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NHM Haryana: Programs and Exams, Announcements, Process

The National Health Mission (NHM) in Haryana serves as a cornerstone in the healthcare domain, committed to augmenting the well-being of its residents through all-encompassing health programs and initiatives. NHM Haryana, in consonance with the broader national mission, assumes a pivotal role in dispensing healthcare services of impeccable quality, championing preventative measures, and tackling paramount health challenges within the state.

NHM Haryana

Introduction NHM Haryana

At the core of NHM Haryana’s dedication to excellence resides the importance of the NHM Haryana outcomes. These outcomes transcend beyond academic measures, serving as a mirror to the commitment and proficiency of individuals contributing to the health sector. The term “NHM Haryana Result” encapsulates the conclusion of thorough assessments, signifying the achievement of milestones in the pursuit of healthcare excellence.

Understanding the NHM Haryana Examination

NHM Haryana orchestrates a diverse array of examinations, each wielding a pivotal influence in sculpting the healthcare panorama within the state. This segment furnishes an enlightening panorama of the manifold examinations orchestrated by, casting an illuminating glow upon the diverse array of positions and responsibilities tethered to these examinations.

1. Panorama of Examinations:

 administers a spectrum of examinations meticulously crafted to scrutinize the sagacity, dexterity, and proficiency of individuals harboring aspirations to enrich the health domain. These examinations span a myriad of domains within healthcare, ensuring a holistic evaluation.

Illustrations of these examinations might comprise selection evaluations for medical virtuosos, paramedical personnel, administrative capacities, and other specialized roles pivotal to the operational fabric .

2. Assortment of Positions and Responsibilities:

Proffers a plethora of positions tailoring to a myriad of skill sets and adeptness. Grasping the nuances of these roles becomes imperative for individuals contemplating a vocation within.

a. Medical Virtuosos:

Orchestrates assessments for roles such as physicians, nurses, and specialists, fostering a proficient and adept healthcare cohort.

b. Paramedical Personnel:

Examinations may also center around enlisting paramedics, laboratory technicians, and other indispensable auxiliary personnel integral to furnishing superlative healthcare provisions.

c. Administrative Capacities:

Acknowledges the pivotal role of administrative capacities in healthcare governance. Evaluations may encompass administrative roles, affirming the streamlined functioning of healthcare establishments.

d. Public Health Cognoscenti:

The examinations under the aegis of extend their purview to roles in public health, encompassing preventive healthcare paradigms, epidemiology, and strategic health policy formulation.

e. Specialized Roles:

Beyond the conventional realms, might convene examinations for specialized roles in domains such as healthcare informatics, research, and outreach in community health.

How to Check NHM Haryana Online

Accessing results through online platforms manifests as an uncomplicated endeavor, extending candidates a facile avenue to procure their performance evaluations. This segment imparts a methodical tutorial delineating the procedural intricacies of navigating cyberspace to procure  results. It delves not solely into the precincts of the official website but also explores alternative gateways for result perusal, ensuring a pliable and easily accessible paradigm for all candidates.

1. Ingress the Official NHM Haryana Website:

Commence by permeating the official website via your favored web browser.

2. Traverse the Results Segment:

Once ensconced on the homepage, pinpoint and activate the dedicated ‘Results’ or ‘Examinations’ segment, typically conspicuously positioned in the main menu.

3. Opt for Your Examination Classification:

 Orchestrates sundry examinations catering to diverse vocations. Single out the precise examination classification germane to your application or role.

4. Input the Requisite Particulars:

Furnish the obligatory particulars such as your registration number, roll number, or any other stipulated details with meticulous precision to ensure the retrieval of your exacting results.

5. Submit and Peruse Your Culmination:

Subsequent to furnishing the requisite information, submit your particulars. Your NHM Haryana results will unfurl on the interface, imparting a detailed breakdown of your performance.

Alternate Gateways for Result Retrieval:

Beyond the precincts of the official website, contemplate traversing alternative gateways affiliated with . While the official website assumes primacy, supplementary portals may proffer added convenience, particularly during zenith result dissemination periods.

Exercise prudence in ascertaining the reliability and commendation of any alternative portals engaged, endorsed by to obviate misinformation or incongruities.

NHM Haryana Announcement Date

Stay informed about key dates for NHM Haryana result announcements to ensure a smooth and timely process. The table below highlights anticipated result declaration dates and provides a dynamic framework to capture any changes or updates in the result declaration process.


Result Declaration Date


Medical Officer Exam 2023March 15, 2023
Staff Nurse RecruitmentApril 10, 2023
Administrative PositionsJune 5, 2023


  • Any changes or updates in the result declaration process will be communicated through official NHM Haryana channels.
  • Stay updated by regularly checking the NHM Haryana website, official notifications, or direct communication to registered candidates for the most accurate and current information.
  • Dates are subject to change based on administrative considerations or unforeseen circumstances, so it’s advisable to stay vigilant and follow official announcements.

Grading System in NHM Haryana

Understanding your NHM Haryana Result 2024 extends beyond the mere presentation of numerical figures; it unfolds valuable insights into your performance and eligibility for esteemed positions within the Delhi government. This segment endeavors to unravel the intricacies of the grading system employed by and elucidate the diverse result components, offering candidates a profound comprehension of the significance embedded in their outcomes.

1. Grading System Utilized by NHM Haryana Result:

 Typically employs a grading system that classifies candidates based on their performance. This grading system might encompass letter grades such as A, B, C, and so forth, or adhere to a numerical scale.

These grades are frequently accompanied by corresponding performance descriptors, furnishing a qualitative evaluation of the candidate’s capabilities and appropriateness for the applied position.

2. Explication of Various Result Components:

a. Subject-wise Scores:

This segment dissects your performance subject-wise, providing an exhaustive overview of your achievements in each area. It aids in identifying strengths and pinpointing areas that may necessitate further attention.

b. Overall Aggregate:

The overall aggregate is an amalgamated score, encompassing the performance across all subjects or sections of the examination. It stands as a comprehensive representation of your performance in the entire exam.

c. Merit Rank or Position:

If applicable, the result may disclose your merit rank or position concerning all candidates who partook in the same examination. This ranking bestows context to your performance relative to your peers.

d. Qualifying Status:

This pivotal component indicates whether you have met the criteria for the subsequent stage of the recruitment process. Qualifying status is frequently contingent on meeting minimum cut-off scores delineated by NVS.

3. Importance of Result Components:

a. Personalized Feedback:

The detailed breakdown empowers candidates to receive personalized feedback regarding their strengths and areas necessitating improvement. This information proves instrumental for formulating future preparation strategies.

b. Eligibility for Further Rounds:

Comprehending the qualifying status and merit rank is pivotal as it dictates whether you progress to subsequent rounds of the recruitment process. This information molds your future interactions with NVS.

c. Transparency and Accountability:

 Transparent presentation of result components cultivates accountability, ensuring candidates possess a lucid understanding of how their performance undergoes evaluation and measurement.

Revaluation and Rechecking Process for NHM Haryana

In instances where there arises a necessity to question or solicit a reevaluation of your NHM Haryana results, the process of revaluation and reexamination offers a mechanism for scrutiny. Presented below is a comprehensive elucidation on the methodology for candidates to apply for revaluation, accompanied by intricate guidelines and procedures entailed in this pivotal facet of result assessment.

1. Comprehending the Prerequisite for Revaluation:

Prior to embarking on the process, meticulously evaluate whether the grounds for your concerns necessitate a revaluation. Common triggers may encompass irregularities in marks, unforeseen outcomes, or a conviction that your performance was inaccurately portrayed.

2. Procedural Application:

a. Procure the Revaluation Document:

Commence by acquiring the official revaluation document from. Typically, this document is accessible on the official website or can be procured from the examination department.

b. Populate the Essential Particulars:

Duly complete the revaluation document with precise and exhaustive information. Enlist your personal particulars, examination specifics (registration number, roll number), and delineate the papers you wish to undergo reevaluation.

c. Remuneration of Fees:

Remit the specified revaluation charges. The fee structure is available on the NHM Haryana website or can be acquired from the examination department.

3. Submission of Application:

Submit the finalized revaluation document along with the requisite fee to the designated department within the stipulated timeframe. Adherence to the timeline assumes paramount importance to warrant due consideration of your application.

4. Revaluation Methodology:

Upon receipt of the application, NHM Haryana instigates the revaluation methodology. Competent and unbiased evaluators reassess the designated papers, furnishing a renewed perspective to rectify any potential lapses in the preliminary evaluation.

5. Dissemination of Outcome:

The outcomes of the revaluation are communicated to candidates, proffering lucidity on any alterations in marks or grades. This information is conventionally disseminated through the official NHM Haryana website or other explicitly designated channels.

6. Subsequent Procedures:

Contingent upon the aftermath of the revaluation, supplemental measures might be imperative. Should concerns persist, NHM Haryana might furnish avenues for further scrutiny or resolution.

Below is a dynamic table to guide candidates through the revaluation process:



1. Obtain Revaluation FormDownload from NHM Haryana website or collect from the examination department.
2. Fill in Required DetailsComplete the form with accurate personal and exam-related information.
3. Pay Revaluation FeeSubmit the specified fee along with the application.
4. Submission of ApplicationEnsure timely submission to the designated department.
5. Revaluation ProcessNHM Haryana initiates the revaluation, reassessing specified papers.
6. Communication of ResultsCandidates are informed of the revaluation outcomes through official channels.

Introduction: NHM Up

The National Health Mission (NHM) in Uttar Pradesh, abbreviated as NHM UP, orchestrates a sequence of examinations with the aim of evaluating and enlisting professionals to enrich the healthcare landscape in the state. This segment furnishes an illuminating synopsis of the various examinations orchestrated by NHM UP, proffering a sneak peek into the myriad positions and roles concomitant with these assessments.

1. Examination Panorama:

NHM UP administers a heterogeneous array of examinations meticulously crafted to assess the knowledge, skills, and adeptness of individuals nurturing aspirations to contribute to the health sector. These examinations traverse diverse domains within healthcare, ensuring a thorough and exhaustive evaluation.

Instances of these examinations may encompass recruitment evaluations for medical practitioners, paramedical personnel, administrative roles, and sundry specialized positions pivotal for the seamless functioning of NHM UP.

2. Varieties of Positions and Roles:

NHM UP presents a plethora of positions tailored to diverse skill sets and proficiencies. Grasping the nuances of these roles assumes paramount significance for individuals contemplating a vocation within NHM UP.

a. Medical Practitioners:

NHM UP examinations frequently zero in on roles such as physicians, nurses, and specialists, culminating in the cultivation of a proficient and adept healthcare cadre.

b. Paramedical Personnel:

Examinations may pivot towards the recruitment of paramedics, laboratory technicians, and other ancillary staff indispensable for dispensing superlative healthcare services.

c. Administrative Responsibilities:

NHM UP acknowledges the indispensability of administrative roles in healthcare governance. Examinations may encompass evaluations for administrative positions, thereby ensuring the streamlined operation of healthcare establishments.

d. Pundits in Public Health:

The purview of NHM UP examinations extends to roles in public health, encompassing initiatives related to preventative healthcare measures, epidemiology, and the formulation of health policies.

e. Specialized Designations:

Beyond the conventional spheres, NHM UP might convene examinations for specialized positions in realms such as healthcare information technology, research, and outreach in community health.


In summary, the culmination of the result transcends mere academic milestones; it stands as a tribute to the unwavering dedication and proficiency of individuals steadfast in advancing healthcare within the state. As candidates navigate through the aftermath of their examinations, it signifies a pivotal juncture in their professional odyssey within the ambit of the National Health Mission. The expression “NHM Haryana Result” encapsulates the collaborative endeavor and adeptness exhibited by healthcare practitioners, administrators, and the cadre of supporting personnel.

FAQ's? : NHM Haryana

To check your NHM Haryana result online, visit the official NHM Haryana website and navigate to the ‘Results’ section. Enter the required details, such as your registration number or roll number, to access your result.

While the official NHM Haryana website is the primary platform, there may be alternative portals affiliated with NHM Haryana. Ensure their authenticity before using them for result retrieval.

NHM Haryana follows a predefined schedule for result announcements. However, specific timelines may vary for different exams. Check the official NHM Haryana website or notifications for accurate information.

To apply for revaluation, obtain the official revaluation form from NHM Haryana. Fill in the required details, pay the stipulated fee, and submit the form within the specified deadline.

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