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How your sleeping positions define you

Hey lovely people, if you want to know what your sleeping positions tell about you, you are in the right place. Took lots of long naps in this quarantine period right? Even if it wasn’t quarantine, who doesn’t love to sleep right?

But did you know that your sleeping positions can say a lot about you? Yes, they can actually tell a lot about your personality, your nature and even your mental health. So let’s not waste any more time and get started.
So today I’m going to talk about 6 common sleep positions that have a lot to tell about you. We all have our comfortable sleeping position right? Well, that actually speaks a lot about us because we do it unconsciously and hence an honest expression of our innermost selves can be seen through it.

Fetal Position/ Baby in a Womb position

In this position, a person generally tends to sleep like curled on their sides along with their knees brought up close to their stomach or chest. It exactly looks like the position of a baby in their mother’s womb.

According to sleep specialists, this is one of the most common sleeping form with about 40 to 45% of the entire world population sleeping in this position.

Sleeping in this position makes you feel a lot more comfortable and safe right? People who tend to sleep in this position are generally shy and introvert. They may be very sensitive and may have problems controlling their emotions. These people crave for understanding bonds as well as caring bonds, where they won’t be judged too. Though these people look hard from the exterior they are actually very kind, soft-hearted and sensitive from the interior. Trust me, they are one of the best creatures in this world.

Sleeping on stomach/ skydiver position

In this position a person tends to sleep on one side with their arms around the pillow.

These people have an open and playful personality and are very energetic too. It is said that though these people are fun-loving, joyful they are straight forward and would speak the harsh truth in front of you, which may lead you to dislike them. Adding more to it, even though they like to take risks but know very well when to control themselves and know their boundaries very well. They are spirited and adventurous too. Not only that, they are bold (as I already said, regarding their statements too) and socializing. But the only negativity in them is that they cannot face criticism and are very sensitive regarding that, may end up crying or getting angry in public too.

On your back / Flat position

This position is also known as the sleepy soldier position because people in this position tend to sleep flat on their back and with their arms in the side and seems like as if standing in a war field.

People sleeping in this position are said to have a strong and silent personality. They are very dedicated and even know how to fight or tackle a difficult situation alone. They are very disciplined, hard-working, self-motivated and sort of a perfectionist. They may be overachievers with higher expectations to achieve more and are not satisfied easily.

On your side / Log position

In this position a person tends to sleep with their legs straight and arms under their pillow.

People sleeping in this position are basically easy going and cool.

This was found to be another most common sleeping position. This position mostly says that the person is basically talkative, charming, friendly, sweet. Most of them are trustworthy and warm but they can also be taken advantage of or fooled very easily and this personality get hurt very easily.

Shooting star position

In this position a person tends to sleep on their backs along with their legs stretched out and arms under their head.

This position is quite unique type and unconventional one though.

People sleeping in this position are generally very amiable, quite well mannered and easy to interact. They tend to supportive, loyal, trustworthy and have great communication skills and may even go out of their ways to help people. But due to this helpful nature, then get hurt more.

Raised leg position

In this position a person basically tends to sleep with one of their legs raised.

These people are basically very unpredictable and adventurous. They are often spontaneous, emotional. They often care about their a lot and can have problems controlling their emotions. But they may be a bit indisciplined too.

So I hope you got a good idea about how your sleep positions speak a lot about you. Though there is still no such scientific evidence that your sleep patterns can actually define your personality but to some extent, it actually matches with your actual personality because both are identified when you are doing them unconsciously.

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