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Internet Sex Addiction Effects Physiological and Physically

let’s just dived into what is Internet sex Addiction is, which is also known as cybersex addiction. Has it has been proposed as sexual addiction character dissed by virtual Internet sexual activity that causes serious negative consequences to once physical social hot financial wellbeing. It includes various types of stuff that are like reading erotic stories viewing downloading or trading online pornography online activity text chatting rooms, cybersex relationships, masturbation while online engagement that is a contribution to sexual arousal, and also searches for a partner offline for there desires to get fulfilled.

There has been a search done by the American Association for sex addiction therapy that there are several causes of online sex addiction.



Cybersex addiction is a form of sexual addiction and Internet sex addiction disorder can take a form of compulsive behavior which can be identified criteria: the failure of making decisions obsess with one’s behavior inability to stop it despite negative consequences.

Let’s just dive into some negative affects:-

  • · The person can suffers from low self-esteem can have issues with the body image.
  • · Hey can have untreated sexual dysfunction in social isolation depression or can have sexual addiction which is more vulnerable to cyber sexual addiction.
  • · Other psychological issues can arise such as suffering from intimacy self-worth, self-identity, or self-understanding.

Here we discussed the negative effects of cybersex addiction you should avoid this because this can impact the relationship with your partner and it can lead to mental and physical changes even like gaining weight or having lower self-esteem and if you have children it might affect your child hey younger or adult grown child.

internet sex addiction

DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders)

It’s been a topic in a medical community concerning the insufficient studies and research of those the quality or the lack of theory. On that, the conclusion has been drawn so far without meaningful measurable and qualify analysis no medical community can give a reasonable reason or definition that can be found hence cybersex addiction is not even listed in DSM 5 which is commonly used by a psychiatrist in the United States for diagnosing patients problem in a standard uniform way.

Few things that include in cybersex are:

Internet pornography

Internet pornography is pornography that is accessible over the Internet primary on websites peer to peer file-sharing or use net newsgroup it has been growing since the 1990’s, from the 90s it has been into the trend. As of research from 2011, the majority of viewers online are men and women tend to prefer romantic novels or erotic fanfiction and there are 2% of subscribers who pay online to watch it. The Internet sex has been a hub of everything you ask for hey there has been everything available whether it’s right for you or not and the decision is up to you that you want to go on the right path or the wrong. There has been a lot of sites that provide you with all the images videos of files that you need to fulfill your wrong intentions.

You can’t really tell that it is a wrong thing or the right thing it’s are the consequences of it is not right and one should always keep that distance from the thing that does not have the right consequences. The method was also used to disseminate pornographic images which were usually scan providers magazines.

internet sex addiction

Peer-to peer

Peer to peer file sharing network provides another form of free access to the porn hub while search networks have been associated hey with illegal sharing of copyrighted music and movies the sharing has been a popular use for file sharing many commercial sizes have to recognize and even have started distribution of free samples for their content on peer to peer network.


Another free of cost resource is on the net that are Usenet newsgroups that were the first home to such materials newsgroups are they next that are organized poorly and flooded with content that is of a topic or spam commercial software and website allow level able to allow browsing the image of videos on newsgroups sometimes with galleries of thumbnail images.

Pornography Addiction

It is a type of addiction that is compulsive sexual activity with concurrent users pornographic material despite negative consequences to ones physical mental social financial wellbeing.hey where are the list of some addiction and dependence grocery that people rely on after being dependent on these things:-

cybersex addiction

Addictive drugs:

a drop that is both rewarding and rain forcing

  • Drug sanitization
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Physical dependence
  • Psychological dependence
  • Reinforcing stimuli
  • Rewarding stimuli
  • Sanitization
  • Substance use disorder
  • Tolerance
  • Addictive behavior
  • Addictive drug dependence

With this, we get the idea of what is really a cybersex addiction or Internet sex addiction dive into something after knowing it and these are few things that you should really keep your distance away because it not only affects you but your family also. It might give you pleasure for a moment but it can harm your mental and physical state of mind and as one should keep their body as their priority keep distance from things that can harm it.

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