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Is there a need for grades in modern education

Quick Comparison with Traditional Education 

In the previous years, India had Gurukuls, where the teachers and the students used to live together, collecting food, weapons, learning the language, and gaining religious values. They lived in an atmosphere in which they had trouble surviving and learning skills that were cultural and educational.  How many of you have heard of the new method of education? We will tell you every bit about this if you don’t know what a modern education system is. When we speak about modern education, a framework is built so that students can only figure out what they’ve learned. 

In modern times, however, we are officially or unofficially trained and we are proud to state that we are educated but true education is the complete evolution of mind, body, and soul. In modern education, several different countries play an important role. These countries slowly and steadily become and introduce the education system and the plan is put according to this system. There are also some indications that you will change society using the new education system. However, this educational system is focused on grades.

modern education system

It now comes to the point where the modern education system requires qualifications. Well, qualifications are very essential to evaluate what a person has learned. By which the teachers define how far the students go and how significant is the success of the student in every course. Seeing and finding the success of a student is critical in today’s education system because of the grading system that is still in use. Since grades seem to be the only aspect you could see and determine what the student’s rating is and how they are judged.

Modern Education System

Modern education system structures can be used at various levels of school life to the 12th standard and are divided into many fields. This is essentially an educational system where you see what a child learns either separately or in a group. And yes, this is a fact that even when students and all these children are in a group, they do much better than themselves. Another problem with maybe the system is that when they are in a group, students can cope and learn more effectively. But when you study in a group, you must meet or be more like your peers as the benchmarks laid down in the modern education system. You must certainly be professional enough to succeed in a very competitive atmosphere as you learn within the group. 

A variety of technologies, computers, projectors, and the internet are used to support contemporary education, which extends different understandings between people but lacks cultural values. Everything has been condensed and technology has examined every aspect of human life. With the Internet, which offers students a vast array of information, they can learn it all according to your wishes, and their good educated and skilled teachers who are professors in their field teach us what they know. 

modern education system

Grades in School as well as Colleges

Grades in schools and universities were originally meant as an efficient way to learn, but have now become a goal in itself, ultimately requiring students to memorize the responses and formulas required for an examination that often fails to grasp the real understanding of the subject. 

The personal growth of the student in this process becomes an aside, overshadowed by the value of qualifications. The importance which we attach to the ranks of education facilities does not correspond with the importance which businesses attach.

An assessment can not be regarded as valid enough to conclude that a significant amount of information has been obtained by the same student through such exams. Grade representation of the achievement and information learned is not correct. The internal knowledge of the student and grade is not an easy way to assess the success and the knowledge of the student during exams.

modern education system

It is also not a precise method of scoring. Assume that the scientific subject is the weak point of the student, and he has got an A degree for his trials with immense effort, but the student’s inner knowledge through these degrees can not be obtained as the student might have tried to learn without knowing the theory, with the only perspective of obtaining an A degree. A B grade may force the students to make additional efforts to obtain an A grade that is a step closer to the highest level in a class. However, for the students, the highest rank in the class will not be sufficient to assess his or her knowledge.


The systemic dependence of education institutions on degrees has taken us to a greater degree of significance, which may lead us to acquire skills which do not explicitly decipher the workplaces. Everyone is a genius today; if you judge a fish because of its skill, it will live his life thinking it is dumb. Similarly, personal reviews will lead to a better future about grades.

modern education system

We learn the value of grades from a young age. Our teachers and parents prompt us regularly to get good grades. Learning the information is extremely necessary, but do we concentrate mostly on grades rather than studying actually. Since graduations are more critical than studying, students easily copy homework. Not because they do not want to understand, but because they have no time and that the only way to get a decent degree is to copy the responses. In this article, the modern education system, its drawback, and are grades still prevailing have been discussed.

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