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Is living an unhealthy lifestyle the new cool?

If you are a part of the millennials or the following age group of generation Z, you already know what we are talking about. Still, in case, you wonder, what is this unhealthy lifestyle? It basically refers to irregular sleeping habits, eating, maybe not cleaning up the bed and grooming oneself well enough, not exercising, and getting more affiliated with bad habits that can be injurious to the health. This new generation has often caught the attention of the older generation, most probably through their parents and elders when it comes to an unhealthy lifestyle. They often tell you about how things were better before and people were responsible for themselves, unlike most people of today’s youth. They know how this ‘new generation’ is more affiliated with greater risks in terms of health and worse issues. In today’s youth’s defense, it can be said that earlier there were not many mechanisms to distinguish between the good and the bad and get the right treatment. However, in one way or another it is true that despite being fully aware of what to distinguish and how to distinguish, young adults are very reluctant about their health.

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Rather they more likely to get in touch with bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles in the influence of their peers and also as a part of a social context just to get more accepted. This urge in young adults can bring them more damage than can likely imagine. They are so engrossed to get into the cultivating and thrilling environment, that they tend to forget the ways it might affect them. What may seem cool as a part of the process, might not be good at all in the long run. So the question lies, is today’s youth growing up in an environment of falsehood where their choices are only influenced by the opinions of others? An environment that is not healthy for them and they are fully aware of it but are not going to do anything about it either? Is this new cool going to create an impact on our lives in ways we can’t even imagine? And if yes, shouldn’t be the young adults a little more aware?

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What are the probable issues that might bother them?

The list is endless but we’ve still tried to cut in down. It is important to realize these new groups of young adults make for more than 40% of the population. Even their rates of mortality are far higher than older people. This is a tech-savvy generation. Their continuous use of electronic devices and gadgets exposes them more to the risk of heart diseases. Sometimes, their extreme use of electronics can end up in diabetes and heart attacks. Also if seen in terms of costs of treatment, with the rising growth and development comes the increase in monetary requirements. Also as a part of digitalization, we have mastered the art of doing everything from a comfort zone. The young adults bare go for a run or a walk or the gym. They rather choose to get stuck up in their busy schedules and end up sitting in a chair all day. This means they get affiliated to risks of obesity and change in blood pressure levels depending on the amount of stress they are exposed to in this competitive environment. Today the costs of treatments are so high that sometimes the young adults cannot even afford it and in turn, choose to ignore their health issues. Research has shown that in this generation women are more vulnerable to get sick compared to the male because of the increasing issues of depression, anxiety, and other hormonal problems. It is in this era that taboo around mental health and illness breaking because of the constant exposure of the youth towards it. They often tend to feel lonely and end up isolating themselves, which ends up in the severe need of seeking medical help.

unhealthy lifestyle

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle

It is important for today’s young adults to realize the good they can do. They are a significant part of the growing environment and for them to bring change, it is necessary for them to start healthy. This generation should start with the maintenance of a proper diet and a proper sleeping schedule, not for anyone else but for themselves. Then, of course, there are other things like having a healthy body weight which is not really influenced by the social environment but a realization within oneself. There are other habits like tobacco and alcohol consumption which should be restricted for the greater good. Other things like the usage of social media and how much we are influenced by it are also important. This can cause serious damage to our health if we don’t realize it in time and act upon it.

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