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Information on SAT entrance exam after 12th

“The SAT is not perfect. We all know smart, knowledgeable people who do badly on standardized tests. But neither is it useless. SAT scores do measure both specific knowledge and valuable thinking skills.”- Virginia Postrel. The SAT is profoundly known as a Scholastic Aptitude Test, it is an international standardized test which is largely used in college admissions in the United States of America- (USA). This exam is also used in some other countries like- the United Kingdom- (UK), Australia, Canada, and even in Singapore. This exam is conducted or administrated by Educational Testing Services by the College Board. SAT has been introduced in India as well, so students in India can also get accepted in abroad universities by giving an SAT entrance exam.

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Changes in SAT due to pandemic

The SAT exams have been canceled so far due to the pandemic, but there is still hope for students to give this exam the- Educational Testing services have said that the exams may be conducted beginning from the August depending on the pandemic issue or from 27th September and for students in abroad countries will be having their exams on 7th November once again depending on the circumstances. And they may extend the exam dates if there still more students who wish to give this exam. These are the few changes made in the dates and locations for SAT examination over the pandemic of Covid-19.  All the tentative dates are August 29th, September 26th, October 3rd, November 7th, and December 5th.


Eligibility Criteria

There no real eligibility criteria in the SAT entrance exam but their somethings which students should be aware of when they are appearing for this exam. Scholastic Aptitude Test- (SAT), is an entrance exam only for undergraduate college students to get admission to their desired future college or universities. Students who have passed their 10th and 12th exams are simply eligible and students who are between the ages of 17 and 19 opt for this exam highly. As said above this exam is considered in many other countries as well as in- Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and many more other countries, etc. These are only eligibility criteria’s students should be aware of, if they are going to be appearing for SAT’s.

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Some extra information

Scholastic Aptitude Test- (SAT), is administered by Educational Testing Service- (ETS) as well and developed by the college board. It is an offline exam, precisely pen, and paper-based exam. The SAT score range is from 400 to 1600 overall. The Scholastic Aptitude Test- (SAT) centers are spread around the world and the total or approx. test centers are 25,000 and across 192 countries. SAT entrance exam fee in USA dollars is $47.50 and for an SAT exam which students select with essay than the entrance, the exam fee is $64.50.

The written exam is of 3 hours, and it is divided into 4 sections- Writing and Language, Reading; and 2 sections of math in which one section of math students can use a calculator, and for the other exam students cannot. Students also have an option whether they want an extra fifth optional essay writing section where essays are specially added and the duration of the increase by 50 mins. This option usually depends on the university or college. Usually, the SAT takes place at least 7 times a year, but it usually depends on the student’s demographic. Students are also allowed to give SAT’s as many times as they want.

Registration or Application Process

Students who wish to appear for the SAT’s Entrance exam need to finish the prior responsibility of completing their registration or application forms. Students have the flexibility to fill their form either in an offline manner or online manner. Though, the online method is more appropriate and highly preferred by students. Students need to create their login Id on the SAT website. Students shave to update or upload all their details and needed documents. They have to make sure when they get an option to select their exam centers, they choose smartly so that they won’t be facing any trouble on the day of their exams. They have to upload a clean and clear picture of themselves and then only if asked their signatures as well. Then the students have to pay the fee according to their selected options.



Students also have an option to cancel their SAT exam but they won’t be receiving any refunds unless they cancel the exam 5 days in advance only then they will receive a refund of only $10. And if the students need to change their exam date by any chance the will also pay an extra fee of $30to to be able to change the date, they have to make sure that they update their dates in the forms for it to be successful. Students have to make sure that when they receive they’re admitted or Identification card, they print it out and bring it on the day of their exam.

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