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Category: Online Career Counselling

Oct 20
Digitalization of Classrooms via Means of Online Class

In the wake of the pandemic, all of us have been asked to sit at our homes and maintain social distancing. Therefore, everything has stopped functioning the way it used to before. Similarly, students are expected to attend their classes through an online screen. Who would have thought that online teaching could one day actually […]

Sep 24
Benefits of Online Career Counselling

The best way to define a career is a journey. A journey of a learner which boarded from the station of education. It is a step that every individual takes to guide their rest of life in path of success and satisfaction, the jest of the word can differ person to person, the path taken […]

Sep 14
The 7 Biggest Myths About Changing Career

It is estimated that people change their career nearly five to seven times during their lifetime, regardless how big or small a career change transition is, in this article, you will come to know about the biggest myths people believe about changing career and what the reality is. Myths 1. There is no foolproof way […]

Sep 12
Inclusive Education In India

Inclusive Education is a new method of education, it ensures to make education accessible to everyone- this even includes people with disability and learning difficulties. This step is a significant one, the idea to disable disability must be put into force to bring in substantial changes in our education system. Inclusive education will ensure to […]

Sep 11
Free Online Courses That will Help You Earn More

In order to stay competitive in this ongoing job market you have to keep upgrading and learning new skills and constantly think about the ways to expand. employers much up-level their skills and seek new challenges. One of the best ways to take a class on an in-demand topic. From language classes to computer programming […]

Sep 05
Implications of Covid-19 in current scenarios

whole world is either in a partial or a complete lockdown, we are having various elements and new but amazing observations which has never happened before in Human history. So the existing working professionals and corporations need to restructure themselves according to the situation. All over the world, companies are being challenged by the COVID-19 crisis to find new ways to serve their customers and communities.   There isn’t a deny to this certitude that working professionals did tolerate an extensive volume of trouble in their job routines and work. Many of…

Sep 05
7 international universities offering online courses

provide online education. The University wants to reach a global audience, meeting the growing worldwide demand for access to higher education, so that the outstanding knowledge it creates can benefit a wider community. Academics at the University of Leeds lead pioneering research that addresses major global challenges, in areas such as energy, water and climate change, human health and wellbeing. The University works in interdisciplinary teams to find innovative solutions to global problems such as poverty, hunger and crime. It strengthens communities through its outreach and public engagement. 6. UNIVERSITY OF…