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Jun 15
10 Diploma vocational courses after class 10th

In this article, we will go through some of the diploma vocational courses which can be taken after class 10th. DIPLOMA IN VOCATIONAL COURSES AFTER CLASS 10th. Vocational courses are those courses that are not related to your usual academic fields. Each and every person has its own interests to take care of. Some people like […]

Apr 15
Top 6 Unconventional Career Options after Class 12

An unconventional career is any profession or occupation that is considered outside the mainstream or traditional career paths. It could be a career that involves creative thinking, innovation, or a different approach to problem-solving. Some examples of unconventional careers include. Here is article on Top 6 Unconventional Career Options after Class 12th Introduction Animation Event […]

Sep 21
Top 10 most demanding skills

The pandemic has shattered the lives of many. COVID-19 has left people with deep scars. It made a lot of people jobless. Companies are also not looking to hire people in this state. This is making people worry about the future of surviving. But what should you do in such a time to boost your […]

Sep 14
Animation Career In India

Animation Career In India We all love watching cartoons. We all have grown up watching cartoons. We have always been fascinated and attracted to those cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Shinchan, Chhota bheem, etc. But did we ever stop and think about who was making these characters to whom we used to relate profoundly. […]

Aug 24
Top colleges for computer animation course from Singapore!

The students who are willing to pursue a degree in computer graphics and animation and want to perceive their career in the given field can find related information about colleges and their eligibility criteria. The content will make the students know what all job opportunities are available in this field. Also, they will be able to have options to get acknowledged with and decide which college is suitable for them. This can allow the students of any stream to know the further scope in animation.

Jun 25
Top 5 Universities for Animation program in Australia

Media Design School Media Design School comes under top 10 universities of Australia and it is ranked as top 1st university for providing best animation program in Australia. It was established in year 1998 and Media Design School was established by Liz Valintine in response to a global demand for skilled graduates in digital design and creative tech. Media Design […]