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Tag: career choice

Jun 17
8 tips about what to do after class 10th

10th is a very essential class for everyone, it’s the final year of your regular school life, as you stop learning all the subjects, instead of going into your own specific field. While you miss sitting with your friends in lectures, the fun, the adventure, it’s not just the feel of togetherness that changes, it […]

Jun 15
Why career counselling is so helpful for class 10th students?

Career is like the boat which helps today’s dream reach the shore of tomorrow’s reality. It is a continuous process with many trials during the academic life of an individual. This process also leads to stress or unavoidable setbacks. Career Counselling in class 10 can save students from getting lost and help in career choice. […]

Apr 29
Career Counselling and Vocational Guidance for class XII students

Students of classes XII have a lot of confusion about the appropriate stream in accordance with their calibre. Also, students of grade XI & XII have a new academic life ahead of them, to choose the topmost educational institute and to select a specialised and professional course. To help students with this life-changing selection, a career […]

May 05
8 Unconventional career choices you can make after 12th

People get higher degrees to get good jobs but instead getting higher degrees you also do some vocational courses. But what about those who do not have any degrees and interest in academics, even they should have given chances to do well in their career. So they worried about their future though they have a […]