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Importance of Hostel and PG life for Development.

We experience life when we start living on our own terms. Majorly students start staying in Hostels and PGs once they are out of their schools; it is a big and drastic change if you look at it. Some eagerly wait for this lifestyle change and some dread it, find ways to cope with it. We have been under the guidance and surveillance of our parents for quite a long time, it is a scary world out there and obviously living individually with a bunch of strangers can be overwhelming.

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This is a life of its own; those who live in hostels and PGs have two different lives, one is their college life and another is their hostel and PG life. The drama, the stories, the adjustments, the food, the laundry, the late-night snack, cluttered rooms and so much more becomes an intricate part of their lives. That one building turns out to be a whirlpool of memories, something which is difficult to let go of, this part of life is something the students miss more than their actual college experience. They not only miss their friends but also their security uncles, whom they bargain with to permit them to return to their rooms late. Therefore, this life constitutes innumerable memories that are hard to describe, it contains too many adventures that no other place could ever offer us and shower us with lifelong lessons that no other teacher could teach us. Last but not the least, we make so many friends along the way, those who are ready to help us with anything, be it our late-night studies or homesickness, they are always there by our side.

Today we are going to talk about how this lovely place which is no less than home to us teaches us life-long lessons, these lessons become immensely valuable to us. These are the lessons we hold on to when we move forward in life-


Hostel and PG life

If you have siblings you probably know what it is like to share the last packet of chips with them reluctantly and if you don’t then you have a lot to learn in PGs and Hostels. Even if you do have siblings, you will learn the true value and meaning of sharing once you enter your hostels. This is because at your houses the resources were not limited and space was not reduced to just one room, whereas in your hostels and PGs you have to share almost everything and you would be surprised to see that this trait would come naturally to you. Thus, you won’t even have to adapt to this habit and that is the best part about it. You will have to share your space, your clothes, books, music, notes, etc. The most important aspect that you share here is your perspective and get to learn about your friend’s perspectives as well.

Collective needs

Hostels and PGs, allows you to think about others, it makes you less selfish and more compromising and helpful. You make sure you don’t disturb your roommates at night if they have an exam to give the next day by watching films or listening to loud music, you sometimes try to not do any of these things because it might distract them from their studies, so you either sleep or study with them. These values are hard to achieve; in life people judge you and like you according to the kind of person you are, having good qualities will take you very far in life, people would like talking to you and you will also get respect from your peers and elders.


Hostel and PG life

During our high-school life, we were living under a rock. We met selective people, mostly people from our region who joined our high-school and therefore our circle was limited. When we go to college, we understand that the world is big and that when we learn to be inclusive and learn to respect differences in language, culture, ethnicity, race, and caste. These things we learn more in hostels, where we are actually living with them throughout the day, we celebrate different festivals together, we get to know a lot of their eating habits, language, lifestyle and therefore develop an inclusive outlook towards everyone and everything.


When you live alone, you have to manage a lot of things on your own. You don’t learn what exactly organization means until you live on your own, far away from your home. Every weekend, you need to ensure that your clothes go for laundry, you make sure that your things are in place, you organize your space and your study desk, you make sure that your belongings are placed right in order.

Conversation skills

Hostel and PG life

You learn the importance of conversations especially the meaningful ones, you become good at conversations and you look forward to having such deep heartfelt conversations with people. During these conversations, you learn so much about the world and be a lot more empathetic than you already are.

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