when someone is lying to you their breath would be heavy. Also, when a person is lying, they automatically feel a bit nervous. As a result, one more thing can be observed along with the heavy breathing, which is the stiffness of shoulders and shallowness of voice. So you see, our body goes through these changes when we lie and this mostly occurs due to lack of self-confidence and tension. This is a way you can identify when lying to you.

Repeat action

Have you ever seen someone who is repeating their words about any incident?

You must think that they are doing so because they are cherishing the memories right? But no, when someone is repeating their words regarding the same thing in front of you then that probably means that they are trying to convince you of making you believe that they are saying the truth. Now you understand why they speak the same thing so many times? But you see, what they do to convince you actually expose them and their intentions behind doing so.

Information matters

Yeah, this is an obvious fact that information matter to identify whether someone is speaking the truth or not. But what I’m trying to say here is basically about the quantity of the information. If you see someone providing a lot of information regarding an incident then that definitely means that they are lying. No, I’m not crazy, the reason why I said so is just because of the same fact that we saw before in the last point. You see, they provide more information because they want to convince you about the fact that they are speaking the truth. They simply want you to believe their lies and hence they have to act up pretty well. So again, their actions are enough to identify if they are lying.

Ocular Movements

Now, this is a very important point that you need to identify very minutely. We all know that eye contact plays a huge role right? When a person is lying they look straight into your eyes in order to check if you are convinced with what they said. Now you must be thinking that I’m writing rubbish but this is the truth. When a person is lying, the instant reflex action to their insecurity makes them do so. Also, when a person is showing rapid eye contact break then that too is a sign that they are lying. So you see, when someone is lying it’s difficult to act normal, instead they act so extremely (either lot of eye contacts or no eye contacts at all) that is quite easy to identify them. This is yet another way to identify when someone is lying to you.

The backward technique

Last but not the least, this is a legit technique to identify a liar. Though I saw this in a movie when applied in real life, I saw that this experiment really works. When you suspect someone lying to you, just ask them to repeat the incidents in a backward process. This will lead a huge pressure on their brain and they would automatically miss points or even speak up the truth by mistake because the brain won’t be able to cope up with the immense pressure. This is one of the best way to catch a liar red handed.

I hope that reading this article would be helpful and the readers would be capable enough to identify whether a person is speaking the truth or not. Also, thank you for reading this article till the end.

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