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List of Olympiads, How to Prepare, and their Benefits

List of Olympiads, how to Prepare, and their Benefits. The education sector has been the most dynamic sector ever. With ever changing study requirements, there have been developments in this field. One such development, was with the introduction of Olympiad exams. These are national and international level exams conducted for students to compete with one another on the same platform. It tests individual knowledge, competence and skills of students. Indian Talent Olympiad, is one such organization that has aimed to give the best of education to all students. here is an article on List of Olympiads, how to Prepare, and their Benefits.  Click here to visit the website. 

List of Olympiad exams by Indian Talent Olympiad 

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  1. International Science Olympiad (ISO) – Science is all about experiments. The more you apply, the more you enjoy. It allows students to learn beyond concepts. Being an application driven subject, it helps students to analyze the power of science in and around the world. It encourages students to thinking using a scientific angle. 
  2. International Maths Olympiad (IMO)– Genius mathematicians are not created in a day. Maths can be made interesting only when students play with numbers. Maths Olympiad involves students into calculations in the most fun-loving manner. Students who prepare for Maths Olympiad develop a special love for the subject, apart from being proficient in the same. 
  3. English International Olympiad (EIO)– Language lovers can explore the English Olympiad. This exam is all about getting words right, increasing vocabulary and developing language skills. It forms the foundation of basic communication, which is required in the long run. It introduces students to the different shades of semantics. 
  4. General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) General knowledge stays with us for a lifetime. Although considered to be leisure reading, it holds utmost importance in different competitive examinations. It makes students smarter in various ways. It develops exploratory skills to find out more about topics surrounding the world. 
  5. International Computer Olympiad (ICO) – Students of today are glued to information and technology. Development in this field has increased the dependency on learning computer languages, programming, coding etc. Computer Olympiads assist in creating young coders who are the future of tomorrow. 
  6. International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) – Indian Talent Olympiad is the only organization to conduct Olympiads in drawing. The organization aims at exploring the best of creativity in children. After all, master strokes cannot be created in a day. It takes immense background thinking regarding colors and combinations to bring the best foot forward. 
  7. National Essay Olympiad (NESO) – Indian Talent Olympiad is probably the only group that conducts Olympiad exams in essay writing. This exam is for those who want to improve their writing skills. Students are given topics according to their age. It checks their writing skills, thinking abilities and the way they put forward thoughts into words. 
  8. National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) – Social studies lovers can opt for this exam. It improves their basic understanding of subjects such as history, geography, civics and political science, constitution, economy, natural resources and so on. It allows students to diversify in different domains. It increases their knowledge in various ways. 

How to Prepare for Olympiad exams? 

The question on how to prepare for Olympiad exams haunts parents pretty often. Applying for an exam may seem to be easy, but the initial steps after enrollment includes preparation. Indian Talent Olympiad understands that students must be given the right kind of resources when they participate in national and international levels. Therefore, it has introduced comprehensive study material in the form of workbooks, previous year’s question paper sets and combo packs. Students can purchase these sets from the Olympiad Book section on the website and get more information about the same. 

The syllabus for Olympiad exams is the same as prescribed by schools. Many times NCERT textbooks or other school prescribed publications may not be sufficient. Students with an exploratory mindset, would like to get their hands on books with deeper knowledge. To fulfill the same request, Olympiad workbooks are available for class 1 to 12th for all subjects in which the exam is conducted. The content of these books is designed by experts from the educational field. Child psychology is kept in mind before content curation. It has chapter-wise questions with answers, and explanation to all correct answers. The explanation provides clarity on why it is the right answer. 


Online Weekly Olympiad Tests (Student Test at home)

Online learning has gained a lot of importance in today’s life. Not only does it save the time and energy involved in travelling, but allows students to learn at their individual pace. Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced online weekly Olympiad on the link https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-student-tests/. The schedule can also be found on the same link. 

The subjects that can be attempted by students sitting in the comforts of their home are as follows:

  1. International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  2. International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  3. English International Olympiad (EIO)
  4. General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  5. International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
  6. National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

It is believed that time spent at home must be used in the most productive manner. Nothing better than involving children, other than Online Olympiads. Doing so will make it easy to prepare for school exams. It is an indirect way of keeping them busy in a constructive way. Students automatically fall in love with these exams. The online weekly test series are conducted on every 2nd and 4th Saturday respectively. The timing for this exam is between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. It ensures complete transparency in the exam as the questions are shuffled at frequent intervals. 

The online exams can be attempted from any smart phone or tablet. Students can login using their mobile number, thus the logging in process is kept simple. The tests consist of 30 questions, in a multiple choice format. The duration is set for 25 minutes per test.


Annual Olympiad – School Registration 

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Indian Talent Olympiad has a wide network of schools in the country. As a school, if you want to allow students to be a part of the most competitive exam of all times, all you need to do is register by clicking on the link https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-exam-registration . The annual school examination schedule can be found on the same link. 

There have to be a minimum of 40 students from each participating school. There is no upper limit on the maximum number of students allowed. Schools can opt for an offline registration or an online registration as per individual convenience. The annual exam is scheduled to be conducted in two slots. The first in December and the second in February. Students can choose any of the slot as per individual preference. 


Benefits of Olympiads by Indian Talent Olympiad 

There are several Olympiad organizations in the country. Definitely, parents feel why choose Indian Talent Olympiad. Let us first discuss about the benefits of Olympiads in general and then answer the question ‘Why Indian Talent Olympiad?’ 

  • Exposure to additional content – Olympiads are probably the only exams that provide exposure to content apart from those taught in school. It increases students’ thinking horizon as they are in a position to delve deep into concepts and other fundamentals. 
  • Improves logical reasoning – The questions for Olympiads are framed in a very interesting manner. It ensures students think deeply and come out with the right answer. Students are made to analyze all factors before selecting the right answer. 
  • Creates future talent pool – Olympiad exams are the best way to test students’ aptitude and interest. Apart from simply being a competitive exam, Olympiad exams create a talent pool for future. It enables students to know their potential and drive in the right direction. 
  • Builds confidence – Self-confidence can be boosted only when students are allowed to participate in national and international level competitions. It is not easy to secure a rank at such levels. Students who do well become confident about their subject and are able to perform better in school exams.
  • Extra revision – Olympiads act as additional revision to students on concepts taught in class. It is a different teaching and learning methodology that increases knowledge. Students who prepare for these exams never linger behind in other school academics. 
  • Builds stronger foundation of concepts – Olympiad exams are meant to test observation, identification, comparison, classification, prediction and quantitative and qualitative reasoning. These skills naturally develop a good base for students’ future. 


Scholarship, Prizes and Lot More…

A lot of information has already been conveyed regarding the importance of Olympiads. The most significant aspect of these exams are the scholarships, awards and other exciting cash prizes associated with it. Indian Talent Olympiad leaves no stone unturned when it comes to recognizing true talent. It has a special scholarship program that felicitates participants, teachers and even school. It believes that it a lot of hard work and effort goes behind bringing the best foot forward. It scholarship programs are as follows:


Online Olympiad Test Series Award Category (Students test at home)

The organization has divided its award category into various sections. The first being yearly prizes and the second being monthly prizes. These prizes are for those who are taking the effort of attempting online tests. 

Yearly Prizes

  • Students who achieve National 1st Rank are awarded with 1 lakh cash prize each for 10 Students per class 1 to 10
  • Students who achieve National 2nd Rank are awarded with Laptops for 10 Students per class 1 to 10

Monthly Prizes 

  • Indian Talent Olympiad offers monthly 1 lakh cash prize is given to the 40 toppers for Class 1 to 10
  • It identifies Class Wise Toppers and awards them with Tablet in weekly Test for Class 1 to 10
  • Students who stand 2nd, 3rd, 4th Rank holders get scholarship Rs. 500, 300, 200 respectively
  • The organization also awards Monthly Certificates and Report cards all participants 
  • Certificates and Report cards are sent to students’ home


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School Annual Olympiad Awards

Schools who are an integral part of Indian Talent Olympiad are appreciated for their participation. The organization distributes awards in a planner manner. There are national level, state level, and even school level prizes. It ensures that even the smallest contribution towards education must be appreciated. This brings immense motivation in the young minds. 

National Level Prizes

  • First prize of Rs 1,00,000 is awarded to 8 students
  • Ssecond prize of Rs 40,000 is awarded to 10 students
  • 10 students who are ranked subsequent to second prize winners at the national level are awarded with Laptops
  • 100 students ranked subsequent to third prize winners at the national level are awarded with Tablets 

State Level

  • Rank holders between State Rank 1 to Rank 10 are awarded with Merit Certificates, Gold Medals and Scholarship
  • Rank holders between Rank 11 to Rank 25 are awarded with Excellence Award and Medals 

Class Toppers 

  • 3 students who top their respective class from class 1 to class 10 are awarded with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals 
  • Top performers at the District Level are awarded with District Topper Award Medal  
  • Students are also awarded with special recognition certificates that contains rank details, and student report booklet 

Scholarship program is probably the most exciting part about Olympiads. Indian Talent Olympiad has aimed to structure in the same in a way that each and every child feels important. Learning never stops, Indian Talent Olympiad ensures that the learning happens in the most creative manner possible.

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