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How to Join Indian Army? Requirements and Procedures

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Have you ever been wondering how to join the Indian army? Do u know or idolize any Army officer? or are you fascinated by the work? do you want to serve the Country? If u want to join the Indian Army, this particular article is worth the read.

The Indian Army professional, well trained, and pride itself on its war records. If you aspire to it as your career of excitement, adventure, and challenges there isn’t a better place than the Indian Army.

The Army is one way to serve the country and certainly the most celebrated one. Indian Army jobs include both permanent and short term services. Permanent services are granted through the various training courses at the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun and a Short Service Commission is granted through Officers Training Academy Chennai.

Permanent services refer to choosing a career in the Army until you retire. whereas a short commission job involves those who want to serve for a few years. It gives you the opportunity to serve as a commission officer for 10 years. After the 10 years of serving, you will get the following options-

  • To opt for Permanent Commission
  • To opt for an extension of 4 years of Short Service Commission
  • To opt-out of the services


Education Requirements for Indian Army Job

For joining the Indian Army you can have any level of education starting from class 8 to post Graduation. you can study any subject in class 10 or 12th as well as in graduation or post-graduation. You can study any subject like mathematics, biology, commerce, humanities, arts, and join the Indian Army.


Various Entry Schemes for Men and Women

Entry scheme women-

The induction of women in the officer cadre in the year 1992 is an important landmark in history. More than 1200 are employed in Indian Army services. You should at least be a Graduate to apply.

women are trained for 49 weeks for short service commission in Chennai. substantive Promotion for the female is-

  • To the rank of captain- on completion of 2 years reckonable commissioned service
  • To the rank of major- on completion of 6 years reckon-able commissioned service
  • To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel – on completion of 13 years reckon-able commissioned service.


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Various Options for Women

For women graduates through union public service commission for Short service commission non-technical– age limit-19-25 years, should be graduated from any university, should apply online on the union public service website. Admissions are through the Combined Defense Service exam. The Training Academy is in Chennai for 49 weeks.

For women graduate non UPSC route– Age limit is 19-25 years, graduate with 50% aggregate marks, 3 years of service in NCC senior division Army with a minimum B grade in the C certificate examination. applications are online as notified through the NCC directorate portal. The training academy is Chennai and the training period is 49 weeks.

For women graduates Technical Entry– Age limit is 20-27 years, qualifications passed or in the final year of Btech/B.E. Applications are submitted through online on the Indian Army’s national portal as notified. The Training Academy is in Chennai and the training period is for 49 weeks.


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Various Options for Men

Entry after 10+2– Age limit is 16.5-19.5 years, qualification 12th class of 10+2 system of education or equivalent. application is online on the UPSC portal in the months of June and December. The entrance examination is a National Defense Academy and Naval Academy examination conducted by UPSC. Training is a duration of 3 years at NDA and 1 year at IMA Dehradun.

Entry for graduate through UPSC examination– Age limit is 19-24 years, graduated from a recognized university and holders of NCC C certificate, the application is online on the website of the union public service commission as per the notified dates in the month of July and November. The entrance examination is a combined defense services examination conducted by the union public service commission. The training duration is 1.5 years.

Entry for Graduates without UPSC Examination– age limit 18-24 years, qualification pre-final year students of bachelor’s in engineering, the application is online on the Indian Army national portal as notified. The entrance examination is through screening tests. Training is for 1 year.

Service Entry– The route is especially for already employed Indian army soldiers from the regular army, navy, and air force fleet for commission as officers in the Indian army.

Army Cadet College-age limit-20-27 years, qualification- class 12th pass or Equivalent. Training through the ACC wing at IMA Dehradun, Training duration is for 4 years.

Miscellaneous Entry– Territorial Army (TA)- Age limit 18- 42 years, Qualification is through graduation from a recognized university. Training-

  • Recruitment training- 30 days under TA Battalion
  • Annual Training Camp- 2 calendar months in each training year
  • Post Commission Training – 3 months in IMA within 2 years of commissioning.

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